LF School Board Districts #115 and #67 under fire for tax payer gouging

April 3, 2011


On Monday March 28, Thomas Lifson, editor of the “American Thinker,” published my submitted article with a photo of Superintendent Dr. Harry Griffith, “Gouging Taxpayers in the Chicago Suburbs.”

My “American Thinker” article has since been read by people throughout the nation, whereupon much disbelief was expressed over the out-of-control situation that exists in Lake Forest School Districts #115 and #67.

Later in the same week, on Thursday, March 31, the “Lake Forester” published my Letter to the Editor entitled “Retirement package is over the top,” which told of Dr. Harry Griffith’s lavish retirement package agreed to by the Boards of Education #67 and #115 to carry Dr. Griffith into his sunset years.

Noting my published “American Thinker” submission, fellow Lake Bluffer, Al Boese, was of sufficient outrage to send the following letter to all LF District #115 board members:

Subject: “Superintendent Compensation”

“I am sure you have all received advice of the existence of the campaign by Nancy J.Thorner to discredit the Board of Districts 115 & 67. Obviously the majority of the Board does not agree with her findings or conclusions, otherwise, Dr. Griffith’ compensation package would not be so outrageously generous.

I presume you all are connected with reality, however, the compensation of the superintendent suggest you are not. The fact that he is actually superintendent of 67 & 115 and successfully consolidated many shared resources between districts, is worthwhile, but not so remarkable as to command such a rich package. Is Dr Griffith that persuasive, or were you all
in a coma while these negotiations were conducted?

Frankly, this Board performance is so embarrassing that mass resignations are not unreasonable. The community and taxpayers would be better served with a totally new Board with some consideration for economic sanity and the tax payers.

If Mrs.Thorner were not so articulate, thorough in her research and widely published, I would weigh in through the press. However, her work is sufficiently known and has caused such appropriate community outrage thafurther public comments from me would be redundant.

I will however, not end my private campaign to insure as many residents in the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff area as possible, are aware of the gross negligence and irresponsible actions taken by this Board pertaining to the compensation of Dr Griffith.”
Al Boese

Al Boese also shared with me and others these thoughts about how to vote on Tuesday, April 4, with some insightful information about mismanagement and dereliction of duty shown by the two LF Boards.

“For any who did not see my recent findings, they are below.

I have done some research regarding the upcoming election for Board members of the Lake Forest High School District 115. What I have discovered is shocking and incomprehensible. Briefly, it is hard to imagine how the District has arrived in the place it is in. The only explanation is administration mismanagement and a Board that that is complicit.

Aside from the already public information regarding the obscene compensation package the Board agreed to for the Superintendent, DR Griffith, there other matters that are shocking and unacceptable.

Since Dr Griffith is retiring, replacing him with someone who is not a clone, is a priority. To accomplish that, the Board needs change from the usual suspects chosen by the infamous Lake Forest Caucus.

There is one person who should receive support based on what I have learned, outsider Hannah Emmanuele http://www.Hannah4LFHS.com.

How to accomplish this is tricky owing to the Caucus process where four candidates are running for three seats. The Caucus does not provide for alternatives, only their slate. Consequently and as a result of their campaign for their selections, they accumulate the majority of the votes and an independent has a smaller chance. To overcome this propensity of momentum votes for the Caucus slate, the bullet process must be employed, that is vote for only one candidate, and that would be Hannah Emmanuele.”

The same must happen when voting for Lake Forest District #67 candidates. Vote only for independent candidate Gary Finley http://www.garyfinley67.com (Advised by Nancy J. Thorner).

Al Boese thoughts continue:

“Let me share with you some scary facts to create the urgency to act as I suggest and help reverse the miss management and dereliction of duty shown by the Board:

1. The Caucus is so desperate to deny Hannah Emmanuele a seat on the Board that they have taken the low road and published false information about Hannah’s resume. Her web site reflects the accurate picture.

2. The district is facing a $1,000,000 budget shortfall this fiscal year.

3. The fund balance is 2.5% of annual operating budget while District 67 is 15%. The state norm is closer to 40%. This implies that the district is dangerously close to zero funds available to make payroll.

4. The district spends $24,000 per student vs $19,000 in other North Shore Districts, and the state average is $10,000.

5. The instructional cost is second highest in the state.

6. As bad as the instructional costs are, they are only half of what the administrative operational budget is.

7. There is no current audit of the Informational Technology system in the school.

8. In spite of the $54,000,000 million renovation this decade, the I. T. system for both classroom education and business operations are obsolete.

This could go on but you get the point.

In summary, on April 5th, please vote only for Hannah Emmanuele to assure her a place on the Board of District 115 and for Gary Finley to assure him a place on the District Board 67.

We need the sanity and tenacious approach of both to reform, ending the pervasive culture of secrecy and deception by the Board and the Administration.”

Albert Boese
Executive Director
BindRite Dealers Association

If you are outraged, and you should be, plan to attend the next monthly School Board meeting for District 115 on April 12 at 7 p.m. at the Wet Campus, 300 S. Waukegan Rd, Lake Forest.

Your voice is important, and the voices of countless others, so you, the taxpayer, can be heard.

Being angry is not enough. Your anger must be expressed, along with many other like-minded Lake Forest and Lake Bluff residents, who are fed up with the gourging of taxpayers in Lake Forest School Board Districts #115 & #67 and who wish to do something about it.


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