Lake Forest can rightfully boast about the uniqueness of its Gorton Community Center, located at the corner of Illinois and McKinley, which has been living up to its original mission of enriching the lives of residents through cultural arts, education and charitable services  for 37 years.

Gorton Center is unique because it does not depend on tax dollars to fund its operation. Each year Gorton’s Board of Directors solicits residents and program participants during the Annual Fund Appeal   Besides sponsoring a yearly Annual Fund campaign — donations are always welcome —  to fund Gorton Center’s many charitable, cultural and educational offerings, Gorton also receives the proceeds from events managed by two volunteer boards, the “Friends of Gorton,” which hosts a fashion show in the spring and a Small Dance for a Big Cause in June and the parents’ board of Gorton’s Drop-in Center for children which sponsors events like this year’s Octoberfest on the 10th.  Finally, Gorton generates funds to support its operating budget from lease and rental revenue.  Office space is leased to six resident charitable groups at below market rates and rented to 100 other non-profit organization on an as needed basis for meetings, events and fundraising.

Although I have been in Gorton Center many times over the years, a guided walk tour with Marty Preiss, Executive Director of Gorton Community Center, was both instructive and surprising.  My morning at Gorton was later enhanced by an interview with Alana Flatley, Director of Development.

I was informed that Gorton Center was not always a community center.  It was first a public school built in 1904.  Its name, The Gorton School, came from one who had been a long-time mayor of Lake Forest, Edward F. Gorton.  Gorton School thrived under superintendant Dr. John E. Baggett who stressed the appreciation of the arts to his students.

One of Baggett’s pet peeve objectives was that students develop good handwriting.  He even encouraged math teachers to play opera during class!   During one of  Mr. Baggett’s annual summer jaunts to Europe he always selected an art object, which he shipped back to grace the school’s hallways. One year he brought back a cast of the “Winged Victory” statue found in the Louvre in Paris, which still adorns Gorton’s second floor hallway.

Gorton School became obsolete in the late 1960’s after a larger school was built on Deer Path Road, and at which time the Lake Forest School District voted to close Gorton’s doors.  The City of Lake Forest, not wanting to demolish the abandoned Gorton School, sought individual organizations to take on the building as the empty school was becoming a hazard and expensive to maintain.

Coming up empty handed, it was a Lake Forest couple, Jackie Smith and her late husband Brooks, who in the early 1970s were instrumental in saving Gorton.  They were able to receive financial pledges from 11 organizations who agreed to utilize the Gorton School as their base of operation, thus the birth of the Gorton Community Center.   One of the early groups was the Lake Forest Symphony in which I participated as a cellist, having moved to Lake Bluff in 1972.

Filled with the colorful history of Gorton Community Center, Marty Preiss showed me the attractive front entrance of the building, completed in 2000, where visitors to Gorton Center can be dropped off.  During a facility audit in the 1990s, the need for a gracious welcoming space was recognized.  An ongoing concern of Gorton’s Board at this time was that the building had to be updated.  A later building audit showed the need for a reception area.   .

It was board member Ted Brown who donated 5 years of his time and talent for the redesign, reconstruction, and the remodeling of the Gorton Center from 1996 to 2001.  The capital campaign, “Make Room for Gorton,” raised the approximately six and a half million dollars to fund the project.

Continuing my tour of the first floor, I was shown one of Gorton’s greatest assets, its 343-seat auditorium.  Although it looks like a box, the acoustic are outstanding.  I was told how jazz pianist Ryan Cohen after a performance in the auditorium, remarked how he loved the performing area.  He thought there was no bad seat in the auditorium and expressed a desire to return.

Remarkable are the four authentic WPA murals in the auditorium which had been painted over, but which were uncovered due to the sleuth work of Gail Hodges, former Executive Director of Gorton Center.

