Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Embattled State Rep. Scott Drury sues GOP opponent for defamation

By Nancy Thorner – 

Political races are known for their nastiness and purposeful slander here in Illinois, but a race in IL District 58 between Republican Dr. Mark Neerhof and incumbent Rep. Scott Drury has become a scandal in itself and an example of what a legislator will do who wants to hold on to his seat.

Last month, incumbent Democrat Rep. Scott Drury (D-58), sued his opponent, Republican candidate Dr. Mark Neerhof, and several others Neerhof suppporters for slander. Rep. Drury is being represented by his dad, seeking a court-ordered halt of Neerhof’s campaign and an additional $9 million.

Although the judge denied Drury’s request for an emergency injunction a few weeks ago that would have effectively shut down Dr. Neerhof’s campaign, the final verdict was to be issued on Monday, October 20. When before the judge, Drury’s lawyer asked for more time, as he hadn’t had a chance to renew the motion. The judge delayed making a determination of the “motion to dismiss” until November.  In essence, Drury’s lawsuit against Neerhoff has become a non-issue.

Imgres-4Dr. Neerhof said the lawsuit was baseless and emphasized how uncommon it is for an incumbent legislator to sue his political challenger.  If every legislator would sue for every purposeful slanderous statement (or half-truths) made against him/her by their opponent, the elections process would be caught up in litigation even before the voting public had a chance to evaluate the candidates.

“In that the core group of Republicans is growing in the IL House and Senate, with a good possibility that more Republicans will be elected in November, Democrats, seeing their control slipping away if more Republican legislators are elected despite super majorities in both Houses, are determined not to allow this to happen,” Neerhof said. “Democrats have been in control of the IL General Assembly for decades; it has been their livelihood. They will pull out all the stops to win.”

The lawsuit instigated by Drury against Dr. Neerhof’s campaign, originated from an independently-funded, third-party mailer that the Neerhof campaign says it had no knowledge of, nor participated in, in any way.

The mailer was sent out to voters in Democrat Scott Drury’s 58th IL District indicating that Drury was in support of the SB16 (School Funding Reform Act of 2014), which was passed by the top-heavy Democratic Senate in May of this year. If enacted, SB16 would make sweeping changes in how the state funds education and its apportionment among school districts. Those school districts with higher assessed property values would receive much less state funding, while other districts (like Chicago) would receive a sizable increase in funding, as an attempt by state legislators to provide greater equity among school districts across the state.

District 58 includes a number of North Shore school districts that would receive big cuts in their funding if the bill were passed. As such, Rep. Drury remains adamant that he will be voting “No” on SB16, although a public hearing has not yet been held on the bill.  The House — including Rep. Drury — will not be officially voting for SB16 until sometime in November, following the fall election.

Here are some facts to consider as to how Rep. Drury might vote on SB16 when House members do vote on the bill after the election.

  • House Leader, Mike Madigan, has given Rep. Drury nearly a quarter of a million dollar for a cash advantage over Neerhof. Perhaps Speaker Madigan has assured Drury that he doesn’t have to vote with Democrats on this issue, as he has enough votes to pass SB16 without Drury’s “yes” vote?

Both of these organization support SB16 in keeping with:  Every child deserves an education system with funding equity and fairness.

Drury’s continuing lawsuit against Neerhof should be considered as malicious malfeasance and cannot be condoned by legislators, regardless of political party.


One-party monopoly

The one-party political monopoly here in Illinois must change. The status quo cannot remain. How many times can Illinoisans be snookered into believing that by awarding Democrats with their votes, who now have super majorities in both houses of the General Assembly, that things will be different this time around? As the idiom goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” This means that we should learn from our mistakes and not allow people to take advantage of us repeatedly.

Are things really all honky dory in Illinois as Governor Quinn would have us believe?

Here are facts about Illinois that were not manufactured to spin the truth, but which represent solid research by reputable organizations and government agencies. Illinois is in crisis.

Illinois is dead last of all 50 states in recovering from the Great Recession.

• Illinois work force suffered the largest monthly workforce loss in recorded state history in June of this year.

• Food stamp growth has outpaced new jobs in Illinois by nearly 2-to-1 in the past four years.

• Sky-high property taxes make home ownership a pipe dream and the job market is terrible. The bleeding is bad; on net, 1 person leaves Illinois every 10 minutes.

• Youth and minority workers have been hurt most by the state’s ongoing policy errors.

• The result of Illinois’ anti-business environment and tax-hiking ways is a recovery that is estimated to drag on for seven more years — and that’s just to get back to the number of Illinoisans who were working in January 2008.

Here are three candidates running for state office in northern Illinois who want to shake up Springfield. They deserve your vote.

Don Wilson — Challenging Democrat State Senator Terry Link, District 30.

Dr. Mark Neerhof — Challenging Democrat Rep. Scott Drury, District 58.

Leslie Monger — Challenging Democrat Rep. Carol Sente, District 59.

Let’s return Illinois to its once grandeur as the “Land of Lincoln” and to a state we can all be proud of to call home.

Nancy J. Thorner


Friday, October 17, 2014


By Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold – 

Dr. Tom Frieden appeared before an House committee today (10/16) to testify on CDC’s response to Ebola in America. It’s hard to say where his position comes from, whether a reflection of White House talking points, political correctness, or just a physician’s tendency toward self-deification (not unknown among bureaucrats either). When asked if he was being coached by anyone, he evaded the question.

CDC: Imposing travel restrictions on West Africa would inhibit humanitarian activities and strangle emerging economies.

FACT: Restrictions would be for non-essential travel. Humanitarian aid could continue, with the stipulation that returning workers would be subject to a three week quarantine. The“struggling economy” of West Africa consists primarily of oil, cacao and coffee. Nearly half of the world’s chocolate comes from this region. We are not proposing an embargo, just limits on non-essential travel. However travel restrictions might have a secondary effect on the quality of breakfast in

CDC: Travel restrictions would force people to take devious routes to the United States, making it harder to screen those at risk for Ebola and take necessary precautions.

