Voters lose with Quinn, May, Sente

November 18, 2010

Voters lose with Quinn, May, Sente

In light of Republican Bill Brady’s acceding the governorship of Illinois to incumbent Democrat Gov. Quinn, might it be concluded that Republicans were given short-shrift by Illinois voters because they were happy to continue one-party rule in Illinois and the policies it produced?

Could it be that supporters of incumbent Governor Quinn are really pleased that their state’s economic outlook ranks 47th, that unfunded state employee retirement obligations are approaching $130 billion because of bloated promises to public workers, that corruption is rampant, and that Quinn is calling for a tax increase which will only hasten the day when economic Armageddon ascends upon Illinois?

Because of Mike Madigan’s infusion of cash into key swing Illinois House districts, Madigan was also able to elect enough puppets to remain supreme warlord.

Lake Forester readers and voters in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff know well two of the puppets Speaker Madigan helped over the finish line to defeat their Republican challengers, Lauren Turelli and Dan Sugrue. They were Democrat Representatives Karen May (District 58) and Carol Sente (District 59).

While campaigning incumbent representatives Karen May and Carol Sente stressed how they were not beholden to party leadership, even though lawmakers who win with the help of party money are usually loyal to their party leaders.

Karen May has racked up an 87 percent voting record and Carol Sente a telling 84 percent with House Speaker Madigan. Will both experience an epiphany when the 112th Session of the General Assembly commences in January of 2011? I don’t think so!

What will be the outcome of the Nov. 2 General Election for the people and the state of Illinois? The status quo will reign, and Illinois will continue its downward spiral, despite its vast resources and potential, crippled and further emasculated by the continuation of one-party leadership controlled by House Speaker Michael Madigan, who gets to draw the political map where gerrymandering will make it nearly impossible to unseat incumbent Democrats in 2012.


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