Government largess

January 24, 2009

President Osama’s $1 trillion stimulus package, shaping up to be a giant Ponzi scheme, allocates money this nation doesn’t have. It would either have to be borrowed or printed (unbacked money). The result would net rampant inflation down the road and unsustainable debt for future generations.

Marketed as a way to spend ourselves out of this economic downturn, many Americans have been convinced that debt no longer matters and that the advancement of big government policies will produce a rosy outcome. Already Chicago’s Mayor Daley is dreaming of an open federal spigot of stimulus money to pay for new construction, land acquisitions and more government workers. All this in a city and state recognized nationally as rife with corruption and graft!

Not to be out bid, other city mayors and governors, labor unions and environmental groups — all beholden to the Democratic Party — are likewise lining up like pigs at a trough for a piece of pork from the large government slush fund. Such government largess will suck wealth, creativity and investment out of the private economy.

Lacking completion and accountability, the one-time-only stimulus monies are destined to frittered away. There will be many “roads to nowhere” built, along with rampant waste, fraud, and inferior service.

May Barack Obama have the wisdom to enact policies that will keep this nation strong and vibrant. FDR policies will not do. Five years into the New Deal, despite frantic spending, unemployment still stood at 17.2 percent. What this nation needs to grow its economy is less government, slashing business regulations and legislating tax cuts across the board.

This county could easily morph into a full-blown socialist society. I am concerned over Obama’s rhetoric and announced policies that promote government as the solution to all problems.

May President Barack Obama realize the importance of this nation’s Constitution and our constitutional form of government. It has served this country and its people well for over 230 years. Socialism has only brought misery and dissatisfaction in its wake wherever and whenever it has been tried.




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