C.J. Ford protesting outside Kirk’s office

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Grassroots efforts are very much in evidence among candidates who have not been endorsed by and flooded with money to advance their campaigns.  On Saturday, January 30th, I walked for Dan Sugrue, a Republican State Congressional candidate for the 59th District who, because of his conservatives views, is not supported by the “Establishment,” including Lake County Chair, Dan Venturi.

The day before I helped spread the word about Arie Friedman, M.D., who has the qualifications and the dedication to serve the 10th District as their Congressman.  In both cases, Sugrue and Friedman are working on their own with the help of volunteers to get the word out to Republican voters.  They are both fine, dedicated, ethical, and conservative Republican candidates who would serve their constituents well.

A noteworthy grassroots effort was in process during my Saturday campaigning for Dan Sugrue   C.J. Ford, a Cook County patriot, didn’t wait for others to tell him what to do. His action should be a lesson to all who are disgusted with politics at both the state and the national level and who find the status quo unacceptable.

C.J. Ford wasn’t content to just sit and complain.  Instead, he was out in front of Kirk’s Northbrook office (in between Shermer & Dundee Roads on Waukegan) actively protesting the candidacy of Mark Kirk for Senate from 12 noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, January 30th and 31st.  C.J. is also a big supporter of Arie Friedman for the 10th Congressional District.

C.J. Ford went even further to get his word out about the want-to-be senator, Mark Kirk, by writing this letter to Glenn Beck in the hope that somehow his grassroots action will be recognized and promoted on Beck’s afternoon TV show.  The youtube video included is not new.  Sarah Palin has long come and gone from Chicago without endorsing Kirk, but it does display Kirk’s air of arrogance and his less than enthusiastic response about Glenn Beck.


I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but I caught it just a few minutes ago and thought you might be interested.  Apparently, Mark Kirk isn’t too high on your fan list.


I am doing my best to take the Patrick Hughes campaign to Mark Kirk and those along the North Shore of Chicago.  Please find the attached photo of me campaigning for Patrick Hughes and Dan Proft (gubernatorial candidate) outside one of Kirk’s offices today.  Mr. Kirk actually nodded to me while leaving his office.  The next time I see him, I may just have to ask for his campaign concession.

As far as I’m concerned, Patrick Hughes is the only true Republican in the Illinois Senatorial election.  Based on what I saw today, I think Hughes may just pull it out with 1/10th the campaign money as Kirk.  Now, that’s grass roots!

All the best,

Hopefully C.J. Ford will get the attention of Glenn Beck so his efforts will not go unnoticed nationally and especially here in Illinois.

I was more than astonished when the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday, January 30th, in publishing how U.S. Senate candidates stood on issues, noted that Mark Kirk opposes gay marriage and supports the Defense of Marriage Act.  This certainly is not the real Mark Kirk!  How shameful of Kirk to deny his record as he attempts to appeal to Republican Base Voters!  I was not fooled.

Mark Kirk is like a leopard who cannot change his spots.   Try as he might, the spots are not possible to remove.  Mark Kirk is only fooling himself.  If Kirk is willing to deceive the public on issues that are important to many, can his present rhetoric be trusted which at best is misleading?

The Chicago Tea Party and Polish President, Lech Walesa, endorse “Adam” for Governor

As a Patrick Hughes for Senate supporter, I traveled by train with other Lake Forest women to attend a Tea Party Rally, not realizing that the Friday, January 29th, 2:30 p.m. Tea Party Rally at the Federal Dirksen Plaza in Chicago was sponsored by The Chicago Tea Party, headed by Catherina Wojtowicz, to endorse Adam Andrzejewski for Governor.

With my Patrick Hughes sign held high I entered the Dirksen Plaza, only to be greeted by Andrzejewsi signs surrounding a speaker platform and sound system. Although I knew that Solidarity Leader and Polish President Lech Walesa — winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 — was to endorse Adam at the Rally, I subsequently learned that prior to Walesa’s appearance at the Rally he had made remarks on behalf of Adam at a fundraising luncheon held at the Union Club of Chicago.

Unfortunately the cold weather limited the attendance at the Rally. As one of 100 patriots who braved the cold, I was not disappointed. Early on there was plenty of “red meat” to be heard. Rally participants were urged to vote and support candidates who will take our nation back.  That government has decided that it knows better than we do, not caring about what the people think.  How in the recent State of the Union Speech Obama suggested that the American people just didn’t get it.  How we have been listening for 11 months, we know what Obama wants, and we don’t like it.  How we should all be disgusted about politics in Chicago and the tricks being played.

