Community Open House on Thursday, October 28, to discuss the Decommissioning and Site Restoration of the Zion Station, a decision which is both short-sighted and foolish!

October 24, 2010

This message was sent out in four separate emails, with some tweaking, to Republican legislators  throughout Illinois (Lake County excluded);
Republican legisltors in Lake County and County Elected Officials; Democrat legislators throughout Illinois; and Republican candiates running for office both federal and state (Robert Dold, Lauren Turelli, Dan Sugrue, Joel Pollack, and Mark Kirk).
Dear Republican Candidate,
The attached FYI was distributed on Wednesday, October 20.  It has to do with a Community Open House to discuss the Decommissioning and Site Restoration of the Zion Station on Thursday, October 28.  
 I hope as one who is running as a Republican candidate for either a state or federal office, you will plan to attend next Thursday’s Zion event.
As a candidate for elected office, I wish you success in your bid.  In the meantime, energy is a bi-partisan issue of concern here in Illinois.  It would be to your advantage to get up to speed on the issue of Nuclear Power and the decision to waste the Dual Zion Nuclear Plant.   I will be attending next Thursday’s Zion event.
  community open house oct2010.pdf (3.2 MB) Download | Remove

There have been reports that some legislators have had difficulty opening the above invitation link.  If you are likewise experiencing the same, the invitation reads:

“The Decommissioning and Site Restoration of the Zion Station is scheduled for Thursday, October 28, 2010, at Shepherd’s Crook Golf Course Club House, 351 Green Bay Road, Zion, Illinois from 4:30 p.m – 7:30 p.m.    Refreshments will be served.”

Upon request, I will fax a copy of the invitation to you.

My Comments:   Is this a joyous celebration of the very premature, illogical closing and demolition of two operating, large megawatt, green, non-polluting, low cost, safe, paid for Nuclear-fueled electricity generating plants that with proper maintenance, the NRC would allow them both to operate for many, many  decades, the best electricity generation money-making plants that Exelon has? 

While our elected politicians stand by to give incentives to Exelon and others of untold billions to invest in terribly inefficient and expensive to build and maintain windmill and solar farms and who only knows what else! 
All the while other countries are building and operating, or are planning to build and operate, Nuclear-fueled Electricity Generation PWR’s, including but not limited to France, China, Japan, Egypt and the entire Middle East.
The important question:  Did Exelon intentionally shut down and waste the Dual Zion Nuclear Plant, that customers have already paid for, in order to keep the Ziion cheap power supply out of the market and thereby keep prices high for its other three plants?
Also, why hasn’t Exelon tried to sell Zion?  Could it be because the new owner would run it to produce lowest supply for Illinois customers and this would drive the price down for consumers (and cut into Exelon’s profits from its other nuclear facilities)?
These are question that must be asked of Exelon executives before the plant is demolished. 
As one running for office with Zion in your own back yard, your presence is demanded.  Your future constituents must know the truth behind higher electric rates charges from ComEd.  It is folly to believe that wind and solar power are viable forms of energy on which to rely to meet future energy needs here in Illinois. 

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