In an addition built during the renovation on the North side of the building, with its own separate entrance, I observed the home of the Gorton Children’s Drop-In Center. Started in 1986, the idea of the Drop-in Center grew out of the conversation of a group of young mothers attending a volunteer meeting who saw the need for a licensed daycare center for their children so they could do volunteer work (good works) in the community or take a part time job.  Children brought to the Center cannot stay for more than five hours a day, but they are not limited in the number of days they can spend at the Center.  The hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Drop-in Center Director Sue Buhrmester showed me the classrooms for the three groupings of children by age:  three to five, two, and infants.  Besides Sue there are seven other teachers, and if on busy days Sue has additional teachers she can enlist. There is a yearly fee of $165 for one child and $240 for two or more children.  There is also an hourly rate charge.  Gorton Children’s Drop-in Center is available for use by parents outside of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.  Call Sue Buhrmester at 847-234-2799 or 847-234-2778 to receive an enrollment packet for The Drop-in Center.

The “Grotto,” which is located on Gorton’s lower level, provides a room for senior citizen bridge players and a room to take your favorite pooch for obedience training under the tutelage of canine expert Gee Cunningham.

A much anticipated and popular event held in the  “Grotto” every fall and spring is a dance that brings together 6th graders who are currently enrolled from all Lake Forest and Lake Bluff schools, including both public and private schools. This year’s fall season dance, now held two nights because of its popularity, will take place on Friday, Oct. 16 and Saturday Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.  Tickets are available online starting September 28th.

Next on my tour was checking out the 2nd floor, which is the home of Gorton’s Center for Nonprofit Organizations.  Gorton leases to six non-profit, charitable groups.  After stopping to admire the copy of the “Winged Victory” at the head of the 2nd floor main landing, I looked in on all six of the charitable group. They were:

  1. GLASA (Great Lake Adaptive Sports Association) provides athletic opportunities for individuals living in the Midwest who have a primary physical or visual impairment.  Noteworthy is that next year GLASA will host the week-long prestigious National Junior Disability Championship (NJDC) event in the greater Chicagoland area (
  2. Deer Path Art League is getting ready to hold its 55th nationally recognized Labor Day Weekend “Art Fair on the Square” on September 6 and 7.  Works of over 200 artists will be on display.  This is an enjoyable way to spend part of the Labor Day weekend (
  3. LEAD works to promote healthy family relationships through educational programs that alert parents to the dangers of underage consumption of alcohol, drug use and other risky behavior (
  4. Mothers Trust Foundation makes a difference to children in need of crisis to provide benefits and emergency help for children, one child at a time, in Lake County (
  5. Lake Forest Historic Preservation Foundation is dedicated to the stewardship, safeguarding and restoration of historic structures in Lake Forest (
  6. Volunteer Center, whose motto is “linking hearts and hands with community needs,” works in collaboration with 110 agencies in Lake County to find the type of volunteer job that best fits your skills and interest (

Two additional Gorton Center tenants are The Music & Movement Center ( which provides a special time for parents and children to grow and play together, and Center Stage whose next presentation “Community Capers 2009” – – described as “a musical romp through Lake Forest – Lake Bluff – and Knollwood” — will be held on October 2, 3, 4 and October 8, 9, 10.  You won’t want to miss what promises to be a humorous and entertaining stage production.

It is obvious that Gorton Center is a place you will wish to visit in the near future.   For more information an extensive 2009 Fall online Catalog ( will allow you to see a full listing of programs and event details.  Registration can be done online.

Regardless of age, Gorton Center offers pleasing activities for all.  There are also many famlly-oriented activities and events.  On Gorton’s website, you will find scheduled concerts under the heading of “Performing Arts,” as well as classes for adults and activities just for children.

Under scheduled activities for children, one upcoming event caught my attention.  The Legoland Discovery Center Workshop is coming to Gorton Center with sessions beginning on 9/11 and 10/20. Classes will be held for children age 5 to 9 and also at a more advanced level of 10 and up.  LEGO bricks are included in the cost of the class.  Nicer yet is that children will be able to take their projects home at the end of each session class.