The Chicago Tea Party leader, Catherina Wojtowicz, related how we were told early on to give Obama a chance. She expressed with conviction that “the Lord is moving mountains and it has started” (in looking ahead to wins in next week’s Primary Election). Catherina described the Tea Party Movement as “a way back to build a party that represents the people of Illinois” and how Tea Party members believe in reducing taxes, reducing the size of government, fiscal responsibility, and understanding the original Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers.

As Catherina Wojtowicz later wrote me, “It was just 20+ years earlier, on another cold, but not as cold November day, that I stood in the Daley Plaza to hear the “friends of the pope…the electrician from Popowo who was working in the Lenin Shipyards and said NO…”   Ms. Wojtowicz , an immigration product (Irish and Polish), also informed me that she was “raised in the 80’s when the names Pope JPII, Bobby Sands and Lech Walesa were spoken with reverence and respect — they were men of freedom — and to think one of them, Lech Walesa, came back to America — Chicago — to stand for us is AMAZING.”

Unfamiliar speakers included Tom Weber from the 9/12 Group, Rockford Tea Party leader David Hale, and John C.A. Bambenek, Principal Author of “The Putback Amendment.” Mr. Bambenek, was greeted enthusiastically upon enumerating the reforms proposed in his Amendment for Springfield.  They were: Term Limits; Ending Gerrymandering; Reforming Legislative Compensation; 7-Day Public Viewing of Legislation; Protects Individual and Independent Legislators; and Unicameral with 3-Member Districts.     http://www.putbackamendment.com

Two speakers known to me were (1) Don Costella, Republican Chair of Vernon Township in Lake County who is in the running to replace Dan Venturi as Lake County Chair of the Republican Party.  Don was introduced to the group as one who is fighting to reform the Republican Party in Illinois; he has endorsed Adam and is actively working to elect him and (2) Bruno Behren, who was an early supporter of Adam and who serves as a campaign manager.

Knowing that my Senate candidate of choice, Patrick Hughes, was scheduled to speak at the Rally, I was pleased when Patrick mounted the stage to enlist the support of those gathered.  I was rather surprised when Judge Donald Lowery made a similar passionate appeal for votes, since Hughes and Lowery are competing for the same conservative Republican voters.

There was great excitement when announced that the car carrying Adam Andrzejewski and Lech Walesa was approaching Federal Plaza.  Accompanying Adam and Lech Walesa was Mieczyslaw Gil, the co-founder of Solidarity with Mr. Walesa.   Walesa and Gil  had traveled from Poland to Chicago for the express purpose of supporting Adam in his candidacy for governor.  As Adam later remarked, “This is the first time Lech Walesa has come to America in support of a candidate.”

Lech Walesa’s remarks were brief..  As interpreted by a translation:  “I like to stand behind the victor.  I wish you success, and if you succeed I’ll show up again.”

It was then time for Adam to speak. Among his remarks:  “The problem in Illinois is jobs, jobs, jobs, followed by unethical behavior. . . .Real reform requires a new generation of leadership. . . . Just 30 years ago reform was brought to Poland by Lech Walesa.”  Adam described himself as one outsider running against five insiders.  Adam also spoke of this election as one where the Republican leadership is attempting to pick the candidates, rather than allowing the voters to decide.

Often asked by Adam during his months of campaigning:  “Do you feel that Illinois is running well?”  The answer to the question was obvious to all.  If answered truthfully, most Illinoisans would arrive at the same conclusion – a resounding NO!  Illinois needs new leadership.  The status quo is unacceptable.

Credit goes to the media for showing up to cover the The Chicago Tea Party event with TV cameras and reporters.   Unfortunately  there was no coverage of the event that I could observe the morning after in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Herald, or the Lake County News-Sun.

This was unacceptable to me.  To have Freedom Fighter Lech Walesa ignored says much about  the bias found in  media.  Could it be that the news media,  in its support of Andy McKenna for governor, were not about to spotlight Adam in his bid for the governorship?

There is no question in my mind that Arie Friedman, M.D., is highly qualified to win the Congressional seat now held by Mark Kirk in the 10th U.S. Congressional District.  His credentials are threefold as a Pediatrician, Desert Storm Pilot and Small Businessman.

Dr. Friedman’s reason for entering politics, similar to when  he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, are noble and beyond reproach.  Unlike many candidates who seek power and recognition, Arie does not seek fame for himself.  His motivation, in both cases, was a desire to serve his country.

Leaving his medical practice, if elected, to serve in the U.S. Congress was not an easy choice for Arie Friedman to make, a family man who lives in Highland Park with his wife and five children. Certainly Dr. Friedman would not benefit financially, but Arie’s concern about the direction of this nation made his decision the right thing to do.  It was a way Arie could once again serve his country, both as a doctor concerned about the Democrat’s healthcare reform legislation, and as a military veteran who believes in the military and in letting it do what it is trained to do.  Arie frowns upon those who are not willing to admit that this nation is at war.

