Entering the Twilight Zone: 23 “czars” in five months

June 13, 2009

Every day there seems to be an announcement of a new czar.  Captivated by the un-American notion of running the county through Russian-style czars that are empowered to issue czarist-style proclamations (The Romanov Dynasty produced 18 czars from 1612 to 1917), the Obama administration is up to 23 czars in only 5 months.

The most recent czar appointment was a “Pay Czar” to regulate executive pay at firms receiving TARP funds.  It is fair to assume that compensation regulations will reach far beyond receivers of TARP funds.

Another czar appointment will take place later on in June with the naming of a “Special Master of Hallway Traffic” to ensure that employees of bailed-out firms remain at their desks during work hours and are not out wandering the halls and getting into mischief.  This czar, when named, could rightly be placed in a “believe it or not” category far out in the Twilight Zone.

In no way am I equating the Obama administration with the era of the Russian Romanov Dynasty; nevertheless, in naming czars Obama is creating fiefdoms within his White House which bypass the oversight of Congress.  In so doing President Obama is amassing executive power that is not answerable to any one.

The Constitution sets forth three separate but equal branches of government.  Obama was not elected to rule, yet Obama is seeking to rule rather than to govern by usurping power that doesn’t belong to him through fiat.

Congress should care as should the American people.

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