In a call to all wine lovers, Gorton Center is asking that you reserve Saturday, Nov. 14 to attend its annual and popular Wine Tasting and Auction event, where you will join specialty wine experts for an evening of wine-tasting and hors d’oeuvres.  A silent and live auction will allow you to bid on fine and extraordinary wine and other wine-related items.

During my conversation with Gorton’s Director of Development Alana Flatley, I was informed of a recently established fund — the Martha Arquilla Piano Fund —  to raise money to purchase a beautiful, reconditioned, 7-foot Baldwin grand piano in memory of Martha Arquilla of Lake Forest. Martha began  teaching ;piano as a teenager and influenced many students as she continued to teach up until she died in 2007.  $10,000 has already been pledged, but another $6,000 is needed to acquire the reconditioned Baldwin. This concert piano will provide years of wonderful concerts on the stage of Gorton’s John E. Baggett Auditorium.

Once the $16,000 Arquilla Piano Fund goal is reached, additional fund dollars will be raised to replace the piano in Gorton Center’s Community Room.  To help the gift of music live on at Gorton, please consider donating to either of Gorton’s two piano funds by calling Alana Flatley at (847) 810-410

Because Gorton Community Center cares about the people it serves, the public has been invited to participate in focus groups to help Gorton Center develop a strategic marketing plans to identify the needs of its constituents. Your input is important.  Please plan to attend one of these three scheduled sessions:  Tuesday, Sept. 1 at 7:30 a.m.; Wednesday, Sept. 2 at 10:00 a.m.; and Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6:30 p.m.  RSVP to Alana Flatley by phone or by email:    .

You are missing out if you have not availed yourself to what Gorton Community Center has to offer.  Gorton Center serves over 180,000 Gorton users each year and benefits more than 100,000 individuals and families in a region centered on Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.  Residents of Highland Park, Deerfield, and Highwood and all surrounding areas are encouraged to participate in what Gorton Community Center has to offer.  Take the time to check out Gorton Center to see what might be of interest to you.   You won’t be disappointed.

Many  thanks to all who have contributed throughout the years to preserve the uniqueness of Gorton Community Center as a privately-funded, note-worthy institution in Lake Forest.  May this support never waver, so constituents can continue  to be enriched through the cultural arts, through educational events, and through the services offered by the six charitable and 100+ non-profit groups who lease or rent space at Gorton Community Center.

On Friday, August 28, Steve Huntley hit the mark with his Sun-Times editorial:  Dem don’t inspire trust on health care.

In his commentary Huntley wrote how the Obama administration is now projecting that the nation’s 10-year deficit will reach $9 trillion.

This figure represents a miscalculation of $2 trillion from the $7.108 trillion debt projected just a few months ago.  It is frightening to think how much more the current $9 trillion figure might escalate during the next 10-year period!

It would take 20,900 years, spending at a rate of $100 a second, to deplete $9 trillion.  It is indeed sobering and does not bode well for future generations of Americans.

The record breaking deficits have raised concerns over this nation’s ability to finance it debt and maintain a top-tier AAA credit rating.  Because the U.S. relies on China and Japan to cheaply finance its debt, both countries may demand higher interest rate if they perceive this nation cannot control its deficits.

The White House brags that it will cut the deficit in half by 2012.  Omitted is how the deficit has nearly quadrupled this year. Even if the White House were able to cut in half the bloated debt level — which is highly doubtful —  remaining would be budget deficits twice as high as under President  Bush.

Predictions have been made that the public national debt will actually nearly triple by 2019.  If this happens, this nation would have accumulated more government debt under President Obama than under EVERY President in American history from George Washington to George W. Bush combined!

At a time when the U.S. and its citizens are going through a painful time economically, with unemployment still projected to go higher, it is irresponsible for Democrats to propose a new Obamacare program that would at a minimum cost $1 trillion, piled on top of our already unsustainable entitlement obligations, when health reform can be achieved without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The Illinois Policy Institute, a nonpartisan research organization dedicated to supporting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives for a better Illinois, hosted an event featuring John Fund, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, at its 190 S. LaSalle Street headquarters on Wednesday, August 26.   John Tillman is CEO of the Institute.  Richard Lorenc is Director of Outreach.  Sixty people attended the 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. IPI event which included hors d’oeuvres and a time to meet and greet attendees before the introduction of John Fund.