As a medical  doctor, Arie Friedman would add much to Congress with his expertise in the medical field.  Dr. Friedman’s thoughts on health care reform are detailed and are based on his every day medical experiences and with his interactions with other doctors.  Arie has gained the respect of physicians across his 10th Congressional District.

Arie Friedman, M.D. was a late comer to the 10th District Congressional race.   His is largely a grassroots level campaign. which involves hosting house meetings, participating in Town Hall meetings, talking with pedestrians on the street and in places of business, knocking on doors, and raising money from many small donors.  Even so Dr. Friedman’s campaign is making inroads against candidates Elizabeth Coulson and Robert Dold, both of whom are spending vast amounts of money for TV advertising and mailings.  Although Arie Friedman can’t compete with Coulson and Dold, his radio ads on WLS, WIND, and Russian radio are reaching core Republican voters who value Arie’s commitment to serve, his qualifications, and his conservative Republican message.

Dr. Friedman, who is a dynamo of energy and enthusiasm in his people contacts, recently held two grassroots events.

On Wednesday, January 27, from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Arie Friedman campaigned with Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran at the Waukegan Metra Station.  From there Dr. Friedman and Sheriff Curran went on to greet people at the Lake County Municipal Building in Waukegan.

The second grassroots event was closer to home in Lake Forest, IL.  I was a participant in it.  On Thursday, January 28, volunteers were invited to pass out literature for Arie Friedman at three train stations in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff starting at 6:15 a.m.  After the train station literature handout, all met at a local coffee house to warm up.  From there I proudly accompanied Arie with others for a walk around Lake Forest.  During this time together we visited with residents on the street and in other local places of business, handing out literature along the way.

Hopefully Dr. Friedman’s grassroots efforts will prove effective next Tuesday.  Arie is a people person.  Never did I see Dr. Friedman speak unkindly or to be rude or condescending to any one.  He is willing to take the time to answer questions.  Most importantly, Arie believes he can make a difference in Congress because of his military and medical training.  This passion would serve Dr. Friedman well in Congress.

Arie Frieman, M.D. is deserving of the support of 10th District Republican voters.  If elected, Dr. Friedman will listen to his constituents, not as a career politician, but as one who will serve the interests of his constituents with integrity, passion, and dedication, for these are the same qualities that have so far shaped Arie Friedman’s life.

To find out more about Arie Friedman, M.D., check out his website at www.friedman2010.com.

There are five candidates running in the Republican primary for the 10th Congressional District and one candidate stands out – Dr. Arie Friedman!

Dr. Friedman is someone from outside the political apparatus who was born and raised in our district. His home is in Highland Park with his wife and five children.

Dr. Friedman brings to the table experience and talent that set him apart from the other candidates. As a board-certified pediatrician and one of the founding members of his practice, Arie possesses a wealth of experience in medical financing, liability and electronic medical systems. His small business experience, coupled with his vow to fight against a government takeover of our medical system. He is a successful physician and small businessman. Dr. Friedman is against tax increases and views the sagging economy and the creation of jobs on the list of top priorities.

I also value Dr. Friedman’s service to his country. He is a retired Navy helicopter pilot and Desert Storm veteran who has never forgotten the privilege of wearing the uniform of his country. Arie will be a forceful advocate for those who serve in our military and he understands the importance of keeping our country safe. And if you think he looks good on paper, wait until you meet him. I had the pleasure of meeting Arie Friedman at a candidate forum and I would be proud to have a man of such integrity represent me in Congress.

To find out more about this fine candidate go to candidate@friedman2010.com or www.friedman2010.com

The Third Session to “Meet and Greet” candidates in the  February 2nd Primary Election was held on Wed., January 17, at Covenant Village on Techny Road in Northbrook.

Participating in the Forum were candidates Dan Proft, Governor; Jason Plummer, Lt. Governor; Patrick Hughes, U.S. Senate; Jim Dodge, Comptroller; Arie Friedman, M.D., U.S. Congress, 10th District; Richard Hamen, State Representative, 57th District; and Dorothy Brown, President, Cook County Board.

With the exception of Dorothy Brown, all participants were members of  the Republican Party.  All six of the Republican Forum candidates professed to be conservative Republicans in the mold of Ronald Reagan.   All six were also in tune with the NRA and most were members of it.  A common thread running among all candidates:  It is time for reform and to take Illinois back.

The Forum was moderated by Theodore Roos, Chair of Citizens’ Forum of Covenant Village of Northbrook.