FACT: Even without restrictions, there is a strong incentive for those at risk to bypass the existing screening procedure, or simply conceal signs of illness and lie on questionnaires. The alternative is to be denied access to US health care and face a long quarantine period. This has already occurred for the first domestic case of Ebola, where the person lied to gain entry, then went to the emergency room at the first mild signs of illness, rather than a local pharmacy (or bed) like the rest of us.

The prime directive to control the spread of disease is to isolate and eradicate. Travel restrictions are an essential ingredient for isolation. Every domestic case of Ebola requires the services of dozens of health care workers, monitoring of hundreds of persons potentially exposed to the disease, at enormous cost. Moreover health care workers are at the greatest risk of infection – Ebola is becoming known as “the nurse killer.” We cannot afford to import a single case of Ebola through carelessness, and screening is demonstrably ineffective. Congress should demand an account of these costs from the CDC.

CDC, the DNC and Democratic Congressmen: Republicans cut the budget of CDC by $500 million, making it harder to combat the Ebola epidemic here and abroad.

FACT:  The Sequestration cuts only discretionary spending (used to study duck sexuality and build treadmills for shrimp), and limits only increases in that spending. The actual budget was not cut, rather the CDC is getting a smaller increase than requested. The “Sequestration” was, in fact, proposed by the Obama, passed both houses of Congress and signed by the President. In the actual budget, Congress approved 50% more money for disease control than requested by the President – $176 Million v $135 Million. In actuality, Obama pushed for CDC cuts years before the Elboa outbreak As to Democrats blaming Republican for the spread of Ebloa on budget cuts, the GOP house passed a budget increasing DCD spending by 8-1/2 %. The phantom budget cuts are but a desperate measure by Democrats and have nothing to do with why CDC fumbled Ebola!

CDC: The protocols recommended for the protection of health care personnel are in place and effective.

FACT: Actually neither is true. Workers at Edison Hospital in Dallas were not properly trained nor equipped for Ebola treatment, and the published protocols are not effective. The “official” protocol calls for disposable surgical gowns, face masks and gloves. There is no head covering, respirators, leggings nor shoe covers (aside from “booties” intended to keep dirt from being tracked into treatment areas). Meanwhile, Dr. Frieden appeared in Africa wearing full HAZMAT gear, being hosed down with a chlorine solution for decontamination. While the “official” gear is disposable, it cannot be disinfected for safe degowning. Nor were the protocols being followed. The Nurses at Edison complain that they received no training and inadequate gear. They used medical tape for extra protection. When the second health care worker arrived for treatment, after being diagnosed with Ebola, she was accompanied by two workers in full HAZMAT gear and someone in street clothes carrying a clipboard. Some protocol!

There is no reason to panic, but at the same time we must insist that effective procedures be established and followed. There should be national standards for procedures, and a limit on non-essential travel to and from West Africa, both of which which can be imposed at any time by the HHS Secretary or President Obama. Secondly, we must get honest evaluations of the risks and progress as they develop, not Disney-ish star wishes. The only thing which will prevent panic is trust in the government we elect to protect us. It is abundantly clear that Dr. Frieden is no “war time consigliore.” The real experts reside in the military, for which command and control already exist for biological and chemical containment.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ebola Screening at Airports is Feel-Good Technology, Not Science


By Nancy Thorner & Ed Ingold – 

As reported on Sunday, October 12, Ebola has spread in the U.S. The second American case of the deadly Ebola virus was confirmed in tests on a health care worker who treated the first individual stricken with Ebola, Thomas Eric Duncan, who died on Wednesday, October 8th at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Huston, Texas. This infection took place despite the use protective suits and face masks. Because of the strain the new infection imposes on their resources,the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has placed their emergency room on “referral status.” This means they aren’t accepting any new emergency patients. All are being referred to other hospitals. Such chaos exists after only two Ebola cases.

In an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business News, October 9, 2014, CDC Director, Tom Frieden, MD., insisted that a travel ban is not the right answer. “We don’t want to isolate parts of the world, or people who aren’t sick, because that’s going to drive patients with Ebola underground, making it infinitely more difficult to address the outbreak.” Using the analogy of forest fires, Dr. Frieden continued,“When a wildfire breaks out we don’t fence it off. We go in to extinguish it before one of the random sparks sets off another outbreak somewhere else.” Really? The prime method of fighting forest fires is to prevent their spread by creating fire breaks, even setting backfires. Without new fuel, forest fires quickly burn out. Fences work on fires, as would restricting all non-essential travel.

While WHO still soft-pedals the issue, it reports facts which can’t be dismissed.  According to experts in the WHO, Ebola can be spread by coughs and sneezes. It remains viable in air as long as it remains moist. By current definition, only diseases like influenza, which remains viable in air even when dry, are designated “airborn.” The CDC is parsing words on the definition of “direct contact.” Likewise the virus remains viable for several days on moist surfaces, clothing and body fluids. There is no solid evidence whether or not an asymptomatic victim is infectious. Not enough is known at present. The CDC is willing to assume that since we can’t prove victims are infectious before symptoms appear, there’s no need to be concerned.

America’s response, as of Saturday, Saturday, Oct. 11 to the Ebola epidemic in western Africa is to inspect all arrivals, at least by air travel (Screening has already been instituted at Kennedy International Airport for travelers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea), by a cursory inspection for certain symptoms (e.g., fever) and a supplementary questionnaire. We are told that this will virtually eliminate the possibility of Ebola spreading to the United States, negating the need to limit flights to and from the affected region. However it appears that public health officials, including the CDC, are simply repeating policies emanating from the White House rather than citing good science. It is a long-established principle that you cannot “inspect” quality into a system, that inspection merely alerts you to the presence of a problem. This is the fallacy of inspection.

