An assembly of patriots: My 9/12, D.C. experience

September 17, 2009

As one who answered the call to attend the 9/12 protest in Washington, D.C., I was astonished to find that the MSM had given so little attention to the mass gathering of American patriots who gathered, at their own expense, to show their displeasure to President Obama and the Congress. It was not a Democrat, Republican, white or black thing.  It was an American thing.

CNN had the audacity to report that the event was poorly attended and without significance, placing the attendance at 2,000 angry protesters.  ABC placed the crowd estimate at 60,000 to 70,000.  It took a report in the London Daily Mail to state what seems closer to the truth as to the enormity of the rally I experienced first hand, where the participants stretched as far as my eyes could see:  “Up to two million march to US capitol to protest against Obama’s spending in ‘tea-party’ demonstration.”

Traveling to D.C. to participate in the rally with a friend from Libertyville was an awesome experience for me.  Attending the 2009 D.C. march and rally were American patriots from every state in the Union, including Hawaii and Alaska.  We were informed that for those unable to attend the 9/12 Washington Tea Party event, 200 tea-party were being held in tandem across the nation in 45 states.

The mass assembly of individuals that descended on Washington, flooded Washington, and that rocked Washington was truly an “Assembly of Patriots,”  whose purpose it was to bring this message to everyone of our politicians in Washington, D.C.  Either start listening to us or pack your bags.  As Americans we didn’t elect you to rule over us, and we will not accept being ruled over.  And as Americans we will not go away quietly into the night.

Over 450 buses entered Washington, D.C. on the morning of 9/12.  It was impossible to travel the subway or walk the streets without spotting fellow patriots, most with homemade sign, and often dressed in patriotic attire.

To me the most memorable happening was my arrival at Freedom Square on Saturday morning, where I was able to mingle and greet participants from all over this country, and then march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol from Freedom Square.  Holding homemade signs held high, wave after wave of participants made their way up Pennsylvania Avenue with pride and in a peaceful procession which eventually filled the west lawn of the Capitol and then spilled onto the National Mall.

Arriving on the west lawn of the Capitol, with the steps of the Capitol directly in front on me, I listened reverently to the speakers as they expressed what was in the minds of those gathered, be they young or old.  Sentiments expressed by the speakers covered many grievances besides the tax and spend issue:

  • This is not a game.  It is time to restore fiscal responsibility and limited government and let the free market work.
  • We come in peace because we own this Dome and will be rearranging the furniture very shortly.
  • The government is not God and we will not bow down to an earthly king.
  • We don’t receive our freedom from Democrats or Republicans or from the government, but from our Creator.
  • Legislators have forgotten that we are not their servants, but that they serve us.
  • Obama’s prophesy has finally come true.  He prophesied for hope and change never realizing that “We the People” here today stand for hope and change.
  • Americans have a right to hold their heads up high, while there are those who go around the world apologizing for past actions, for American stands alone as an exceptional nation blessed by God.
  • Message sent to both parties that neither party is innocent of the problems that brought us here.
  • Government can take our liberty away, even though our liberty is not given by government.  Instead government gives us dependency which is the exact opposite of freedom.
  • We must be willing to protect our country using any means necessary.
  • In this “We the People” revolution, we must redefine our principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and going back to our Constitutional roots — as a living legacy to our children — so that we will never lose our heritage of a free republic.
  • We were told to sit down and shut up.  We say, not in this lifetime will we back down in the defense of freedom. The legislators chose to ignore our voices, so we must speak louder.
  • We stand here for liberty and freedom and against spending money to feed our over stuffed government.

I came home fired up with the assurance that there are millions of Americans like me who refuse to go quietly into the night while their country is being taken down a path that is not consistent with this nation’s Constitution.

Although it is impossible to foretell whether the D.C. 9/12 march and rally was a day that will come to represent a new beginning for “We the People”, it was an event that should legislators ignore, they ignore at their own peril.  For whether or not the mainstream media chose to truthfully cover the event, there are now millions of American patriots at the grassroots level all across this nation who will continue to let there legislators know in no uncertain terms that “We want our country back” and that “You serve us and not the other way around.”

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