Questioning Obama’s Defense Commitment (Scrapping of Missile Defense Shield)

September 25, 2009

What was President Obama thinking on Thursday, Sept. 17, when he scrapped plans for basing elements of the defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic in favor of a smaller system to shot down medium-range Iranian missiles.  Russia’s Vladimir Putin opposed the defense shield, pressured Obama to scrap the plan, and then praised Obama for his correct and brave move.

The real story is that the U.S. has abandoned E. Europe, especially undercutting our two allies, Poland and the Czech Republic, who stood steadfastly by the U.S. in supplying troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  The missile sites in Poland and Czechoslovakia were never a threat to Russia.  Their purpose was to protect Europe and the west coast of the U.S., while the smaller system will only protect Europe.

After casting its lot with the West, all of E. Europe is now subject to pressure from Russia.   It was only a year ago that Georgia was invaded by Russia.

What makes Obama’s decision all the more unreasonable is that its announcement came on the same day as the 70-year anniversary of Poland’s invasion in1939 by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

What would prompt President Obama to scuttle the Bush-era missile defense plan when there is not a shred of evidence that Russia plans to side with the U.S. to put stiffer sanctions on Iran either under or above the table?  Could it be that President Obama and his top aides never believed in missile defense?  Might the Obama Administration be eager to prove that by giving in to Russia and other tyrants and rogue leaders that these nations will be more willing to do the bidding of the U.S?

Putin failed to signal a greater cooperation with the U.S. when on the day after Obama’s 9/17 decision he announced that he would listen more “attentively” to President Obama.

Obama’s announcement to scrap the defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic comes on the heels of an International Atomic Energy Agency report that Iran has sufficient enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. Japan and South Korea, feeling vulnerable to future attacks, are especially concerned about Iran’s missile development.

Just as Nikita Khrushchev considered JFK a lightweight in foreign policy which led to the Cuba missile crisis and the Berlin Wall, Obama’s preemptive capitulation sends a signal of American weakness all over the world and a retreat from our power and influence.

It is obvious that President Obama is absent from duty on defense issues while he pushes for Obamacare.  Both hint at destruction.  The former places this nation in grave physical danger from attacks from abroad, while the latter would drain our financial resources with results that would prove undesirable to most Americans.

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