This principle is rooted in the science of quality control.  Quality control began to take a much more scientific approach took form during World War I due to problems in procurement of vast quantities of materiel from a multitude of suppliers. The concept of statistical quality control arose from those efforts, with significant advances during and after World War II. Walter Deming (aka W. Edwards Demings) was a prime mover in this area, and played a key role in the re-development of manufacturing in Japan following the war. Deming’s work in Japan is responsible for their reputation for high quality after a rocky start.  His success there was met by skepticism in his home country, the United States, where quality control was dominated by tradition – If enough customers complain, we’ll fix it

One of the early facts uncovered by the scientific approach was you cannot achieve quality control by inspection alone. You cannot cull out bad products that so that only good products get shipped. How bad is it? Visual inspection will only detect 25% to 35% of bad products passing through the inspection station. Instrumentation helps a little, but human fatigue and inattention remain significant factors. Where stakes are high, as in the production of food and pharmaceuticals, three or more inspectors look at the same items in order to improve the odds of finding defects. On the other hand, 1% to 2% of good products will be rejected. Re-inspection of rejected items is costly because the percentage of bad product is much higher than in the normal production stream, and require much greater care and effort.

Under the principles developed by Deming and others, inspection is a tool to identify problems, not solve them. Once identified, the root cause of the problem must be identified and solved. If you don’t direct your main effort to solving the problem, you are fooling yourself, and confusing others. No conscientious manufacture would deliberately send products down the line in hopes that inspection would identify and cull the bad ones. That doesn’t mean it never happens.

There are multiple implications of these principles to screening airline passengers. Only passengers directly from affected countries will be screened. The potential for infections are much higher for these countries, hence more likely to be missed. Secondly, people will take indirect routes in order to bypass these inspections. Finally, inspections will be instituted at only five major air ports out of hundreds of potential entry points. The inspection itself will only identify potential victims by the presence of a fever (or other symptoms).

Since there are many causes for fever, the percentage of false identifications will be large, causing disruption to air traffic, not to mention the lives of those culled out of the crowd. The incubation period of Ebola is long, from five to twenty-one days (why not twenty or twenty-two?), so most people infected will pass through undetected, and possibly contact many people before the disease surfaces. The resources needed to respond to an active case of Ebola are enormous. A few dozen cases would overwhelm our system, much less hundreds of cases.

Under government procurement procedures, failing inspection leads to increased inspection levels (and higher cost), ultimately to disqualification of the supplier. In the proposed health screening procedures, there is no intervention plan, just a reaction.

In order to limit our exposure to a possible epidemic, non-essential travel to and from the afflicted regions be curtailed. There should be no casual travel or immigration. Contrary to the administration’s talking points, this has no effect on humanitarian aid, any more than our current ban on travel for political reasons. We would simply have to regulate such travel, and quarantine those returning. Such regulation would require a lot of resources for monitoring and a likelihood of treating subsequent infections. The cost and administration of these measures, and the even greater cost of failure, makes sending thousands of troops into harm’s way impractical.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thorner: Confined Dinesh D’Souza speaks to Chicago event via Skype

image from

By Nancy Thorner – 

It was with regret that Paul Caprio, head of Family Pac, shared the disappointing news that featured speaker, Dinesh D’Souza, was unable to be present at the night’s much anticipated Family Pac event, “An Evening with Dinesh D’Souza,” held at Harry Caray’s Chicago Sports Museum, Water Tower Place, in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Dinesh D’Souza first notified Paul Caprio last Saturday (Oct. 4th), telling Paul that he was unable to keep his commitment.  D’Souza then offered Ambassador John Bolton as his replacement. To this Caprio said no, believing it was important for D’Souza to be able to explain and answer questions as to why this country is exceptional. As Caprio related, “This country in in a time of great turmoil. We don’t have a liberal as president, we have a tyrant.” Furthermore, “Our Founding Fathers gave us a government with the understanding that it could be lost, it, but if this happens it will happen from within.”

Technology came to the rescue. Dinesh D’Souza appeared via Skype in a larger-than-life-image projected on a screen at the front of the banquet room. Two smaller TV sets were in place high up on either side of the big screen for easy viewing by all in attendance. After his remarks, D’Souza was able to answer a series of questions from audience members via Skype.

Probate sentence now in force

D’Souza was unable to personally attend the Family-Pac event because of alleged pressure from the Justice Department and President Obama. D’Souza’s was sentenced to confinement and probation for what amounted to a minor crime for breaking a campaign law.  D’Souza had arranged for straw donors to contribute to New York Republican Wendy Long’s failed U.S. Senate bid, a campaign finance violation.

The sentence had already been imposed as of Friday, October 3rd. Hear D’Souza speak about his felony sentence.  An agreement to delay D’Souza’s probationary sentence until January 1st, 2015 was not honored, so D’Souza’s sentence  was enacted immediately. The sentence includes eight months in a community confinement center, five years of probation, one day of community service a week during that probation (teaching English to new immigrants and illegal immigrants), and the payment of $30,000 for breaking campaign finance law during the 2012 election.

When appearing in Court for his verdict, D’Souza believed a jail sentence would be forthcoming of at least 18 months.  After all, the judge has given D’Souza a stern lecture up front. But mysteriously, the judge changed his mind. Instead of sentencing Dinesh to jail time and instead issued D’Souza a probationary sentence.

The night of the Oct. 8th Family-Pac event marked D’Souza’s 5th night spent with criminals at a community confinement center in San Diego, CA with bunk bed accommodations. D’Souza remains cautious, but he said he was not scared.  D’Souza described the containment center as not exactly a jail, nor is he in captivity, but he is restricted in his movements. Free during the day to write and work on his movies, D’Souza must check in again at night. Leaving the country is prohibited. This routine will continue for D’Souza until the end of May.

