In Praise of Tagliavia’s letter of 7/15 – Lake County News-Sun

July 16, 2009

I would like to compliment Joe Tagliavia of Beach Park for his excellent take on the “Cap and Trade” bill that was rammed through the House on Friday, June 24, with the help of 8 renegade Republicans which included our own 10th District Congressman Mark Kirk. 

I especially liked Tagliavia explanation of how it would take1,000 windmills to replace power generated by the an average coal plant. 

If  legislators like Congressman Kirk are really concerned about reducing our dependence on foreign oil in favor of green technology, why is there so little discussion about nuclear power which is a safe and dependable green source of energy?

To generate the same amount of energy with wind as an average-sized nuclear plant — 1,000 megawatts —  you would need 270 square miles filled with wind turbines.  By contrast, a nuclear facility fits on less than one square mile.

Presently a dual-reactor power plant built by ComEd in 1973 stands idle in Zion. Initially some steam generator tubes were found leaking, but the tubes were closed off and the plants continued to run without jeopardizing the employees, the area citizens or the environment.  The steam generators could have been replaced for 435 million dollar, but instead ComEd decided to prematurely shutter the plants in January, 1998.

David Hollein, a resident of Barrington Hills, formerly the Westinghouse Project Engineer for all the Commonwealth Nuclear Plants built by Westinghouse and General Electric, and who was intimately involved with the nuclear units at the Zion dual reactor site, has for years been trying to alert legislators and interested citizens to the vast treasure of energy that exists in the unused dual reactor site in Zion and has been demanding a second look.  Repeated overature made to local legislators, especially 61st IL State Representative JoAnn Osmond (R) and 31st District State Senator Michael Bond (D), have all been ignored.

Europe is way ahead of America in using nuclear energy.  France gets 77% of its electricity from nuclear reactors.  Recently it has been reported that China intends to build 100 nuclear reactors.

It is folly to believe that wind turbines and solar panels can replace coal and oil.  The Zion units served Chicago and the northern quarter of Illinois.  More not less energy will be needed in the years to come. Nuclear is the only sensible way to go!

Refusing to build or use existing nuclear plants here in Illinois and across this nation could result in a substantial loss of this country’s standard of living, while keeping us overly dependent on foreign countries for oil.

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