A double whammy for Illinoisans

April 30, 2009


On April 15 (Tax Day) more than one million Americans came together at more than 850 Tea Party sites across this nation in reaction to what is perceived as the Left’s aggressive effort to create a more radical, secular, and socialist country.  I attended Chicago’s April 15th Tea party at the Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza dressed as “Lady Liberty” with several of my friends.  To my delight I was able to meet and greet  three Lake Foresters in a crowd of over 2,000 participants!
Much of the mainstream media chose to portray the Tea Parties as protests with rage attended by right-wing activists.  This description could not be further from the truth.  Chicago’s Tea Party, like the hundreds of others throughout the nation, were respectful and orderly expressions of concern.  The emphasis of the grassroots citizen Tea Parties centered on the growing burden and size of government and how our children and grandchildren will have to pay for today’s irresponsible spending.
Asked about the Tax Day Tea Parties, President Obama denied any interest in the events, but is this to be believed?  Several days after the nationwide Tea Parties, Obama called his cabinet together and asked them to cull $100 million — in what he called government “efficiencies” — from his $3.69 trillion Fiscal Year 2010 budget (a trillion is a thousand billion), a budget projected to produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade.
Can Obama’s attempt to create the image of a “budget-cutter” be taken seriously?  It is even worse than window dressing.   It’s like a flyspeck on a football field!  According to the Heritage Foundation:
  • $100 million represents just 1/40,000 of the proposed budget for FY 2010.
  • It is the amount the federal government spends every 13 minutes.
  • For a family earning $40,000 annually, it would be like cutting $1 from the family budget.
  • It’s less than one F-22 fighter plane.
  • It’s less than 1/4 quarter of the budget increase Congress awarded to itself.
  • It represents roughly one-twentieth of 1 percent of the $192.3 billion federal deficit for March.
Here is Illinois Governor Quinn has proposed the largest tax increase in 40 years — 50% in personal and corporate incomes taxes — to balance this state’s out of control $52.9 billion budget.  Illinoisans are being hit with a double whammy!
If you doubt what I have to say about the left ward movement of this nation which, if left unchecked, will limit freedom of choice and saddle generations of Americans with massive and unstainable debt, perhaps comments made by Venezuelan president and despot Hugo Chavez, following the Obama-Chavez handshake at the recent Summit of the Americas, will change your mind.  Chevez declared on April 19 that Venezuelan socialism has begun to reach the U. S. under the Obama administration. 
You have a chance to be heard by lawmakers in Springfield and Washington.  Enough is enough!   Be at the next Chicago Tea Party event on July 4th.

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