The Trib strikes a home run!

December 26, 2009

As the Chicago Tribune stated so well in its editorial of Thursday, Dec. 24, Ubi Est Mea?, the notion of health care reform is  only a pretense given all the “seedy backroom deals” cut to to win the votes of all 60 Democrat senators.

The Senate’s “historic” health care reform bill passed the house early on Christmas Eve morning.  There after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reed proclaimed that its version of health care reform will bring to all Americans “an earful of wonderment and happiness.”

Already the American Medical Association (It’s has been estimated that as few as 17% of doctors belong to the AMA.), is demanding that the bill needs fixing to stop medical payment boards from meddling with doctors’ decisions.

The elderly will be hit especially hard if the AMA fails to win the above concession in the reconciling of the House and Senate bill.  Rationing of medical care will start immediately upon enactment of the legislation.  The elderly will visit their doctors and suddenly be told “no” when asking for therapies or treatment.

Young people will also be penalized under the Democrat’s version of healthcare.  They will have to start writing $750 annual checks to Washington to pay for the fines written into the bill if they do not purchase health insurance.

And why should young people buy private health insurance when current legislation requires that health insurers take all who apply and not raise rates based on pre-existing conditions?  Most young people will prefer to pay the relatively small fine rather than what a health care policy would cost.  If and when young people should need coverage they can buy into it immediately, resulting in all Americans seeing an increase in their insurance premiums.

The Democrats are trying to sell health care reform as a right.  In truth, the constitutionality of requiring every American to buy health insurance is already an issue that is gaining traction and is bound to be explored as the debate over health care reform continues.

The President and his allies genuinely believes that the way to control health care cost, improve lives, and extend life spans is dependent upon the government’s control over health care.

How wrong they are!  One only has to look to England and Canada to see that access to a government program is not access to health care.   Both nations routinely ration care based on cost.  Long waiting lines for care also exist.  Most importantly, neither nation has managed to control health care costs as were promise.

Somehow Democrats feel that they can legislate what would morph in time into a government health care system where other countries have failed.  Soon enough the American people will be able to ration the terms of elected officials who are seeking to impose upon the American people that which a majority of them are opposed to — a government-run health care system under the guise of reform.

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