 D’Souza speaks via Skype

John McEnroe, Chairman of Family-Pac, in presenting introductory remarks prior to Dinesh D’Souza’s Skype appearance, described D’Souza as one who is willing to challenge liberal orthodoxy by speaking out with face-to-confrontations, such as when D’Souza challenged Bill Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist and President Obama’s long-time friend, about American exceptionalism on Megan Kelly’s Fox News TV show. D’Souza’s two movies were highly recommended to be viewed before the crucial November election: “2016:  Obama’s America” and “America:  Imagine a world without her.” To be noted is John Fund’s excellent review of D’Souza “America,” which was released this summer.

After expressing his regrets for not being able to appear in person, D’Souza directed this question to his captivated audience, “How did it happen?” D’Souza expressed how the America of today is a different America from the one he experienced when he first arrived from India at age 17 until the present time. It used to be that Republicans and Democrats agreed on goals, only disagreeing about the means to reach the goals. Present were common values that were embraced by both sides. Republicans and Democrats loved American and wanted it to succeed, believing that American was a good country, it was a force for good in the world, and it made the world a better place. This continuous, positive thread regarding the nature of America connected presidents, up to and including Democrat Bill Clinton.

Chicago, however, bears direct responsibility for the change that has taken place. We are now living in the Obama era, in Obama’s America.  Obama has taken this nation in a different direction. There are those who believe Obama is an amateur, a bungler, and a nincompoop.  As such efforts have been made to set President Obama straight on what really is and of consequences from past happenings. President Carter was judged as a nincompoop by D’Souza.  In calling The Shah of Iran a dictator, whoops, Carter got Komani!  But President Obama is not an amateur; he is smart and well informed.  When Obama said he wanted to remake America, he wasn’t kidding.

To D’Souza, the dangerous direction of this nation is the result of an incompetent President.  President Obama was elected in 2008 promising to 1) shrink America’s influence in the world; 2) reduce her military power; 3) shrink her economy; 4) reduce her standard of living; and 5) diminish the “American Dream.” Given these promises, Obama has succeeded in reducing this nation’s influence in the world. Whereas in the past nothing much happened without America first having a say so, this is no longer the world we live in. With this new America, Obama is good at redistributing America’s wealth to the rest of the world and also to those in our own nation.

Envy drives Obama

Through evaluating what the Left has to say about conservative Republicans, a window is opened up into the mindset of Obama. This, in turn, reflects why his supporters feel it is legitimate to brand conservative Republicans as greedy; war mongers; racist; sexist; haters of the environment, and not caring about the American people, when there is not a molecule of truth in any these statements.  For what drives the other side in unfairly branding Republicans as uncouth individuals is envy.  Envy also lives within the psych of President Obama.  As described by D’Souza: “Envy is the lowest desire and the most secretive of all human emotions.”  Envy differs from jealousy, as envy produces rage over being deprived of something that others are enjoying, such as, “Why do they have all this and not me?”  An individual filled with envy, not unable to improve himself, will proceed to pull other people down with him.

Obama came into office like a knight galloping on a white horse, but seething with self-hatred that was based on envy.  Society elevates the entrepreneur and those who can create things.  Obama, not being able to make or create new things — not even an i-phone or a website that works! — loathes entrepreneurship and the free market system.  It’s not that Obama isn’t talented, but his excellence shines forth as an organizer of public resentment.  Obama, without fail, tells the American people that the greedy CEO’s have stepped in and taken possession of some of your stuff, promising that with their vote he will confiscate some of their stuff and give it to you.  This has produced a deadly class struggle.

Are Republicans ready to fight?

Regarding Republicans, D’Souza finds them lacking the ability to advance their message in the public arena, having done a terrible job of reaching out and making the case. Granted, Republicans don’t have enough megaphones available to come close to the megaphones available to the Democratic Party. Even so, too many Republicans wrongly view politics as a fight involving gentlemen, when in truth Democrats are natural street fighters who fight aggressively and will do what it takes to win.

As a reminder to Republicans: “Our values and principles are appealing even today. Republicans stand for the principles of 1776, wishing to preserve the spirit of the American Revolution. The other party wants this spirit to just go away.”

Dinesh D’Souza believes the war is winnable.  He describes Americans as passive and sheep-like in allowing Obama to run amok.  Enjoined D’Souza: “We must all do more, give more, and sacrifice more.  It took 200 years to build this nation, but it won’t take 200 years to dismantle it, that is, if we allow it!”

Guests at the Family PAC event:

Evening with Dinesh D'Souza 003  Evening with Dinesh D'Souza 011

Evening with Dinesh D'Souza 015  Evening with Dinesh D'Souza 010

Left to right: Virg Cihla; RNC Committeewoman Demetra DeMonte and Dan Kinsella

Sandy Rios and the Hon. Chris Lauzen, Kane County Republican Chairman

Dan Patlak, Commissioner Cook County Board of Review and Dr. Jim Economos

Danielle Rowe, Director of Advocacy Outreach for IL Opportunity Project and Tom Morrison, IL State Representative, 54th District


Comedian, speaker and writer, Mike G. Williams, celebrates life at Informed Choices banquet 

“Informed Choices” was established in1987 by two women in Wauconda, Illinois, originally as the “Tri-County Crisis Pregnancy Center,” to meet the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. The Wauconda center relocated in 2001 to Grayslake, IL, while a satellite center in Crystal Lake, IL, was established in 1995. The central purpose of its ministry is to encourage young men and women to choose life during a pregnancy crisis. In 2013 there was a name change from “Tri-County Crisis Pregnancy Center” to “Informed Choices.”  After having serving the Tri-County area for 27 years, the organization’s annual fund event of Friday, Oct. 3 was the first time members and friends had gathered under the name of “Informed Choices.” Celebrated was the legacy of life.  Remembered was long-time friend for Life, Jack Roeser.

