A call for economic reform in Illinois

May 16, 2009

Why the urgent need for economic reform here in Illinois?  Under Democrat Speaker Madigan the House passed six unbalanced budgets with the result that Illinois has a $11.5 billion budget hole and $81 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.  
With the May 31st deadline for adjournment in Springfield close at hand, Speaker Madigan has yet to address the budget problem. 
Here are the realities of living in a high-tax, high-regulation, high-spending state as outlined on April 7, 2009 by the Illinois Policy Institute (illinoispolicyinstitute.org):


  • 46th in debt burden
  • 44th in economic outlook.
  • 44th in GDP growth.
  • 44th in personal income growth
  • 44th in employment growth from 1997 till 2009
  • 1st in sales tax burden (Chicago and Cook County)
  • 4th highest gas tax burden
  • 7th highest in median property taxes paid
  • 11th highest in property tax burdens
  • 14th highest overall tax burden in the nation.
The Illinois Policy Institute has formulated a four point Economic Reform Agenda which Speaker Madigan is being urged to pass by House Republicans.  It would bring prosperity back to Illinois.
Why is Speaker Madigan resisting attempts to bring transparency and accountability into the state budget?
One party rule, which spurns corrpution and sleeze, has existed for too long in Springfield, although the Republican Party has had its own share of scandal and sleeze.  
It is up to citizens who care about the deplorable condition of their state to call and e-mail legislators in Springfield, letting them know there will be a price to pay at the polls if reform fails to happen by May 31. 

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