Heather Wilhelm, Vice President of Marketing and Communication and organizer of the event, made introductory remarks, after which she introduced John Fund.

John Fund first told of his mixed feelings in coming to Chicago, having recently attended the funeral of his friend and mentor, Robert Novak.  John Fund was the first reporter ever hired by Evans and Novak.  Fund also credits Bob Novak for teaching him everything he knows about journalism.  Robert Novak once told John Fund “never, never, never be a partisan.”

Fund’s remarks were delivered in two parts: 1) How the Chicago Way made its way from Chicago to Washington D.C. and 2) Where are all of us today?

Relative to his first topic, Fund described Chicago as a city that makes things happen.  He went on to say that great cities attract people who want to shape and control.   Fund spoke of Chicago as being governed by the Daley Machine since 1955, which even out dates the Castro era in Cuba.  In speaking about Obama, Fund emphasized how Obama was not made to answer questions about the Chicago way of doing things, even though it was the Chicago system that Obama used to win his Illinois senate seat by knocking everyone off the ballot so he could run unopposed.

John Fund spoke of Obama as not being directly connected to the Daley Machine, but as one who collaborated with it.  Fund went on to reveal that Obama’s White House is the 51st Ward of Chicago.  David Axelrod, Rahm Emanual, Valerie Jarrett, and Arnie Duncan all have prominent positions and the mindset of the Daley Machine as loyal foot soldiers.

Obama promised to cleanse the stable of lobbyists when he went to the White House.  But did he?  The number of lobbyists has gone from 7,000 to 12,300.

Fund believes that so far Obama has avoided the worst aspects of the Daley Machine with its deep seated corruption, but feels in time this will also come.

Speaking about Obama’s fundraising, a record $700 million, Fund admits that Obama mastered the art of fundraising, but that Obama turned off the controls meant to keep track of the donations so that he could avoid knowing what was happening.

John Fund went on to tell of Obama’s connection with Saul Alinsky through his book, Rules for Radical (dedicated to the Devil)), which guided Obama when he worked as a community organizer for ACORN in Chicago.  Now Obama is attacking Americans who show up at Tea Parties and Townhall meetings as radicals, when these are the same tactics used by Obama.

According to John Fund, political struggles must have limits because we are democratic republic.  This means that rules must be followed.  To be avoided at all cost is the belief that anything goes because the ends justify the means.

John Fund started the second part of his remarks, Where are we today?, by reminding those assembled of a statement made by of Rahm Emanual that was published in the WSJ early on in the Obama administration.  Emanual admitted to an economic slowdown, then went on say that the economic down turn was too good to waste.  John Fund did not have positive things to say about Obama’s solutions to this nation’s problems during his first six months,  “They definitely are not working,” said Fund.

John Fund brought up Ronald Reagan to relate to his audience that the Republican Party was worse off in 1977 than it is now and that Republicans must not give up hope.   Fund explained that liberals only win when two things happen in this country:  1) a candidate campaigns as a moderate when he is a liberal and 2) a candidate is successful at blaming the last administration.  What has happened today is that institutional liberalism has taken hold of the government.  People are becoming upset and angry, making them more willing to listen and pay attention.

Fund described where we are today in terms of 16 year cycles.  According to these cycles, now is the time for Republicans to win.  In 1977 many lost hope that Republicans could ever win again; in 1993 Republican were hopeful that they could win; now 16 years later in 2009 Republicans CAN win.

John Fund went on to describe the “Greatest Generation” as being only the greatest until the next one comes along.  Fund likewise attached a cycle of 75 years to the emergence of each greatest generation:  American Revolution; the Civil War; World War II; and today’s generation as it rises up to keep America free and big government in check.

