My response to an American Thinker blog post by Carol Negro on 4/18/09 – Yes, cannibalism is at the heart of Socialism

April 25, 2009

I felt an urgency, given the current rapid left-ward direction of this nation, to elaborate further on Carol Negro’s excellent AT blog post of Saturday, April 18 — “Socialism is really cannibalism.”  

Yes, cannibalism is at the heart of Socialism. Under a Socialistic system the People are subject to the State; where in a Democracy the State is subject to the People.  Socialism makes the state all-powerful, so the State picks and chooses who is to benefit from the People’s work, cannibalizing the efforts of the productive to benefit elites and curry favor from the unproductive.  Invariably, over time, Socialism becomes tyrannical as the elites seize all power and both the productive and unproductive are enslaved.  That’s the ultimate cannibalism of a person’s time and work

The Communist form of Socialism follows Karl Marx’s slogan “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”  These two sides of society can never be defined because all people who are mentally and physically competent have abilities, and they all also have needs.  But the slogan sounds seductively sweet to those who put feelings above reason — an endemic problem in our poorly educated populace — and I suspect in the poorly educated populace of Lenin’s and Stalin’s times.

Marx’s slogan also appears religiously utopian to anyone of Judeo/Christian heritage, which makes it incredibly corruptive.  It sounds like it might have been spoken by Moses or Jesus, when actually it was a clever ploy by a 19thcentury atheistic philosopher to incite class warfare and subvert religion — which it has done very effectively as we see 150 years later.  Most Christians and Jews today — and especially clergy — worship St. Karl.  They see God has as a big pain withHis faith stuff, objective morality, natural law, requirement for deep theology, etc.  He’s just so judgmental and insensitive! 

So the country falls more and more for the happy-clappy Socialist religion, singing “we are the world,” being betrayed by media, entertainment, education, and religious elites, and falling madly in love with Barack Obama, an androgynous character of no character, who is piping them along like rats to the river.



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