Tax Bill Compromise Deal in ‘Lame Duck’ Session is Becoming a Christmas Tree of Goodies

December 12, 2010

A test vote will happen this coming Monday, December 13, on the 74-page tax deal worked out between Democrat and Republican leadership.    Sixty votes are needed in the Senate for debate to begin.

This past Friday President Obama brought former President Bill Clinton into the White House to try to persuade wayward Democrat legislators to support the tax compromise.bill as the best deal Democrats could hope to get, where he upstaged Obama.  But are Democrats really satisfied?

Similar to what happened with Obamacare, much horse trading is going on behind the scenes to bring home recalcitrant Democrats.  Many Democrats, unhappy with the worked out deal between Republicans and President Obama, are rebelling noticeably about having the richest Americans avoid having their taxes hiked on January 1st.

As such, dissatisfied Democrats are being appeased by lobbyists who through extensive campaigning have succeeded in adding perks desired by hold-out senators to the compromise tax bill. There is this problem:  The added appeasement perks represent taxpayers money.  In many cases the perks are a waste of money.

According to Heritage Foundation, Senator Harry Reid added cash subsidies for wind and solar corporations — originally part of Obama’s first failed stimulus — to buy the votes of Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Barbara Boxer (D-C).   Another senator, Tom Harkin (D-IA) was able to trade his vote for more ethanol subsidies.  There are also perks for Hollywood studios, subsidies for energy-efficient appliances and mass-transit benefits for employees, among many others.

The compromised tax bill is starting to resemble a Christmas tree of goodies.  The perks are peripheral items and types of wasteful expenditures that add up to hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Weren’t Republicans elected in November to return our government back to the constitution, as well as getting it to practice fiscal austerity?  By adding these peripheral perks to a larger piece of legislation, and some are just a total waste of money, these perks assist government in picking the pockets of taxpayers.

In addition to all the Christmas tree perks being added to cater to Democrats, here are additional reasons presented by Heritage why Republicans should reject the tax compromise legislation:

1.  “The temporary two-year nature of the arrangement did not provide the long-term certainty that businesses need to make long-term investment plans that create substantial economic growth and jobs.

2.  Allowing the death tax to return, even at a lower rate, did not give small businesses the relief that a permanent repeal would provide.

3.  The original deal provided a costly $57 billion 13-month extension of unemployment benefits that was not paid for, now the Left is adding more spending subsidies into it.”

Unlike the Democrats, Republicans can most likely negotiate a better deal after the Lame Duck Session when the House swings to Republican control.  At that time the continuation of the the Bush tax cuts for all could be enacted retroactively.

Democrats realize that it is now or never to have unemployment compensation extended for a three-year period.  And to top it all off, paying people not to work, according to Democrats, will stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Didn’t conservatives across the country campaign on promises not to allow Democrats to raise taxes on anyone on January 1st?  This is a promise Republicans cannot afford to break to their base of support.

Please call Illinios Senators Kirk and Durbin immediately and object to the wasteful addendums.  Senator Kirk should be encouraged to push for a better deal.


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