Illinois citizens now have a transparency tool!

December 20, 2009

Why is transparency such a powerful tool?  It cannot be refuted that spending in Illinois is out of control.  Citizens in the past were at a loss to understand how government spends their tax dollars so their elected officials could be held responsible.

The Illinois Policy Institute recently developed a comprehensive tool to allow citizens and the media to look at the details of state spending down to the agency, person, and penny. is an easy-to-understand and user-friendly website.  It functions as an online X-ray machine into details of state spending such as Payroll Date, Checks to Businesses and People, and Retiree Pensions, all complied through the Freedom of Information Act.

The purpose of the Illinois Policy Institutes website is not to find a smoking gun.  It is to put a spotlight on wasteful spedning and to heed the calls for urgent and meaningful reforms.

Transparency, however, is not a panacea.  It will not end bad practices or unnecessary spending., however, is a powerful tool to force legislators to think about how dollars are being spent while Illinois citizens and the media monitor as vigilant watch dogs.

Is there any reason why the Illinois state government spent $8,875 on “bird testing,” $20,692.24 on “subscriptions” for the Governor’s office, $2,822 on hot sauce and $280 on soy crayons?  It is your tax money at work!

All should be outraged that your money is being spent in such frivolous ways.  Demand action through learning the truth at

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