A question and answer period followed led by Kristina Rasmussen, Executive Vice President of the Illinois Policy Institute.

Some noteworthy remarks made by John Fund were:

  • John Fund supports community organizers whether they come from the left or the right.  Fund feels that passion and intensity are now on the right.
  • Regarding health insurance, Fund is in favor of being able to buy insurance on the internet, going across state lines, to find insurance people can afford that is also portable.  Fund related how Obama was against all health insurance reform when a member of the U.S. Senate.  In Fund’s word:  “We do need health insurance reform, but we don’t need a government takeover.”
  • In a question relating to low turnouts at election time, Fund attributed this to the fact that in most instances not all that much happens in the change from one administration and another.  People instead are Involved in the business of living.  People respond when there is a threat, as they presently are, when the changes are too drastic and they appear to be forever.
  • To a questioner who asked Fund who the “elephant” was to lead Republicans out of this mess, Fund referred to the question as the wrong question.  Fund then related how Democrats like a good fight, but that Republican tend to select the next person in line. To John Fund this Republican practice seems at odds with the Republican philosophy of competition and individualism.
  • In responding about today’s political leaders, John Fund indicated that politics is far too important to be left to the politicians of today, that the American people must not accept the hand-me-downs by the higher ups, and that the American people can make a difference.  Fund feels that competition is good for the Republican Party.

Somewhat of a surprise to me was when John Fund described himself as neither a Republican or a Democrats, but as a radical, because he believes at getting to the root of the problem.  On second thought, isn’t this what a respected journalist should do?

In her closing remarks, Kristina Rasmussen drew attention to the the Institute’s Liberty Leaders program which is looking for volunteers who are united by a commitment to protect and promote liberty in Illinois.  The Liberty Leader’s program has now grown to 600 individuals who support the market principles and the liberty-based public policy initiatives of the Illinois Policy Institute for a better Illinois.

To learn more about the Illinois Policy Institute, its Chicago Office can be reached at 312-346-5700, Fax 312-346-5755 or email CEO John Tilmam at

EPA on wrong track

August 27, 2009

As one who is not hesitant to be labeled as a global warming skeptic, I read Jim Tankersley Tribune article of Tuesday, August 25 with much interest: Chamber of Commerce seeks climate change trial.

For the EPA to refuse a call by the Chamber of Commerce Business lobby to put the science of global warming on trial, shows a refusal by the EPA to examine facts other those they perceive as truth.   Instead, the EPA wants none of it and calls any public hearing a waste of time, based upon their theory that the science is settled and that their conclusions are based “on the soundest peer-reviewed science available.”

It is beyond belief that the EPA has not been privy to the conclusions of prominent scientist who dispute the idea that global warming is a threat to human health and welfare.

  • A team of 6 prominent atmospheric scientists in an open letter sent to Congress on Wednesday, July 1, concluded that Congress is being deceived about global warming as the Earth has been cooling for ten years.  Also stated was that climate alarmism pays well as alarmists are profiting from their activism to the tune of billions of dollars.
  • At the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change held in New York from March 8 – 10, sponsored by Chicago-based Heartland Institute, the presenters, among the elite in the world among climate scientists, rejected “the alarmist assertion that global warming has put the Earth in crisis and is caused primarily by mankind.
  • Astronomers Dr. William Livingston and Dr. Matthew Penn, as well as many other solar physicists, feel that we are in for a period of global cooling because of the lack of sunspot activity.  The same lull of solar activity was observed during a period in Europe from 1645 to 17l5, at which time Europe experienced low temperatures which became know as the “Little Ice Age.”
  • It is ill-advised and incorrect for the EPA to call carbon dioxide a pollutant.  It is a friendly trace gas necessary for all life.  Additionally, CO2 levels used to be much higher many times in the past,

Climate change happens alll the time.  There has been no increase in extreme weather, in fact, records show the exact opposite.

The sky is not falling!  The “Cap and Trade” legislation which Democrats are pushing would cripple the U.S. economy, putting this nation at a disadvantage compared to our competitors.

