Republican Assembly of Lake County hosts DeMonte at annual Christmas event

December 23, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Republican Assembly of Lake County hosts DeMonte at annual Christmas event

Demontetrue by Nancy Thorner

The Republican Assembly of Lake County, under the leadership of Chairman Raymond True, held its Annual Christmas/Holiday Party on Saturday, December 11, at the White Deer Run Country Club in Vernon Hills. 

More than one hundred guests, including  Melissa and Bob Cook, Chairman of the Lake County Republican Central Committee and RALC member; Kris and Dan Duffy, State Senator; Helene and Joe Walsh, US Congressman elect and RALC member; Irene and Mark Curran, County Sheriff and RALC member; Maureen and Dave Stolman, President of the County Board; Tom and Bonnie Thompson Carter, County Board Member and former President of the Forest Preserve; Michelle and Arie Friedman, Republican National Committee Physician Advisor and RALC member; Jane and Gene Dawson, 8th Congressional District State Committeeman; Lake County Young Republican Officers:  Lauren Fleming, President; Michael Carbone, Vice President; and Geri Atleson, Treasurer; Township Chairmen and precinct committeemen, and other organization leaders attended the event.
Chairman True warmly greeted the gathering, after which RALC Chaplain Rev. Glenn Stewart gave the invocation; followed by the “Pledge of Allegiance.”

Bob Cook, LCRCC Chairman, thanked everyone for their hard work during the 2010 election cycle, and informed all that he was looking forward to working with them in preparing for the 2012 elections. 

Following an outstanding buffet, Chairman True introduced the Guest Speaker of the evening, Demetra DeMonte — highlighting her background and past accomplishments. Demetra was elected Republican National Committeewoman for Illinois at the State Convention in Decatur in June 2008.  She served as a George W. Bush delegate from IL to the 2004 National Convention; is in favor of SB-600; and spoke at the “Right Nation” event featuring Glenn Beck on September 18th in Hoffman Estates.
After expressing what Demetra could only describe as an incredible victory for the Republican Party — “As wonderful as it was for Republicans, it was better for this nation.” —  she spoke of America being blessed at its founding with the coming together of our Founding Fathers from 13 diverse colonies. Why?   Because they believed in freedom. 
Born and raised in Chicago, Demetra spoke of her heritage as the granddaughter of immigrants from Greece.  Her grandparents were proud to vote and to be Americans.  Her father served as a Democrat precinct captain and secretary to a Chicago Alderman and Ward Committeeman until his death in 2003 at the age of 88. 
It took Ronald Reagan, Demetra’s hero, for her to switch her energy and allegiance to the Republican Party.  The words of Ronald Reagan rang true to her.

What especially impressed Demetra was how Ronald Reagan was able to win freedom for millions of people behind the Iron Curtain.  To Demetra, President Reagan’s greatest legacy was his belief that it was morning again in America and that America was facing a new day.  President Reagan’s optimism helped Americans believe in themselves again. 

A homemaker before entering the political arena, Demetra spoke of how she became actively involved twelve years ago after living through the Clinton scandals and the impeachment trial that followed.  Before that she had talked a good talk but had not walked the walk. While walking in a parade prior to the 1994 election of George W. Bush, she agreed to chair an event for him.  The event was a success, drawing over 1,000 participants. Thus began her love affair with the political arena.  Demetra went on to become a precinct committeeman, a County Chair, a member of the State Central Committee, and currently the Republican National Committee Woman for Illinois.
In conclusion, Demetra stressed the need for candidates in 2012 and beyond, who are willing to fight, who are visionary, and who have integrity and character.  She challenged and encouraged all RALC members and guests to get involved and take our Country back. “It is not about us any more, or the Republican Party,” she said, “It’s about our Country, and future generations.” 

Following Demetra’s presentation, Michael Carbone, Vice President of the Lake County Young Republicans, honored seven Teenage Community Organization members who volunteered the most hours for candidates in the November elections.  Each member was presented with $100 for their outstanding voluntary work and one of the youths won an I-Pod.

Santa Claus was not able to be present; however, he left a table full of beautifully wrapped gifts which were distributed to those whose ticket stubs matched the numbers called out by Chairman True.

RALC member Amy Evans ended the evening by singing “God Bless America.”
Bob Bednar, campaign advisor to the Joe Walsh campaign and an RALC member, announced a fundraising event to be held on December 31 to help Joe Walsh retire his campaign debts. Bob also thanked Chairman True and Doreen for making the 2010 RALC Christmas/Holiday Party and enjoyable event for all!



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