Waxman-Markey, an economic threat and massive tax

June 26, 2009


President Obama in a Rose Garden appearance on Thursday, June 25, told the media that whoever leads the world in green technology will lead the world. 

The push to create viable green energy power through wind and solar is but a mirage, coupled with the myth that we are killing ourselves and the world by continuing to depend on oil and coal for our energy needs. 

 There must be a reason why most power plants in this county use coal to produce energy, which is under assault by the Obama administration.  It is because coal is the cheapest, the most dependable, and it works. 

Contrast coal with the fad of building wind turbines which generate power only when the wind blows.  As of yet there is no way to store that power.  Most Importantly, wind power is not cost effective unless government subsidies are provided

The Waxman-Markey global warming bill now in the House pushes green energy.  If passed, it would vastly expand power in Washington, D.C. and would function as a massive energy tax on the American people by raising the cost of energy and the price paid for all goods and services without achieving environmental pay-offs. 

Going  green has failed in Europe.  Are the American people willing to have junk science destroy the economy thereby ending the U.S. as a free and productive country, all because CO2 has been falsely classified as a pollutant?

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