Each candidate was given five minutes to address those gathered in the following order:  Federal offices, State, County, and Local office.  Remarks ascribed to each candidate are posted below:

  • Patrick Hughes, U.S. Senate, as Chairman of STOP-IT, played a major role in stopping the Quinn income tax increase.  After his initial foray into politics, Hughes started thinking about entering in the U.S. Senate race, having found Mark Kirk unacceptable as the standard bearer of the Republican Party.  Why?  Kirk violates five out of ten of the principles of the IL Republican Party Platform.  Kirk is far to the left on social issues with his support for the horrific procedure of partial birth abortion and his vote against legislation defining marriage between one man and a woman.  Also Kirk’s vote against the Iraq surge in the George W. Bush administration, his irresponsible vote for “Cap and Trade,” and his F- rating from the NRA, do not represent the positions or the values held by most Republicans in Illinois.   Hughes predicts Kirk, as a senator, would be Olympia Snowe and Arlen Spector-like.
  • Arid Friedman, M.D., U.S. Congress, brings a wealth of experience to his campaign.  He enlisted right out of college in the U.S. Navy and spent seven years as a helicopter pilot, serving two tours of duty in Desert Storm.  He then went on to medical school where he graduated first in his class to become a pediatrician and now the owner of a small business (medical practice) with a partner. Friedman spoke with conviction and knowledge of his fears about the Democrat’s Health Reform Legislation and how once passed it would not be possible to peel back vast parts of it.  Dr. Friedman expressed the need for Tort Reform, being able to buy insurance across state lines, and the feasibility of Health Savings Accounts.  Regarding National Defense, Friedman asked if we were really fighting a war? In Arie’s words: “We are spending millions killing terrorists then giving them lawyers in Court.”   Dr. Friedman further feels that the military is well trained and should be allowed to do its job.
  • Dan Proft, Governor, related how the Democrats must be held accountable to what has happened on their watch.  Needed in Illinois is a complete rethinking and restructuring of the present System so Free Market policies can work  Proft spoke of Illinois as being 48th in the nation in job creation and how 52,000 jobs were lost in 2009.  Proft believes that in addition to a policy revolution, a values revolution is called for.  Illinois is riddled with corruption which will not change if the status quo is left in place.  Proft left the attendees with this question:  “Are you ready to turn Illinois upside down?”  Proft indicated that he is ready to do so if elected governor.
  • Jason Plummer, Lt. Governor, spoke about the considerable natural resources in Illinois and its large educated work force, yet it is at the bottom end of states in economic development and job creation.  When elected, Plummer want to focus on job creation, education, and economics.  Of note is that Plummer is an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy and also worked at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.  Plummer sees the state as hostile to business and free enterprise. As such it should come as no surprise to Illinoisans that Illinois their state  lags in jobs and financial growth.  As head of the Republican Party in Madison County — known for its corrupt Judicial System — Jason Plummer cleaned up corruption.  He wants to do the same as Lt. Governor of Illinois.
  • Jim Dodge, Comptroller, is confident he can be a good manager of the state’s checkbook.  He is a  corporate executive with an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago.  He has also served in the Illinois National Guard.  Dodge cited the lack of fiscal responsibility in the state.  $1 billion is being spent weekly in Illinois on behalf of Illinoisans.  A problem arises when more money is being spent than is taken in, which explains why Illinois has a debt level that is unsustainable.  Dodge spoke of $95 billion in unfunded pensions in calendar year 2010.  This amount is bigger than what exists in California.  Dodge believes that “those who have the power to tax owe it to the people that they serve honestly and responsibly.”
  • Dorothy Brown, Cook County Board President, was brave to appear as the lone Democrat at the Covenant Village Forum.  Brown believes Cook County deserves a stable government.  She wants to run Cook County as a business.  Brown also spoke of wanting to create jobs through Green Technology, but she never explained what types of jobs she wished to create.  Brown’s listing of her credentials sounded quite impressive.  For me it was nice to be able to finally place a name with a face.
  • Richard Hamen, State Representative, 57th District, is running unopposed as a Republican in the upcoming Feb. Primary Election.  In November he will face incumbent Democrat Elaine Nekritz.  Hamen spoke about “machine” politics in Illinois and how Illinois is the laughing stock of the country.  With great resources and a good work force, Illinois should be at the top in state rankings, yet Illinois ranks near the bottom.  In speaking about Cook County, Mr. Hamen reminded all that Cook County has one of the highest sales and property taxes in Illinois.

After the five minute presentations, a question and answer period followed. Those wishing to ask questions either raised their hands or stood up to be recognized.

One question asked was of particular interest to me:  “Will all of you  support the candidate who wins in the February 2nd Primary?” Non-specific answers were given.  Lt. Governor candidate  Jason Plummer best addressed the question for Hughes, Proft, Friedman, and Dodge.

