Has the Democrat love affair with Reagan ended?

February 11, 2011

Now that Judge Vincent ruled against President Obama’s health care law, will the Obama administration accept Judge Vincent’s ruling, a Reagan appointee, or will Obama’s Justice Department defy the Federal Court order as it did with a federal ruling to resume drilling in the Gulf?

After all, Democrats seem to have a fondness for Ronald Reagan.  President Obama even evoked Reagan’s name in his State of the Union address with his pitch to appeal to Independent voters and others.  Shouldn’t the Obama administration and Democrats, including IL Senator Dick Durbin, praise Judge Vincent as a Reagan appointment for his Reaganesque decision?

Instead, Democrats are attempting to smear Judge Vincent because he ruled against their pride and joy — Obamacare.  Judge Vincent even used Obama’s own words against him when the then-Illinois senator argued there were other ways to achieve reform short of requiring every American to purchase insurance.

Writing in a footnote toward the end of his 78-page ruling on Monday, January 31st, Judge Vinson had this to say:  “If a mandate was the solution, we could try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.”


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