August 21:  There was a lot of buzz going on at Republican Day at the Illinois state fair on Thursday, August 20.  William Kelly spoke to the GOP County Chairman’s breakfast regarding a run for Illinois state comptroller.  All signs are pointing to “GO” with Kelly’s temporary website and campaign blog up at

While at the Illinois state fair, Kelly gave a media update on his $20K Boxing Challenge to U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias.  William Kelly has been negotiating with the Giannoulias campaign who demanded proof of Kelly’s $20K commitment to Mercy Holmes for Boys and Girls.  Kelly was able to produce proof that the funds were available, but the Giannoulias campaign is still stalling, seemingly hedging on a $20K donation for needy kids. 

Kelly says that Alexi may have earned the moniker of Alexi “Chicken” Giannoulias.  As of now Kelly is still waiting to hear a final decision from the Giannoulias campaign.  William Kelly has advised all to stay tuned.

William Kelly’s has a  new blog for conservatives at   It is meant to serve as an inspirational focus, a blueprint for the political future yet to come.  In his blog Kelly talks about Ronald Reagan as the 1st true GOP daredevil and how it is time once again for true GOP daredevil-ism. 

Speaking of daredevils, host William Kelly of Sportsaholic on Comcast Sportsnet, flew, dove, and soared with the Lima Lima Flight Crew on his late Thursday night 12:30 a.m. Sportsaholic TV series on August 20.   It you consider yourself a GOP daredevil, you must definitely watch William Kelly at work.  Visit for show information.

Honoring Robert Novak

August 20, 2009

Tears came to my eyes when I saw the cartoon tribute to Robert Novak drawn by Jack Higgins in the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday, August 8/19.   Higgins’ caption, “The Write Stuff,” aptly described the impact of Novak’s many commentaries throughout his long association with the Sun-Times.

Robert Novak was respected on both sides of the political spectrum as a good and honest man.  As a conservative, Novak did influence my thinking.   His many appearances on “Crossfire” and  “The McLaughlin’s Group” gave conservatives like me a voice on television when there was virtually no alternative to the main stream media. 

Few have reported on American politics for more than five decades, covering eight presidents, 23 Congressional elections and state and countless local elections and issues, as did Robert Novak.

Although often called “The Prince of Darkness”, Novak brought light to many.  In his 50 years of reporting, Novak’s way was to get the story straight from the source. 

Robert Novak was also a man of great faith and blessed with a good family.  He lived a good and productive his 78 years.   Novak will be missed, but his stellar reputation will live on.

Refusing to toe the line

August 20, 2009

It is pathetic that citizens are being asked to snitch or rat out their fellow citizens over concerns about the Obama Administration’s and the Democrats-in-Congress’ attempt to socialize our whole country!  Fortunately the public has been catching on to the rush to the far Left and is becoming more than disenchanted by Hopey-Changey. 

Medicaid is bankrupt; Medicare is heading that way, ditto Social Security, and yet the Obama administration wants us to let government handle this nation’s health care, auto industry, and financial institutions?  
Doesn’t the 10th Amendment to the Constitution limit the powers of the Federal Government?  The Obama administration and congressional leaders should try reading it sometime.
It was called the highest form of patriotism during the Bush administration for Democrats to protest and blast Bush’s policies and decisions. Now that President Obama is in office, questions about health care reform have morphed from expressions of patriotism to mob action by Republicans directed by special interest.  In truth, town-hall attendees are ordinary citizens expressing their concerns to legislators who are suppose to work to make their lives better and not those of  their own. As such the offices held by the legislators are honored, but legislators need to be held responsible when they become part of the problem.
Tim Phillips of the Americans for Prosperity Foundation has this to say about the mob action accusations on the Left:  “In the face of the Obama Administration, Pelosi, Reid and their liberal friends vilifying us as ‘un-American,’  ‘evil-mongers,’  ‘astroturf,’ ‘mobs’ and worse — the American people are taking our side against these political elites.”   
Most revealing and reflective of those expressing town hall meeting concerns was this comment made by Katy Abrams, mother of two, during one of Sen. Arlen Specter’s, D-Pa., early health care town halls in Lebanon, Pa.:  “I don’t believe this is just about health care.  It’s not about TARP.  It’s not about left and right.  This is about the systematic dismantling of this country.  I’m only 35 years-old.  I’ve never been interested in politics.  You have awakened the sleeping giant.” 
Conn Carroll goes on to say in his Heritage Foundation blog posting:  “Abrams is dead on.  Our federal government has long been drifting away from the limited government principles first envisioned by our founders.   But over the past eleven months, that drift has turned into an all our sprint towards an undemocratic, technocratic, leviathan state – a type of government that our Constitution was specifically designed to prevent.” 