Along with FREE pregnancy testing and options counseling, the services of “Informed Choices” have expanded to include limited obstetrical ultrasounds with 80% choose life, parenting and childbirth classes, and post-abortion support. Sarah VanDerLip serves as Executive Director of “Informed Choices.”

Two sister organizations for “Informed Choices” were recently established, “Healthy Choices” for women and “Men’s Life” for men. As to the purpose of “Healthy Choices”, the ministry offers young women preventive care before a crisis presents itself. As shared by “Healthy Choices” Director Paulette Schaeffer, “Far too many teens confuse sex with love.”  “Healthy Choices” is able to bring truth and clarity to sexual risk avoidance programs.  Many teens don’t understand that they have a choice whether or not to have sex.  Classes are taught in health classes in both and public and private schools that life has value and that sex is worth waiting for.  Last year 2,700 middle and high school children were reached.  The goal during this school year is to increase the number of students receiving the message by 20%.

The counterpart to “Heathy Choices” for women is “Men’s Life” for guys.  Mark Putman is “Men’s Life” coordinator. “Men’s Life” was initiated last year.  Asked why the need for a “Men’s Life,” Putman likened it to closing a circle, where the circle, now joined, is complete.  Saving babies is important.  Mothers of babies had a place to go for help, while the minority of men were missed.  Men receive one-to-one consultations to help them navigate the issue, so they become accountable and understand their responsibility, ultimately to stop unplanned pregnancies.

Facts and goals of Informed Choices

Sarah VanDerLip, as Executive Director, shared these facts and goals of “Informed Choices.” Technology is the best way to reach young people.  Presently contact is 40% word by mouth and 20% via the Internet.  There must be more done to reach teens before they schedule an abortion of take the Morning After pill.  The “Informed Choices” website has been updated. Texting can now be done with a cell phone.  There is however a need for a good Search Engine, so “Informed Choices” appears on the first page of sites related to pregnancy when goggling.  Facebook possibilities must also be financed and set up.

Last year 1.2 million women made the wrong choice and ended the life of their child. Offering a legacy of compassion can make a positive difference.  “Informed Choices” is a place where young woman can seek help and not be judged as a single women.

The ability to communicate must be reclaimed, along with the vocabulary needed to combat the political rhetoric of pro-life, to enable women to make informed choices. Ultrasound has opened “a window to the womb.”   When a young woman comes to “Informed Choices” an ultrasound will be done for free, allowing God to be at work.

MIke Williams introduced

Sarah FanDerLip, as Executive Director of Informed Choices, introduced guest speaker Mike Williams.

Never having heard the name of Mike Williams, Thorner didn’t know what to expect. This lack of knowledge about Mike Williams as a nationally-known speaker, writer, and comedian could only be described as an unforgivable omission in Thorner’s life experiences!  Williams has recorded 13 CD’s, 4 DVD’s, and written 5 book. Mike can be heard daily on the SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s “Laugh USA.” He and his family live in the Dominican Republic where they direct a Spanish speaking abstinence training program and pastors’ college.  Married for 27 years, Mike and his wife have 4 children.

In research done to learn more about Mike Williams and his Christian brand of humor, Thorner highly recommends that you watch this youtube video, “Stupidity is a Gift, Part 1″. Do take the time to watch now and save to hear again and again whenever you are experiencing a stressful day.  Another stellar youtube video shows Williams with his guitar sharing his most requested song, “The Eagle Song.” Email here for direct questions about the items by Williams listed below.  All products are reasonably prices, many at $10.00, and would make thoughtful and excellent gifts for all occasions.

Love Is Not A Three Letter Word” (For children over the age of 11); “Never stand Under A Flock of Angry Birds” (Speaks to teenagers); “Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus” (for the married); “Life Happens: Shut Up, Smile, and Carry A Plunger” (most popular of Williams’ Turkey Soup series); and “I Never Knew How Good Make Up Worked Until I saw You In The Morning” (CD reissued by popular demand).

There is good reason why organizations like Focus on the Family, Gaither Praise Gatherings and many other organization have Williams back to speak again and again. This reason became evident as Mike Williams started in on his comedy routine.

The funny side of Mike Williams

Without losing a beat, Mike Williams asked his audience why they thought he was here at the “Informed Choices Pregnancy and Parenting” event in Kildeer, IL, given his reputation as a stand-up comedy guy.  In keeping with his God-given sense of humor, Williams cited as reason number one: “Because I’m the only speaker this organization could afford.”  Followed by reason number 2:  “To celebrate the 792 lives that are alive in the name of Jesus because of your center.”  According to Williams, “God gave us humor as a gift.  God also allows stupidity as a gift.” Most of all, “God wants us to learn how to laugh.”  With humility Williams spoke of God’s blessing in allowing him to survive after flat-lining twice in a Butte, Montana hospital last year.

Writing about humor is difficult to do, as so much of what is funny becomes funny because of the gestures made and the modulation of the voice by the one dispensing the humor. Then too humor is also infectious, as it serves as a springboard for our own personable enjoyment as we participate in the laughter of those around us.

As such was the entertainment provided by Mike Williams whose antics and words kept his Informed Choices audience laughing throughout his comedy gig. There were many jokes about common ordinary things that when taken out of context became hilarious. One joke about Ex-lax promised to “work while you sleep”; another was a spoof about how batteries are required to have a label because some people might try to drink the fluid; and another spoke of a recent incident in Colorado where children have been prohibited from playing tag because it’s too dangerous. Just imagine, said Williams: “On Monday children could still play tag, and play they did. Then Wednesday morning came and there was no more tag.  Just think, whoever was hit last will now be hit for the rest of their lives!”  Williams also made much of a small sign he saw on a MacDonald’s drive-through window which displayed this rather made-for-humor message:  “We have menus in braille and picture menus for people who can’t read.”

