Betrayed by my Republican Congressman – Posted at the American Thinker on Sunday, June 28

June 30, 2009

Betrayed by my Republican Congressman

Nancy Thorner
There is much outrage in the 10th District where I live.  

My 10th District congressman, Mark Kirk, has the dubious distinction of being the only Republican member of the Illinois congressional delegation, and one of only eight Republicans nationwide, who voted on Friday, June 26,  for  the Waxman-Markey energy bill (HR 2454), commonly referred to as “Cap and Trade” or “Global Warming” bill.  The bill narrowly passed the House with a vote of 219 to 212. 

I would imagine that the same outrage exists in the congressional districts represented by all eight of the renegade Republicans. It is frowned upon to criticize fellow Republicans, but this defection cannot be brushed aside.  

Radical and unjustified:  Votes of eight renegade Republicans

Forty four wise Democrats crossed party lines to vote against the bill, while Kirk and seven other Republicans chose to ignore the 300-page amendment that was dropped into the  mostly unread 1,000 page bill early in the morning on June 16, leaving no time to read the additional 300 pages and which turned the bill into an even more regulative and economic monstrosity. 

Although Mark Kirk is proud to define himself as a moderate Republican with strong environmental leanings, he has put himself on record as supporting radical legislation that would result in economic pain for his constituents with little or no environmental gain. 

It might be that Kirk has sealed his political future — Kirk has expressed interest in running statewide here in Illinois for U.S. Senate or governor — with his “yes” vote on the Democrat’s Global Warming bill, after voters learn what is in the 1,300 page bill?  Unfortunately Kirk has become more liberal in many ways than many moderate Democrats in Congress.

The Waxman-Markey bill is instead a job killer.  Especially hard hit would be energy-intensive sectors such as manufacturers, farmers, construction, machinery, transportation, and plastics.   

Consumers will also  pay more for all goods and services since just about everything we do and produce uses energy.  Hardest hit by the draconian energy tax would be working families, but the tax would affect everyone whether rich, poor or in between.

What was Congressman Mark Kirk thinking?  Did he make a devilish deal to become one of eight Republican turncoats?  And what about the other seven Republican traitors in the U.S. Congress?  It is unconscionable that they voted for the most massive tax increase and interference with private property ever!   As such they should and are likely to face stiff opposition in 2010. 

Hopefully the U.S. Senate will have more sense and will not ascribe to the ill-advised House version of  the energy bill.  If similar legislation is passed in the senate, it would be a bad deal for America and a devastating man-made disaster.  Every effort must be made to defeat what would amount to a misguided approach to this nation’s energy needs.


Glenn Beck read my American Thinker letter and invited me as a guest on his national Fox News TV show on  Monday, June 29.   Beck’s show that day was all about the “cap and trade” bill that passed the House on Friday, June 26.  I responded on Beck’s show as an angry citizen in Kirk’s 10th Dstrict who could no longer support or vote for Congressman Kirk.

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