There is some encouraging news from a USA Today/Gallup poll about the impact of the nationwide town hall rallies. One-thousand adults were surveyed.  Thirty-four percent said the demonstrators (you and me) have made them more sympathetic to the protesters’ views . Only 21 percent said the protests made them less sympathetic. Most importantly, independents by a 2-1 margin say they are more sympathetic to the protesters. 
In the meantime, I will not take it any more, nor will millions of Americans!  I refuse to cower and to stay silent when the very foundation of the nation I love and honor is being destroyed.  A health-care takeover would be a disaster for American families and our nation.
Readers of the Lake County Journal must do their part. You can make a difference by making your voices heard at town meetings and through telephone calls to Senators Durbin and Burris and your congressman. 
There is need for health-care reform, but it would be disastrous to throw the baby out with the bathwater!
It is well to remember that socialism has never succeeded whenever and wherever it has been tried in the world.

I read with interest your 8/12 account by Martin Zimmerman of Tribune Newspapers about the Chevy Volt plug-in electric car due in showrooms late next year, which would have the highest efficiency rating of any car at 230 MPG in city driving:  GM delivers a jolt with Volt. 
Four times more fuel-efficient than the Toyota Prius hybrid, the Volt would cost almost twice as much  at $40,000.
Will the cost of the Chevy Volt deter Americans from buying the car in 2010 given its limited mileage before the battery pack needs recharging?  A fully powered battery pack will take the car 40 miles, after which a small gas-powered engine will kick in to provide another 260 miles — a total range of 300 miles —  at which time the car battery will require another 8-hour charging period.   
Although the idea of an electric car sounds inviting, there are some other considerations.  Foremost among them is where does electricity come from?  Electric cars do require electricity to charge their batteries.  Presently coal burning plants produce much of this nation’s electricity. 
Also to be considered is that lithium-ion batteries are very expensive and require replacement after a few years.  Then there is the storage problem after the lithium-ion batteries are replaced because of the chemical toxins found in them.  What to do with them?  Yucca Mountain is now off limits to store spent nuclear fuel rods.  
And why are plug in cars being encouraged?  It is all based on the theory that man is causing the world’s temperature to rise. 
There is no lack of information about the hoax that is global warming.  It is fact that the earth has not gotten warmer during the last ten years.  Regarding July 2009 temperature for the contiguous United States, NOAA (National Climatic Data Center) reported average July temperatures of 0.8 degrees F below the 20th century average based on records going back to 1895.
With the present aversion to nuclear power and oil — which this nation has plenty of — future years might see a shortage of electricity with regular period of blackout making electric cars inoperable at such times.  If electric cars do represent the wave of the future, let’s make sure that this nation’s energy needs are sufficient by drilling for oil and building new nuclear power plants.  
Solar and wind are poor substitutes for the real thing!  There would be little interest in investing in either without the huge subsidies offered by state and federal governments to encourage the development of wind and solar energy

The big media announcement this morning is that Obama is backing off the public option as part of a new health care system in a bow to political reality. Such was the impression given by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on the Sunday talk shows. 