As Williams mused:  It would be great if we could all laugh in the middle of a mess instead of years after it has happened.  It would certainly help stress levels go down.  Accordingly, Williams became the brunt of many of his jokes that concerned his weight and botched medical procedures.  In speaking about when he flat lined twice in Butte, Montana, last year, Williams shared this account:  The ER doctor in the room said, “Mr. Williams, you’re going to have to stop making the staff laugh.  We are trying to save your life.”  To which Williams replied:  I’m only trying to keep alive.” Replied the ER doctor:  “Then keep on with what you are doing, because your blood pressure is down.”  Williams blessed God for allowing him to live.

The serious side of Mike Williams

Finally the time came for Mr. Williams to explain what had really brought him to the Informed Choices event to be the featured speaker, and why he does 80 events a year all over the world, having first being asked by Dr. Dobson thirteen years ago to share with Dobson his humor and candid thoughts about his life.  Williams recounted the surprising, sordid facts of his very early life without regret or anger, but instead with heart-felt gratitude for how God had provided his birth mother, at the time it was needed most, with a Christian and Jesus-loving home in which to place her youngest son.

Williams described himself as a southside Chicago welfare kid.  Although all of us have parents, we don’t get to choose our parents or whether they will be good parents. Williams was the youngest of 5 children.  One of his siblings ended up in jail at age 17 for murder.  His mother decided to give young Mike away to her mailman, as the only Christian man she had ever met, asking the mailman to take her youngest child out of the hellhole he was living in.  The mailman informed William’s mother that he and his wife were too old to care for the child, but that his daughter and son-in-law had been praying to God for twelve years to give them a child.  So Williams quipped:  “So they got me!  Be careful of what you ask for.”  So Williams grew up in Harvey, Illinois, with a couple who loved God.  He was a rescue kid.

Continuing, Mike Williams related a happening as one having already benefited from the “tit” of a situation, about how he and his wife later on supplied the “tack” response, both of which were the result of God’s doing.  A jailed pregnant mother planning to have an abortion, found God through the prison ministry program. Giving her life to the Lord, she gave birth to her child.  Out of prison the mother saw a billboard about a pregnancy center and called for help, only to decide that she wanted to give up her child for adoption. The mother had done drugs during her pregnancy.  Receiving an out-of-the-blue phone call, Mrs. Williams was asked if she would be interested in the woman’s child. Asked Mrs. Williams, “How many want this child?”, to which the caller said, “You are my last call.  Without hesitation, Mrs. Williams replied, “We’ll take him”, even though at the time her husband Mike Williams was at Atlanta’s International Airport. So it was that Mike Williams and his wife took into their home, and later adopted, an eight-month-old bundle of joy to raise.

In conclusion

Following Mike Williams’ remarks, which were justly applauded with much enthusiasm, Williams took charge of the fundraising with all the vigor and enthusiasm he had displayed throughout his keynote presentation. His dedication to “Informed Choices” and its mission left no stone unturned in requesting those present to ask of Jesus what they might contribute. The cost to get one girl of boy through the Informed Choices program is $3.00 a day or $90.00 a month.

Informed Choices is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by IRS guidelines. Go here to donate and also to sign up for the Informed Choices E-News.

The Concerned Choices centers in Crystal Lake and Grayslake are accredited by the ECFA .  ECFA enhances trust in Christ-centered churches

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sunday, October 05, 2014


By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – 

Breaking news as this article was being written is that Howard University hospital in Washington, D.C. has admitted a patient — a recent traveler to Nigeria — who has symptoms that could be associated with Ebola. Receiving little coverage was a report on Thursday, 3rd, that an American freelance television cameraman working for NBC News in Liberia has contracted Ebola, the fifth U.S. citizen known to be infected with the deadly virus.

To date, there has been one confirmed case of Ebola in Texas, Thomas Duncan, a visitor that arrived by commercial air from Liberia on September 20. He is now in isolation at Texas Presbyterian Hospital, having been affected with Ebola before he left for the U.S., when he helped carry a convulsing pregnant woman who later died of the virus along with four more of his neighbors. How Duncan was permitted to board the plane on September 19th to travel to the U.S. has now come to light. According to Liberian authorities, Duncan allegedly lied on his airport departure screening questionnaire about whether he had had contact with a person infected with the virus. Liberian authorities plan to prosecute Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan when he returns home.

Four days after Duncan’s arrival in the U.S. he sought treatment at Texas Presbyterian Hospital for non-specific symptoms and was sent home with a prescription for antibiotics. During the interim, before returning to Texas Presbyterian Hospital with full-blown Ebola two days later, Duncan had contact with several family members, including five school children, who attend four different schools in Dallas. These children are now being monitored.  The four individuals having direct contact with Thomas Duncan were quarantined on Thursday, Oct. 2nd in the Dallas apartment where Duncan stayed.  His sheet and other items used were sealed and taken away in plastic bags. More recently the same four individuals were moved to a place in a gated community.

We can’t know for sure, but dozens, possibly hundreds of individuals, including medical personnel, were exposed to Thomas Duncan after he developed symptoms. The CDC, which can’t seem to keep track of viable smallpox samples, assures us all is under control. They are tracking possible contacts, but have no plans to quarantine these contacts as a precaution.

Obama is as defensive about African affairs as he is about Islam, especially when the two overlap and reinforce. The Administration draws a parallel to the SARS epidemic, which “never really was as bad as predicted.” Tell that to the hundreds of thousands of Asians who contracted it. What about the thousands of canceled flights?   Face masks mandatory in public throughout much of China? It could be worse, because China filters bad news, and deals firmly with leaks. The administration’s response to a potential Ebola epidemic is rife with political correctness.

