Handout: IL Senator Susan Garrett’s (D-29, Lake Forest) hosted event on 4/9 on Zion nuke plant’s future

April 11, 2011


 1. Since it takes many years to satisfy the surrounding population, the seismic requirements, the lawyers, the environmentalists, etc., before one shovel of dirt is moved to begin excavation for a new nuclear plant, why tear down the Zion plant? It has already been paid for by ratepayers, along with its $1 billion decommissioning trust fund?

2. Why didn’t Exelon Corp. attempt to sell the Zion plant to another party if Exelon found Zion unprofitable to operate?

3. Why does Exelon refuse to release its financial calculations as to why the decision to shutter the Zion station in 1998, and then keeping it shuttered until the dual Zion Nuclear Plant was transferred to Zion Solutions for decommissioning in 2010? 

4. If considered feasible to construct the dual Zion plant, which was fully paid by ratepayers, why after only 24 years and seven months of commercial operation did Exelon make the decision that both units were no longer needed?  

5. What is the hurry to dismantle the two nuclear reactors when up to 60 years is permitted? A 10-year time frame is way too optimistic for a first-time project of a size never before? attempted? 

6. Who is going to look after the interests of the ratepayers to make sure the decommissioning is done at the lowest possible cost in order to protect the ratepayers’ interest in residual (if any) in the decommissioning fund? 

7. Is there a watch dog group to observe that the Decommissioning Trust Fund will be spent prudently? 

8. How much of Zion’s 257-acre land front site will be unrestricted and opened to the public when decommissioning is completed?  

The cost and physical limitations of solar and wind are prohibitive and impractical for mass production of energy. Nuclear is cheap and also serves as an economic stimulus.

When the Zion Plant was closed, the economic situation in Zion went from good to bad. Since then Zion has struggled with budgetary shortfalls.  

The growth in overall U.S. electricity demand is expected to increase by as much as 30 percent over the next 25 years. Citizens should be outraged and demand answers from their elected representatives.

It is insane to waste 2,100 megawatts of energy that a refurbished Zion plant could provide. Nuclear plants produce zero emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. It is a clean energy which gives the biggest bang for the buck.

On the other side of my handout is a photo of The Zion Station and these comments:  

Pictured are Two Modern environmentally Clean, Safe, Lowest Cost electricity Generation, 3 Loop 1000 + Megawatt Westinghouse Designed and Built, Operating Nuclear Fuel Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Electricity Generating Plants, Located on Seismically Approved Ground, in your backyard, in Zion that was Prematurely Shut down in 1998. 

With Proper Routine Maintenance and Upgrades as Happens to All Machinery, they both could be Safely Operated for a Hundred Years or more. 

As Your Electric bills Keep Skyrocketing, if the Zion Plants Prematurely closed were Refurbished and Reopened, it Might Stabilize and/or Lower Your and All the Grid’s Electric Bills, for both Residential and Commercial Users.


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