Disregard 9/12, D.C. rally at your own peril!

September 16, 2009

As one who answered the call to attend the 9/12 Washington event, I can speak first-hand about the awesome and inspiring occasion, not as a crackpot or one harboring paranoid delusions, but as a well informed American citizen who demonstrated peacefully to let President Obama and Congress know that either they start listening or they should be ready to pack their bags.  For Americans didn’t elect a president or legislators to rule over them, nor will they accept being ruled over.

I am still appalled at the lack of mainstream media attention given the mass assembly of patriots who gathered at their own expense to share their grievances with President Obama and Congress.  The gathering was not insignificant, yet the media chose to report it as such, greatly under estimating attendance figures which the London Mail reported as “up  to two million.”

The 9/12 rally was not Democrat, Republican, white or a black  It was an American thing, yet we who gathered in D.C. are being told to sit down and shut up while our nation is being taken down a path that is not consistent with this nation’s Constitution.

Neither party is innocent of the problems that brought up to two million people to Washington, D.C.  Should legislators on both side of the aisle ignore the 9/12 D.C. mass grassroots gathering, they do so at their own peril.

The D.C. message was loud and clear:  This is not a game.  It is time to restore fiscal and personal responsibility, limited government, and let the free market work.

We will not allow government to take our liberty away to give us dependency which is the opposite of freedom.  Neither will we allow our voices to go quietly into the night.  Republican Party leaders who think otherwise have not yet figured out that conservatism activism wins elections.

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