Jason Plummer is  hopeful that Republican will select candidates that don’t blur the line of distinction between the two parties by straddling the fence between both parties.  Plummer went on the say, “When Republicans act like Republicans they win.  When Republicans act like Democrats they lose.”

Will the Republican “Establishment” ever learn its lesson?   It is stupid to do the same thing time and again if the results are always the same!

As I relatively newcomer to the race, 10th District candidate Arie Friedman, M.D. is making inroads all across his 10th Congressional District.  Dr. Friedman lives in Highland Park with his wife a five children.  Also running to replace Mark Kirk in the 10th District are Robert Dold, Elizabeth Coulson, Dick Green, and Paul Hamann.

Dr. Arie Friedman has a wonderful story to tell, which he related in front of a packed meeting room at Crystal Point condominium complex in Lake Forest on Friday, January 22.  Although Arie Friedman was not the main speaker, he more than succeeded in impressing those gathered as to his credentials and motives for serving in the House of Representatives until featured Senate candidate Patrick Hughes was able to complete an unexpected telephone interview.

Arie spoke of joining the U.S. Navy seven days after graduating from the University of Chicago in 1987 because he wanted to serve his country.  He graduated from Aviation Officer Candidate School and subsequently became qualified to fly both fixed wing and rotary aircraft.   Dr. Friedman served in Operation Desert Storm and conducted 406 shipboard helicopter landings

After Arie Friedman’s service to his country, Arie spoke of entering medical school, where he graduated top of his class in 1998 from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.  Dr. Friedman underwent pediatric residency training at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital and today has a thriving medical practice with partners in Lincolnshire and Gurnee.  As such, Dr. Friedman, as a small businessman, understands the many restrictions and regulations government places on small business owners like himself.

Following his “get acquainted” introductory remarks, Dr. Friedman spoke knowledgeably as a physician.  He remarked how there are only 16 doctors in Congress to 110 trial lawyers.  Arie Friedman wants to add to the ranks of doctors in Congress.

An enthusiastic and receptive audience listened while Arie Friedman spoke about the need for tort reform to reduce medical costs.  Arie’s conversation about tort reform was personalized when he related unpleasant experiences his fellow doctors had encountered.  Related by Dr. Friedman was how doctors are forced to order expensive tests for fear of being sued by their patients. These tests, often unnecessary, have led to higher insurance premiums for the American people and have caused premiums doctors pay for malpractice insurance to skyrocket.

Dr. Friedman bemoaned the fact that no where in the 2,500 page proposed House healthcare reform bill, or in the Senate’s version, is there any mention of tort reform.  Why?  Because Democrats are beholden to the trail lawyers for financial backing.

In contrast, Dr. Friedman told how the 180-page Republican plan (and there are several Republican plans that Democrats have blocked!) does provide for tort reform and other constructive and meaningful reforms like being able to buy insurance across state line and not being forced to buy more insurance than a person really need.

As to Dr. Friedman beliefs, during the course of Arie’s remarks he indicated that the single most important component of the health care system is the doctor-patient relationship; that the number one economic issue facing Americans today is the need for more job creation; that high taxes and economic uncertainty are not the answers to creating jobs, nor is the reckless spending that will burden future generations with monstrous debt; that “Cap and Trade” legislation may as well be called “Cap and Tax”; and that because he had the privilege of wearing the uniform of his country he will always be a forceful and active advocate for the military.

Regarding the race in the 10th Congressional District, as of now Beth Coulson and Bob Dold seem to be in the lead.  Both have an enormous amount of money to place countless TV ads.  Bob Dold is a nice enough person, but he lacks the military and medical expertise of his opponent, Arie Friedman, M.D.

My opposition to Coulson is, in part, based on her endorsement by the Illinois Republican Establishment, not unlike other Establishment candidates McKenna, Murray, Kirk and Topinka. There is no question in my mind as to why John Porter, who represented the 10th Congressional District from 1980 to 2001, has likewise endorsed Beth Coulson.  Having lived in the 10th District since 1972, I know of what I speak.

For Porter to describe Coulson as a leader during her 13 years in Springfield representing the IL 17th District, and as one who will continue to serve in the tradition of those who have represented the U.S. 10th District from 1975 to the present, shows how out-of-touch John Porter is.  On second thought, might John Porter be in agreement with Coulson’s very liberal voting record in Springfield?

I can still remember when Congressman John Porter resigned immediately after his 10th District constituents insisted that he vote “yes” on the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  It has also been reported that Porter funded and brought a leftist Saul Alinsky group into his Winneka Church.