The Obama administration in 2010 quietly dumped Bush-era plans to enact quarantine regulations supported by the Centers for Disease Control that were designed to prevent travelers from spreading infectious diseases.

The regulations were proposed by the Bush administration in 2005 during the height of avian and swine flu fears. The rules would have required airlines to report to federal authorities any ill passengers. They mandated that airlines collect information on international passengers – including email addresses, traveling companions and return flight details – to make it easier to trace passengers in any investigation of a disease outbreak.

Despite the calls for heavy travel restrictions between the U.S. and those west African countries hardest hit by the outbreak, with one advocate even warning against the possibility of “Ebola tourism” by patients seeking better care here, the administration is rejecting calls for a visa ban for West Africans.  Visas are held by 13,500 people in three Ebola countries in Africa, Sierra Leon, Guinea and Liberia, to visit the U.S.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization reported on Wednesday, Oct. 1, that the manufacture, financing and distribution of a large-scale Ebola vaccine is not possible until the middle of next year at the earliest.  WHO is expediting Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials on two highly promising experimental Ebola vaccines, hoping to obtain approval next February.

Can we believe Ebola victims are only contagious once symptoms start? If so, Ebola must be unique among viral diseases. Besides, symptoms are not turned on and off like a switch, and the hospital in Texas missed even the most obvious ones. Is it only spread by direct contact with bodily fluids? Perhaps, but bodily fluids are spread by coughs and sneezes too. We don’t catch colds from exhaled carbon dioxide (not even the Climate Change Cult believes that, so far). Furthermore, bodily fluids linger on clothing and other things. How long is the virus viable under those conditions? Duncan was carried into the ambulance, where he continued to vomit. Have those EMTs been quarantined? How many patients and hospital workers did they contact after being contaminated? It’s simple math. If one person infects two others, the spread is by definition, exponential and the chart resembles a hockey stick.

Well worth reading is this article, Ebola: The Truth About How Viruses Work by Suzanne Hamner (pen name).  To be considered is the final sentence in Hamner’s article:  Officials, right now, appear to be over-confident which can be dangerous because no one at this juncture can say they know “all there is to know” about Ebola.

This underscores the utter madness of sending 4000 American soldiers to West Africa to help deal with this disease. There will be no “accidental” contact in their case, it is virtually assured. And what of their friends and loved ones when they return? Will they all be quarantined too? Are we absolutely certain that the disease is spread only by direct contact, and not airborne or through other vectors? Are we sure the virus is not contagious when it has run its course, even though it is still present in body tissues for months or years afterward.

Congress must be urged to stop this troop movement before it occurs. Render all the humanitarian aid as practical, but at arm’s length. Flights to and from West Africa and the US must be stopped or severely limited, as well as flights that might transfer through other countries.

History tells us what can happen in we proceed in ignorance.  The Plague (Yersinia pestis) ravaged Europe in several waves from the 6th to the 18th century, spread by travelers returning Crusaders.  Nearly one third of Europe’s population was lost.  The Plague is still endemic in certain areas, including the American Southwest, despite antibiotics.

In truth, Ebola is probably not as virulent as other pandemic diseases and can be treated and controlled by exercising due diligence. However, this diligence is unlikely to occur as long as the White House is in denial. Obama’s fantasy administration isn’t just a game anymore. In the events of this week, we see that the resources used to deal with a handful of Ebola cases in the United States are already strained. Ad hoc efforts at quarantine for relatives of Thomas Duncan in Texas were ignored until enforced with an armed guard. Voluntary compliance is likely to be poor, and cases may go unreported if doing so results on confinement for a month.

The United States is the only Western nation permitting virtually unrestricted air travel from West Africa. This is not a reason to cry “panic,” but a call to exercise firm and effective measures to prevent the spread of a devastating disease and its economic consequences, while exercising compassion for those in suffering.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 9.20.39 AM
Max Gadau’s family was consoled by neighbors this week | Image Source

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – 

In a scene almost reminiscent of a Greek tragedy, Max Gadaua, a promising competitive swimmer athlete who taught swimming at Lifetime Fitness and aspired to attend college, was killed last Sunday night (Sept. 28) in what appears to be a drug deal gone bad in the 9200 block of North Kedvale in Skokie shortly before 10 p.m. It is not clear what Max Gadaua’s involvement was, aside from accompanying a young woman at her request, to “meet some people” outside a party. Gadau was shot and killed instantly and his companion was critically wounded. Reported was that both were Skokie residents and students at Niles North High School. Our hearts go out to the friends and family of these teens. Unfortunately, this tragedy is being used as a platform to proselyte for gun control.

An emotional vigil where 200 mourners gathered and left flowers at a makeshift memorial was held on Monday night on the 9200 block of Kedvale. Many of the mourners, overcome by grief, were fellow Niles North High School classmates and friends there to find comfort in one another.

As predictable as night turning into day, following the vigil a small rally was held by local anti-gun organizations “People For a Safer Society” and “Peaceful Communities.” The problem, of course, is guns and gun violence. Comments from the rally were interesting, many of them questioning the need for guns in Skokie.  One person responded “What were they hunting?”, as if guns are only used for hunting.

Nothing could be further from the truth. From the beginning of civilization (and probably before), people have threatened or used force to impose their will on others. Guns are obviously an instrument of that force, as are knives, clubs or brute force (q.v., “On the Waterfront”). But guns can be a force of good too.

As Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal said, “… evil only succumbs to the use of force.” Reports dribble through, despite heavy censorship in the press, where ordinary civilians use guns in self-defense. Most recently an employee used a personal firearm to stop a murderous rampage in Oklahoma City by an ex-employee and possibly Jihadist aspirant.

People who are against guns in principle confuse these two issues – evil and self-defense. Like Father Pfleger, they are too quick to advocate against lawful use of weapons, in the vain hope that the unlawful will respond in kind. In order to pass concealed carry in Illinois, it was necessary to placate dozens of legislators who, in ignorance, voted to ban legal carry in places known to attract crime and criminals – notably public parks and public transportation.

