Why Illinois will remain a magnet for drugs

July 31, 2010

Even before the  Arizona immigration law was to take effect on Thursday, July 29, Judge Susan Bolton, despite the fact that the Arizona law was written to conform to federal law, issued a temporary injunction against the most crucial aspect of the law which allowed police to determine the immigration status of people they stop and suspect of being in the U..S. illegally.

Although a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll of July 16-21 reported that the Arizona law is supported by twenty-four percent of Hispanics and sixty-one percent of white respondents, Chicago’s Mayor Daley still had some choice words to say the morning after Judge Bolton’s temporary injunction.  Among them were:  “We are a nation of immigrants.”  In the eyes of Mayor Daley there are no illegal immigrants!

A recent Federation for American Immigration Reform study (FAIR) sets the cost of U.S. illegal immigrant at a staggering $113 billion a year.  $52 billion is to educate their children.  Federal data available for 2009 estimates the number of unauthorized individuals living in Illinois at 540,000.

In a state-to-state breakdown of dollars spent on undocumented aliens, Illinois ranks 4th in the nation at $4.6 billion after CA, Texas, and Florida.  It is Illinois taxpayers who absorb most of this financial burden along with their local governments.

It doesn’t help that Chicago is known as a “Sanctuary City,” which inhibits police or municipal employees from inquiring about immigration status, and which encourages thousands of undocumented immigrants to flock to Illinois.  Among other Illinois sanctuary cities are Addison, Cicero and Evanston.

How ironic that Mayor Daley rails against gun ownership, when he has allowed Chicago to become a safe haven for illegal aliens.  Mayor Daley should not be surprised that gang activity, drug trafficking — Chicago has a thriving drug trade second only to Los Angeles — and murder thrive in Chicago.   Daley’s irrational solution to the Chicago crime mayhem is to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.
But Illinois’ reputation for attracting and harboring illegal immigrants extends beyond its sanctuary cities.
In 2003 the Illinois General Assembly passed a law making the Mexican Matricula Consular ID Cards legit for identification.  The cards are being issued to Mexicans throughout Illinois who cannot get access to U.S. identity documents.  The ID is easy to get for as little as $40.00, while in Mexico only 32 of its states and districts recognize the card for identification purposes.  Now there is talk in Chicago’s City Council to expand the card to cover forty two other nationalities.
E-Verify was set up by the federal government so employers could check the legal status of those they hire.  Thereafter the State of Illinois passed a new law  — the Illinois Right to  Privacy in the Workplace Act — prohibiting employers in Illinois from enrolling in the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program.   Illinois is now being sued by DHS.  Illinois employers are free to use the federal program, as Illinois has agreed not to enforce its law until the DHS’s lawsuit is resolved, but the federal program is not being promoted because of the pro-immigrant atmosphere here in Illinois.
The Dream Act is still alive in the U.S. Senate and would receive an unconditional welcome here in Illinois. Senate Majority Leader Reid announced on Wed. July 27 that he is going to try to bring the DREAM Act  to a vote this year.  The DREAM Act amounts to a back door way for a smaller amnesty, an estimated 2.1 million.   It would give people who are brought to the U.S. illegally as children a path to citizenship.  After being accepted by a college to receive free, subsidized college tuition, illegal immigrant children would then be able to petition for their parents and adult brothers and sisters to receive legal immigrant status.
Although this nation has always been welcoming to immigrants, as all of us were once immigrants, the widow into our nation cannot be left wide open.  Any nation should be able to decide who comes into their country.
The issue also involves the rule of law.  If the rule of law regarding illegal entry into this nation by millions of individuals is not enforced, it will ultimately give rise to anarchy.
Why should those who invade our country be treated differently from the way other countries treat our own citizens who enter their nations illegally?

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