Beth’s Colson’s liberal voting in Springfield cannot be denied, although it’d being hidden in her campaign literature and by the media.  Are Republican Primary voters of the 10th District really in-tune with one as liberal as Coulson? I don’t think so.  As a matter of record:

  • Coulson has a record on illegal immigration that includes voting in favor of illegals receiving IL driver’s licenses.
  • Coulson votes consistently against the Second Amendment (right to keep and bear Arms).
  • Coulson is the tool of the Teachers’ Union where children are not the first priority.
  • Coulson’s financial supports comes mostly from unions and special interest groups, not from taxpayers.
  • Coulson’s campaign staff consists of Democrats and more Democrats!

Back to Dr. Arie Friedman, he entered the 10th District Congressional race because he had concerns about the direction of this nation and believed he had the commitment and the integrity to make wise decisions to uphold the Constitution and the freedoms outlined in this historical document.  This is more than enough for me!

Robert Dold I could live with.  Beth Coulson would not represents the interest of the majority of 10th District Republicans.
Dr. Arie Friedman has great possibilities in Republican politics if he chooses to pursue them, even if he doesn’t win the February Primary Election.  It is a blessing to have one of the Jewish faith so in line with conservative views and values.

Bret Bairer:

Has the Republican “Establishment” gotten to Fox News by the way you reported about the IL U.S. Senate race on tonight’s show?  You certainly fell for the spin of the Kirk campaign.  Shame on you!  You have outraged many of your Fox listeners here in Illinois.

It is indeed shameful that Fox News is supporting Kirk.  He is an anointed Illinois Republican Establishment candidate, as are Andy McKenna and Judy Topinka, who have been rejected by many Illinoisans as retread candidates.

There is a viable candidate running against Mark Kirk,  an  unacceptable candidate who cannot win here in Illinois because he lacks support of Republican base voters.  That candidate is Patrick Hughes.  Yet you reported that Kirk had no viable challenger to stand in his way in next Tuesday’s Illinois Primary Election.  When you spoke about the three Democrat candidates for Senate, their poll numbers were given.  Do you know that Mark Kirk is only supported by 47% of Republican voters in IL  and that a huge number of voters are still undecided?  When people do learn how Mark Kirk votes they move away from Kirk to Hughes.

Do you really know Mark Kirk as I do?  I know Kirk because he has been my 10th District Congressman for 9-1/2 years.  Mark Kirk does not have the support of the Republican conservative base here in Illinois, nor will he ever.  Tom Roeser, a respected pundit and radio host in Chicago, has indicated that he cannot vote for Kirk even if Kirk  wins in Feb.  I am with Roeser, as are many Republican voters.  Kirk will lose, and he will lose big.

About Mark Kirk:  I know of what I speak because I’ve had many run ins with Kirk over the years.

  • He’s for partial birth abortion.
  • He’s unable to say when life begins.
  • He’s against parental notification.
  • He’s for gay marriage.
  • He supports all gay rights legislation,and was a sponsor of Hate Crimes Legislation.
  • He’s against guns and received an F- by the NRA.
  • He went against Bush when rejecting the Iraq surge.
  • He sticks his finger in the air to decide which way to vote to save his own skin.
  • He’s an environmentalist who even believe in the hoax that is global warming

I could go on and on.  Kirk’s voting record and stances on issues differ little from the leading Democrat contender for Senate.  Why should Illinoisans vote for Kirk in November when they have a REAL Democrat to vote for?   Kirk also resembles a leopard in that he will not be able to change his spots, yet Fox News has fallen for a severely flawed candidate just because the network  believes that Kirk can win the Senate seat in November for Republicans here in IL.

Illinois is not like other states in this nation.   Republicans will not benefit here in Illinois as they most likely will in other states.  After all this is Illinois.  It was Illinois who sent Obama to the White House and with him many beholden to Mayor Daley and other Chicago operatives who now rule this nation with an iron fist.   All will make sure, by hook or by crook, that  Democrats will remain firmly in control of Illinois, so they can continue to benefit from the culture of corruption that permeates the state.  Also strange, Bret, is that you are unaware that Patrick Hughes is scheduled to be a guest with Chris Wallace next Sunday.
Sincerely yours,

First of all, I would like to disagree with John Porter, whose letter you published on Sunday, January 24 — He’s with Coulson — and who represented the 10th Congressional District from 1980 to 2001.  In his Tribune letter, John Porter renewed his endorsement for Elizabeth Coulson in part because she was a proven winner in her district against stiff opposition.

Having lived in the 10th District since 1972, I know of what I speak.  For Porter to describe Coulson an outstanding leader during her 13 years in Springfield representing the IL 17th District, and as one who will continue to serve in the tradition of those who have represented the U.S. 10th District from 1975 to the present, shows how out-of-touch John Porter is with candidate Beth Coulson.  On second thought, might John Porter be in agreement with Coulson’s very liberal voting record in Springfield?  After all Beth Coulson is the choice of the Republican “Establishment” to succeed Mark Kirk, who himself is far to the left on many issues.

