Civil Unions Wrongly Sanctioned by Illinois Legislature

December 7, 2010

Celebrations followed the approval of civil unions for gay couples by the Illinois Legislature (32-24) on Wednesday, December 1st, but are gay rights activists completely satisfied with this achievement?

Editorials in the Tribune, Sun-Times, Daily Herald and Lake County News-Sun shamefully reflected pride in the approval of civil unions here in Illinois.

Many gay activists are in sync with Mayor Daley who welcomed the Illinois General Assembly into this new century and urged lawmakers to move faster and  legalize gay marriage.   Daley also advised Governor Quinn to sign the civil union bill as quickly as possible.

Having lived in Illinois for close to forty years, and being familiar with its progressive political leanings, is not unreasonable to expect that marriage for gays will follow closely on the heels of civil unions, whereby the sanctity of marriage will be challenged.

Considered old fashioned by some because of my age, I am old enough to remember a time — and it wasn’t a time of innocence —  when the news media respected Christian values and beliefs as the foundation of a civil society before coarse behavior dominated the air waves, TV, and media publications to influence impressionable minds into embracing unacceptable and questionable behavior as the norm after having seen it blatantly played out all around them.

Many Illinoisans, young and old, resent being called intolerant when questioning the premise of gay marriage.  It is with regret that gays demand acceptance, yet tolerance is lacking among many gays in their understanding of how their life style conflicts with those who believe that biologically and Biblically men and women are supposed to be together.

Where such a noticeable division exists, a referendum should have been employed.  It should not fall to the General Assembly to decide what is best for the citizens of Illinois.

I was not surprised that my state Democrat representative, Karen May, voted yes to civil unions, but I thought my Democrat state senator, Susan Garrett, would do what was right and break from the almost party-line vote to approve civil unions.


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