Chicago Chapter of the RJC hosts Congressman Aaron Schock, IL 18th District, on Sunday, May 3rd

May 5, 2009


Congressman Aaron Schock, the youngest member of Congress at age 27, representing the 18th District of Illinois, was featured speaker at the Chicago Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, headed by Dr. Michael Menis, on Sunday, May 3rd at the Holiday Inn in Skokie, IL.  Rep. Schock serves on three committees and is the Deputy Republican Whip.  An early success was sponsoring and passing an amendment to H .R. 627, the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act, which strengthened identity theft

Emphasized by Congressman Schock were three areas of concern regarding Obama administration policies.    

  • Fear that health care reform will result in a single payer system through government incentives given people to join a federal catchall system. 
  • That “cap and trade” will curtail economic growth and trade away jobs at a time when China is putting a new coal fired plant in operation every week.  This would result in electricity rates going up 40% nationwide with grave implications for jobs and small busineses.   
  • How dangerous foreign policy moves are coming from a man who has done so little, yet has done so much harm.  Schock considers threats against democracy as threats against all democracies thoughout the world and spoke of Israel as being this nation’s only democratic ally in the Middle East.  Rep. Schock cautioned vigilence, especailly regarding Iran, at a time when Obama remains boastful of sitting down to talk with leaders who are outspoken in what they intend to do once they have the nuclear bomb.  

Discussed also was the lack of transparancy in the Obama administration.  Specific reference was made to the $750 billion Stimulus Bill wherein less than 6% was allocated for works projects.   Five days of promised “sunshine” never happened for reading and understanding the bill before voting took place.   Aaron Schock referenced a quote by Abraham Lincoln —  “What kills a skunk is the publicity it brings itself.”–  to illustrate the fate of the Stimulus Bill had “sunshine” been allowed to happen.  Schock predicted huge increases in inflation because of massive spending when the money hits the streets.

Because Rep. Schock managed to be elected in an Illinois District that never before had elected a Republican congressman, there was great interest in hearing how Schock had managed this feat.  Rep. Schock emphasized the following as ways to make the Repulbican Party and candidates revelent to consistuents.  

  • Emphasize where the Republican Party wishes to take the country in the future.
  • Communicate that messge to all demograpic groups through candidates who are able to articulate the message to all segments of society. 
  • Don’t be bashful in getting messages out that we own, such as:  We believe in income growth vs. income distribution  –  We believe in equal opportunity and not equal distribution of wealth  –  We are a party who believes in a leg up and not a hand out. 
  • College campuses are great places for messages of equal opportunity and income growth, as are constitutents whose votes the Democrat Party have taken for granted election after election

Rep. Schock encouraged RJC attendees not be discouraged, that a huge ground well of opposition at the grassroots level can be effective in applying pressure to slow down and even curtail legislation aimed at altering the direction of our nation.  Schock went on to cite how “card check” and “cap and trade” are in some trouble because of grassroots opposition and how the same haulted immigration reform during the Bush Administration.


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