How well I remember when Congressman John Porter resigned immediately after his 10th District constituents insisted that he vote “yes” on the impeachment of Bill Clinton.  It has also been reported that Porter funded and brought a leftist Saul Alinsky group into his Winnetka Church.

Beth Coulson’s liberal voting record in Springfield cannot be denied, although it is being hidden in her campaign literature and by the media.  Are Republican Primary voters really in-tune with one as liberal as Coulson?  As a matter of record:

  • Coulson has a record on illegal immigration which includes voting in favor of illegals receiving IL driver’s licenses.
  • Coulson votes consistently against the Second Amendment (. . . “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”).
  • Coulson is the tool of the Teachers’ Union.  Children are not its first priority.
  • Coulson’s financial support comes mostly from unions and special interest groups, not the taxpayers.
  • Coulson’s campaign staff consists of Democrats and more Democrats

I salute the Tribune for not endorsing Beth Coulson, the Republican “Establishment” candidate for the 10th Congressional District, but you did err by not selecting Arie Friedman, M.D. over Robert Dold.

As a medical doctor, Arie Friedman would add another doctor to the 16 now in Congress to counter the 110 trial lawyers.  Dr. Friedman understands the health care system and his input would be invaluable in discussions about healthcare reform.  Arie volunteered to join the U.S. Navy seven days after graduating from the University of Chicago in 1987, because he wanted to serve his country, where as an officer he served in Desert Storm as a helicopter pilot.  After his Navy service, Arie enrolled in the University College of Medicine where he graduated top in his class in 1998.  His residency was in Pediatric Medicine and today Arie, as a small business owner, has a thriving medical practice with partners.

Arie Friedman entered the 10th District Congressional race because he had concerns about the direction of this nation.  As when he volunteered to join the Navy right out of college, Dr. Friedman now wants to serve his country as the 10th District Congressman.

Dr. Friedman has certainly demonstrated to me that he has the commitment, the experience and the integrity to make wise decisions.  Candidate Dr. Friedman outshines Robert Dold and Beth Coulson in his bid to replace Mark Kirk in the 10th Congressional District.

Nancy J. Thorner    331 E. Blodgett Ave., Lake Bluff, IL  60044     (847) 295-1035

Having heard Patrick Hughes speak on several occasions, my impression of Hughes as a viable, articulate, bright, well qualified, and conservative candidate in the mold of Ronald Reagan has not wavered.  If anything, I am even more determined to announce to all my wholehearted and unwavering endorsement of Patrick Hughes for U.S. Senate.  Hopefully the account I am about to share will convey the reason for my Hughes excitement and euphoria and why thoughts of Mark Kirk create negative vibes within me should Kirk win on Feb. 2nd.

Speaking to a packed meeting room at Crystal Point condominium complex in Lake Forest on Friday, January 22, Patrick Hughes, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, announced his plans to appear on Larry Kudlow’s popular “Kudlow & Company” which airs at 6 pm on CNBC next week.  “The Mark Kirk people haven’t committed yet,” Hughes said, mentioning his upcoming solo appearances on Dennis Miller’s radio show and FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace, among others.

Mark Kirk’s hesitation to debate Hughes comes as no surprise to many Republicans and Independents anxious to hear Kirk’s plan for Illinois:  Kirk failed to attend the local ABC affiliate’s televised debate between GOP Senate candidates, which not one Chicagoland newspaper thought important enough to cover the day after.

Not only has Kirk opted out of attending many open Republican meetings throughout the state, the Highland Park resident has even failed to appear at many events hosted in his own backyard where he currently serves as U.S. Congressman in the 10th Congressional District.  “If he can’t face a room of Republican moms and retirees in Lake Forest, how can he possibly face down Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid in Washington, D.C.” asked Aimee Messner, member of the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Women’s Republican Club and founder of RightMoms, a grassroots political group of which I am a member.  “Kirk is a “no-show” at a lot of the Republican establishment’s get togethers,” added another Lake Forest resident, Carol Craigmile.  “What is he afraid of?  Why won’t he debate Patrick Hughes or answer any questions?” she asked.

For those who had come to hear more about the candidate, Hughes spoke about his background as one who grew up in a small apartment on the Northwest side of Chicago.  It was there that his parents instilled in Patrick a belief that in America, with hard work and an abiding faith in God, you can do anything.

Patrick’s command of issues was demonstrated time and again.  His presentation revealed that Hughes favors “concealed carry”; deplores “Hate Crimes Legislation” which only pits Americans against each other; believes “Cap and Trade” will destroy our economic growth and burden the American people with taxes; unconditionally supports the military in both Iraq and Afghanistan, concluding that failure is not an option (More domestic program for NYC matter little if a bomb goes off.); down played global warming; emphasized the need for tort reform to curb medical costs; promised to serve only two terms if elected, after which he’ll endorse another in the same mold to succeed him; and was not ashamed of his pro-life stance.

