Shenanigans in Chicago’s 5th District

January 29, 2009

Shennigans in Chicago’s 5th District

Upon hearing that Rahm Emanuel would be resigning his 5th Congressional District seat to serve as President Obama’s Chief of Staff in Washington, D.C., Rosanna Pulido decided to put herself in the running. Ms. Pulido, assisted by friends and acquaintances, and after collecting 702 signatures, filed to run as a Republican congressional candidate on Monday, January 19th. This done, Rosanna planned to be listed as a candidate on the March 3rd Primary ballot, at which time a Democrat and a Republican candidate will be selected to face off against each other to replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress.

Joshua Hoyt, as a private citizen and constituent of the 5th Congressional District, is now challenging Ms. Pulido’s petitions claiming that 516 of her 702 signatures are not valid. Of interest is that Mr. Hoyt serves as the Director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Given that Rosanna Pulido is the founder of the Illinois Minutemen Project, and that recently she worked for the anti-immigrant group FAIR in Washington, D.C., it would not be unreasonable to suspect that Mr. Hoyt is attempting to disqualify Ms. Pulido as a candidate.

Consider these comments in Josh Hoyt’s January 19th petition filing: “For years Ms. Pulido has opposed the immigration debate with her vitriol, preventing rational debate on reasonable solutions for our broken immigration system.”

It cannot be disputed that election laws represent the law of the land. Signatures should be valid with proper notarization. When commenting about the validity of Ms. Pulido’s gathered signatures, however, Hoyt once again “showed his cards” by stating that should Rosanna’s signatures prove faulty, “. . . the 5th Congressional District will be mercifully spared from her hateful rants in pursuit of her own political ambitions.”

I know of no finer person than Rosanna Pulido. As an intemperate opponent of illegal immigration and gay rights, she would bring a breath of fresh air to 5th Congressional District constituents. Chicago needs more candidates like Rosanna Pulido to challenge the corruption that is rampant in Chicago Machine Politics.

Mr. Hoyt’s challenge must be met head on. It seems obvious that at the root of Hoyt’s petition challenge is his dislike for Ms. Puildo’s stance on illegal immigration. This is America, Josh Hoyt, where freedom of speech exists and where voice of opposition must not be silenced.





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