Business owners were encouraged to ban concealed carry under force of law, for no other reason than it was their right to do so. Liquor licensees in Chicago were required to exercise this “right” or risk losing that license for a minimum of 5 years. State law only requires posting of businesses which make more than 50% of their sales in liquor for consumption on premises. Most restaurants fall under that limit, and retail sales of liquor is not included because it is consumed elsewhere.

The financial burden to obtain a license for concealed carry is substantial. The license itself costs $150, non-refundable. Sixteen hours of training are required, at a cost of $150 to over $300, plus the cost of lost wages. This does not even include the cost of a weapon (plus a special $25 anti-violence tax in Cook County and a Federal 10% surcharge on ammunition). As a result, people who need it most are denied the legal right to self-defense because of the cost involved. That doesn’t mean they don’t have and carry weapons, just not legally.

It’s time to realize that the police are not obligated to, nor have the resources to provide protection for us. The right to carry a firearm would not necessarily have helped the two young high school students in Skokie. But that event should not be used to deny others that means of defense.

Thorner & Ingold: Will first heinous beheading in U.S. initiate a sharp knife ban?


By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold – 

It makes sense that the FBI is examining the background of knife-wielding Alton Nolan, taking time to gather all the facts. To be looked at are Nolan’s actions prior to his heinous act of beheading Colleen Hufford, 54, to determine if his crime was just an outburst of anger at being fired, classified as work place violence, or an act of terrorism.

What we already know:  Alton Nolen recently converted to Islam. According to terrorism expert Steve Emerson in his appearance on Fox News on Saturday, September 28, convicts who convert to Islam while in prison, as a first step to proving their faithfulness to Islam try to convert others to Islam, as Nolan was said to have done in his work place. Witnesses have told police that Nolen was shouting Arabic phrases before Hufford’s death.

Early reports indicated that another employee stopped the assailant by shooting him with a personal firearm. The shooter was later revealed to be the CEO of the company.

As the story developed, it was determined that the CEO was also a volunteer sheriff’s deputy. From that point on, he was identified as a “deputy sheriff”, either as “off duty” or “reserve”. Many sheriffs retain civilians as volunteer deputies to work special events or control traffic. They are mostly unpaid and untrained. Until recently “reserve” status was bestowed on politically-connected citizens in Cook and Lake Counties, so that they could carry weapons before FCCL was passed in Illinois.

The significance is that the news media are loathe to admit that an ordinary citizen, a “good guy with a gun,” can stop a violent attack. He must be something special, like a “deputy” or “ex-military.” The latter category was significant in an event this spring, where a “veteran” shot and stopped a man who opened fire on a group leaving a party after they knocked over a drink which the assailant had placed on their car. For what it’s worth, you can qualify with a pistol in the military firing as few as 10 rounds. Pistols are not considered a primary weapon, and are used as a last resort

Reported on Friday, September 26, by Todd Beamon on, the suspect, Alton Nolen, a 30-year-old Oklahoma man who police said beheaded a woman after he was fired from his job at a food-processing plant, had ties to radical Islam.  Alton Nolen’s Facebook reads like a road map of his affiliation with radical Islam.  On a Facebook page Nolen had pictures of Osama bin Laden and phrases that praised Allah and forecast harm to the United States and Israel.  On a chilling 9/11 Facebook post about the terrorist attack Nolan recorded: “A Future Prophecy Revelation 18:8, She (The statue Of Liberty) is going into flames. She and anybody who’s with her.”

Most telling of Nolan’s ties to Islam: A Sept. 5 postshowing Nolan in Muslim religious clothing standing outside the front gates of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.  Suhaib Webb, an Imam with ties to former Al Queda mastermind Anwar Awlaki, had previously been the leader of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City attended by Alton Nolen

The discovery of Alton Nolan’s ties to radical jihadism seems to cast the incident beyond the realm of workplace violence. As Chad Sweet, the former chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security, told Fox News told Fox’s Megyn Kelly, “We saw this in the Fort Hood shooting that this administration was afraid to call a spade a spade quickly when the evidence was overwhelming.”  The Obama administration classified the attack of Army Maj. Nidal Hasan as workplace violence when he went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas in November of 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 30 others.

Chad Sweet further indicated, “It certainly seems like he [Nolan] snapped upon being fired, but that doesn’t account for the true motivations leading to the anger and the disposition toward committing such a heinous act.”  Continuing, “In all of the workplace violence episodes we’ve covered, we’ve never seen somebody beheaded. This is the first American beheading on American soil reportedly in the name of jihad.”

Not unexpectedly, an effort is being made by senior leaders of the Oklahoma City mosque Alton Nolan attended to try to paint Nolan as being “quit”, low-key” and “odd” (a possible insanity plea in the making?).  Saad Mohammad, the Islamic society’s director of news and information, informed law enforcement representatives that “Nolen didn’t express violent sentiments nor did he indicate he agreed with the actions of the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq and Syria known as ISIS.”  Mohammad accordingly denounced Nolen’s actions, “saying his behavior is not in keeping with Islam”, which Mohammad emphasized, “is a religion of peace.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if the outcome of knife-wielding Alton Nolan and his brutal act, didn’t bring about a law such as was recently passed in Great Britain requiring that kitchen knives be blunted after a rash of stabbing in the U.K.  This harks back to Louis XIV in the 17th Century where guests to the palace used their personal knives as eating utensils. The King ordered them blunted as a precaution against drunken brawls and potential instrument of assassinations.

Anything is possible in this political correct world we live in today.  Restricting  guns and knives with stringent laws is not a deterrent for those who wish to commit crimes, but an affront against law-abiding citizens who only want to protect themselves and their families.