What raised my suspicion as to the total rejection of a public plan to compete with private insurance were remarks I heard made by Sebelius on CNN’s “State of the Union” and Gibbs on CBS “Face the Nation.”  Both concluded that although the government insurance option is not essential, keeping insurance affordable is. 

Sibelius further stated on CBS that the whole new marketplace can’t be turned over to insurance companies because they can’t be trusted to do the right thing.  Gibbs further clarified his position on CBS by expressing a need for choice and competition in the insurance market.  Gibbs further went on the say that President Obama still believes that the government plan is the best way to provide choice and competition.

Does this sound like the Obama administration has nixed the idea of a public option in its health care overhaul?

Gibbs did leave room on his CBS appearance for other options that would provide choice and competition.  Among one option under consideration are cooperatives.  

The mention of cooperatives triggered in my mind a Morning Bell Heritage Foundation report posted by Conn Caroll on August 6. In his post, Don’t Let Co-ops Become a Trojan Horse, Caroll has this to say: 


“But, don’t be fooled; Burkean little platoons are not what the Obama Administration and its allies in Congress have in mind.  In liberal Washington today, leaders such as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), are talking up co-ops that would be:
  • Run by the government, preferably thefederal government
  • Funded or subsidized by the government, or
  • Includes plans chosen by the government.”

Caroll goes on to say,

“a co-op with any of these three features is obviously unacceptable.  A real co-op is:
  • Run by its members,
  • Funded by its members and other private sources, and
  • Controlled by its members.”
Will leading legislators have in mind the right type of co-ops?

The proof is in the pudding.  I believe the American people have every right to be skeptical as to any abandonment of the public option, as a government-run health care system has long been a dream of the Democratic Party. 

Are Democrats going to abandon enacting their dream now that they control the White House, Congress, and perhaps soon the Supreme Court?
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Recently the Illinois Review had an article about Jim Dodge, handpicked by the RINOs, as a Republican candidate for comptroller.  The article mentions July Topinka, but not William Kelly.  If Dodge runs, he’ll help split the anti-Topinka vote, helping Topinks win the primary in February of 2010.

The Kelly campaign called out Jim Dodge on the Illinois Review website by referring to him as “Judy Baar Dodge”.  According to William Kelly, he is the only conservative in the race.   Judy Topinka is deathly afraid of Senate Bill 600 and the idea that committeemen would be elected instead of appointed by party officials, which could lay the ground work for a new conservative Republican party in Illinois.

About up and coming events:  Things are heating up with William Kelly’s $20K Boxing Challenge for Charity against Illinois Treasurer-turned U.S. Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulias.  LA Boxing has agreed to put up more cash.  Negotiations are now wrapping up for the bout at the Mercy Ringside event to benefit the Mercy Homes for Boys and Girls. 

At a press conference on Friday, August 7, Kelly officially announced his $20K challenge to Giannoulias and began his training with U.S. Olympic boxer Tim Skolnik, who was part of the heavyweight boxing team at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

This video clip shows Kelly’s announcement to challenge Giannoulias to the $20K Boxing Challenge for Charity.

William Kelly’s TV show, “Sportsaholic”, seen on Comcast Sportsnet every Thursday evening at 12:30 a.m. and repeated Sunday evening at the same time,  covered Bill Kelly’s training on Thursday, August 13, and his official challenge to Giannoulias.

Here is how the show was described:  TONIGHT ON SPORTSAHOLIC ON COMCAST SPORTSNET:  “Prepare yourself Sportsholics! For the fight of the century!!  Tonight populist folk hero William Kelly challenges Illinois Treasurer turned U.S. Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias to a winner take all 20k boxing bout for charity.  Will Alexi have the guts to accept?  The pressure is on as Bill trains with Olympic boxer Tim Skolnik.  You never know what to expect next on your crash course in sports reality.  William Kelly’s Sportsholic! re-airs Sunday.”

You can read Bill’s blog at, follow him at williamjkelly/twitter and sign-up to be a Facebook friend.  Bill Kelly is definitely a candidate to watch.  He is someone who has beliefs, personality, charisma and he isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.