The people have spoken

April 18, 2009

According to a recent Department of Home Land Security report issued by Janet Napolitano, I am an enemy of the state and a right wing extremist, because out of concern for this nation’s economic decline and its grab for power I attended Chicago’s April 15th Tea Party — one of over 700 in all 50 states.

The Chicago Sun-Times covered the event under the headline, “Tax protesters vent rage in Chicago, across U.S.”   I found in bad taste a remark included in the article by U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s in which she labeled the protests as “an effort to misrepresent the public about the Obama economic plan.”  She then went on to call the tea parties “a shameful political stunt.”   Might Rep. Schakowsky have received her marching orders from the White House?

The truth is that the over 700 Tea Parties represented a grassroots movement with no specific leader or origin.   Concern started with President Bush’s $168 billion economic stimulus, through the 2008 housing bailout, then came TARP I and Tarp II, followed by President Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus, and then the auto bailout, etc.

Is it any wonder why so many Americans have grown weary of the ever expanding size and scope of the federal government under the Obama Administration?  The Tea Parties were reported as protests with rage.   Protest they were, but those who participated in Chicago’s Tea Party were respectful and orderly with their expressions of concern.  Worth noting by the Sun-Times is that there was no venting of rage in Chicago. 

 Hopefully Republican and Democrat politicians alike took notice of the voices they heard from participants of Tax Day Tea Parties.  Their message was loud and clear.  Things must change in Washington!

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