It was during the question and answer period following Patrick Hughes’ Crystal Point remarks that stark contrasts were drawn between himself–a true fiscal and social conservative — and his liberal, Republican opponent, Mark Kirk.  “Kirk voted for Cap & Trade, the largest proposed tax in U.S. history,” said  Hughes.  “He voted against an amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  He voted against the successful Iraq surge.  He voted against drilling for oil in Alaska’s ANWR to make us energy independent.  He voted against banning partial birth abortion and parental notification, and he received an “F-” rating from the Gun Owners of America,” said Hughes.  “No wonder he’s Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican.”  Despite all these misgivings about Mark Kirk, Patrick Hughes does honor Kirk’s military service.

Patrick Hughes is proud of his many endorsements among them Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham, both national Conservative talk radio hosts; Gun Owners of America; The Illinois Federation For Right to Life; Family PAC; Sandy Rios; Phyllis Schlafly; Mike Ditka and Dr. Steve Sauerberg.

As so eloquently stated by U.S. Senate Candidate Patrick Hughes, he sees the Tea Party Movement and the 9/12 march in Washington, D.C. times that will be remembered as seminal moments in history 50 years from now.  “They were times when people finally got engaged locally and nationally.”  Hughes further believes that America has lost some of its can-do spirit and that the Republican Party has abandoned the principles that made the Party great.

The question remains how to return the Republican Party to its core values, which have all but been abandoned by the Illinois Republican “Establishment” that seeks to impose upon Republican voters candidates that stray far from conservative values and principles.

The answer is embedded in the power of the voters to rise up and say “no” to Establishment candidates.  Republican voters in the upcoming February 2nd Primary Election must reject career politician, liberal Mark Kirk and vote for Patrick Hughes, who is not beholden to special interests in Washington, D.C.  He will represent the values of those who sent him to Congress because they are his values.

I am angry at being described as “being on the fringe” by Republican Central Committee Chair Pat Brady because I support Patrick Hughes over their anointed one, Mark Kirk.  May there be enough angry Republican voters on election day so Illinois can have its own “Scott Brown” upset?

Patrick Hughes has announced plans to appear on Larry Kudlow’s popular “Kudlow & Company” next week which airs at 6 pm on CNBC.  The Mark Kirk people have not yet committed.

Kirk’s hesitation to debate Hughes or appear at Republican meetings throughout the state comes as no surprise.  Kirk believes he has the race for Senate all neatly tied up thanks to the help of the liberal-leaning media who are covering up for him and the Republican “Establishment” who has anointed candidate Kirk as the one to succeed Senator Roland Burris.  Should the real Mark Kirk be exposed as to his liberal and Republican-lite voting record, which Championnews.net has exposed in detail, Republicans would abandon the “elect the Kirk wagon” in droves.

On Friday, January 22nd I heard Patrick Hughes speak to a packed meeting room at Crystal Point condominium complex in Lake Forest.  If anything, I became even more determined and sure of my wholehearted and unwavering support of Patrick Hughes for the U.S. Senate.  He presented himself well and excelled in the question and answer period following his remarks.

May Illinois Republicans who favor Kirk be advised that voting for Mark Kirk will not ensure that Kirk will win in the November National Election.  I am angry at being described as “being on the fringe” by Republican “Central Committee Chair Pat Brady because I support Patrick Hughes over their anointed one, Mark Kirk.

Because of this anger, I can unequivocally pronounce that should Mark Kirk win in the upcoming Feb. Primary Elections, I will be unable to vote for Kirk in November.  I know personally many who likewise cannot vote for Kirk.  What does this preclude? Mark Kirk, having lost the base of his Republican Party, cannot win in November.

Some of my fellow Republicans have called me foolish and ill-advised, but to me I cannot in good conscience vote for one, who through his voting record, has telegraphed his held beliefs and values which do not advance my values or the resurgence of conservative Republican values here in Illinois as is being observed in other states.

The February 2nd Primary Election is the time to make your vote count, so candidates are not elected who have strayed far from conservative values and principles.  Republican voters must reject career politicians like Mark Kirk and vote for Patrick Hughes who is not beholden to special interests in Washington, D.C.  As Hughes remarked yesterday at his Lake Forest Crystal Point appearance:  “I will represent the values of those who sent me to Congress because they are my values.  Patrick Hughes is the real deal as a candidate fashioned in the mold of Ronald Reagan.

May enough Republican voters cast their ballots for Patrick Hughes, so the Illinois Establishment is not the winner, but Republican voters are by creating another “Scott Brown” upset!