Spring brings thoughts of Ravinia

April 18, 2009


Spring brings thoughts of Ravinia Festival 2009 and of pleasant and exciting evenings spent listening to music in its beautiful Highland Park setting. There are over 120 events scheduled for this summer featuring an array of musical offerings sure to please everyone, even special activities and concerts to delight children!

Recently I had the privilege of attending a Ravinia Festival 2009 Season Preview Event at which time Welz Kauffman, President and CEO of the Ravinia Festival, spoke of some exciting new Ravinia innovations.  Among them was how it is possible to get a reserved seat ticket, dining and parking for as low as $35.00.  What a bargain in these tough economic times!  As unbelievable as it may sound, Mr. Kauffman went on to list four pavilion concerts where every seat in the house is being offered at the low price of $25.00 – July 12, 15, 19 and Aug. 5. 

A big hit last summer at several pavilion concerts were two large video screens up front and to each side of the stage which allowed the audience to have a close up look of the performers.   It was pleasing to hear that  video screens will be part of every pavilion concert this summer. 

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln, Ravinia has scheduled several concerts honoring our 16th president.  Two of the concerts feature world-premiere tributes and demand checking out:  Ramsy Lewis’s “Lincoln” on Friday, June 12 and the other commissioned by the Ravinia Festival from Tony-winning choreographer Bill T. Jones on September 17 and 19.  Jones will strive to express through dance, with the New York-based Arnie Zane Dance Company, what Lincoln might have to say to us today.  Be among the first to witness its world-premiere! 

If you have never checked out the Ravinia website at www.Ravinia.org, you must do so now.  It has a wealth of information to offer.  Pick any concert date and you will be rewarded with information about the concert, the performers and even some music to wet your appetite. 

Once you have become acquainted with Ravinia, you will realize what a treasure exists in your own back yard.  Visit Ravinia and experience its magic.  I have for over 35 years.



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