Carol Sente of House District 59 shows weakness by her no-show

October 17, 2010

It was unfortunate that 59th District incumbent candidate, Democrat Carol Sente, was a no-show on Thursday, September 30 at the Candidate Forum I attended, sponsored by the League of Women Voters representing Deerfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, and Lake Forest/Lake Bluff and held at the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Senior Center.

Since candidates were notified of the forum a few weeks prior to September 30th, it seemed rather strange that Carol Sente was unable to clear her schedule so her positions could be presented in front of the large gathering of interested citizens. 

Carol Sente instead sent her sister  Clair to represent her, greatly restricting the forum format.  Permitted only were four-minute statements.  Clair read one written by her sister Carol.  Republican challenger Dan Sugrue had to cram as much as possible into his four-minute time allowance. 

Unanswered is why Carol Sente was too busy to attend this all-important forum?   Might Carol feel that she is out-of-sync with the voters in her district on issues of importance to them?  

Carol Sente’s Springfield record reveals that she backed Mike Madigan 84% of the time, yet Sente claims to have fresh ideas for changing Springfield’s old business as usual and fighting corruption to restore fiscal accountability in Illinois. Sente was chosen to fill the seat of Kathy Rigg because of her loyalty to her Democrat Party!

During Dan Sugrue’s four-minute forum presentation, he was able to ask those in attendance to vote for him if they believe Illinois needs new management; if satisfied with the status quo, they should vote for Carol Sente.

Dan Sugrue was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune as “more likely to shake the cobwebs out of the capital.”

The Daily Herald likewise gave Dan its endorsement, as the one more likely to go to Springfield to fix the many problems faced by the state.

Incumbent Carol Sente represents the status quo and more of the same for Illinois!


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