Leave Energy Innovation to the Private Sector

April 25, 2011

High gas prices are proving to be a political disaster for President Obama.  With a 108% increase in gasoline prices since Obama took office ($1.84 per gallon to $$3.85), 70% of the American people have concluded that the nation is moving in the wrong direction.  Sixty-nine percent likewise favor tapping the nations own vast oil supply.

It has been estimated that a family will pay an average of $800.00 more for gas this year, with an added threat that gas prices could reach $6.50 per gallon.

At a recent town meeting in Nevada, Obama indicated there was no quick fix (silver bullets) to reduce gas prices.  The weak dollar has been privy to raising the cost of food (6.5% since early January), clothing prices, and the gas we pump.

But what are Obama’s solutions?   Instead of approving promising drilling leases and lifting the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf, Obama has asked 1) his Justice Department to appoint a task force to investigate the energy markets for any evidence of oil and gas price manipulation (No evidence was found during a spike in gas prices during the Clinton and George Bush administrations.) and 2) has invested billions in clean energy research to develop green technologies for commercial use that aren’t yet viable, and may never be.

Should taxpayer dollars be used to prop up industries and technologies?  Americans like their pick up trucks.  They don’t wish to drive around in orange cans.  The electric car now being foisted upon the America people couldn’t even exist abet for huge government subsidies awarded to compensate for its expensive production costs.

Technology evolves out of need, as when kerosene replaced whale blubber and oil then replaced kerosene.  This nation has the capacity to fix things through the private sector in a free market system where American know-how and ingenuity reign supreme.

Government can’t mandate change by rushing into production technology that is not yet ready or capable to replace what existed before.

Until new technologies can replace oil, coal and natural gas as producers of energy — this nation has an abundance of all three– they must continue as necessary sources of energy.

Never to be forgotten is nuclear power which is clean, environmentally safe, and which gives the biggest bang for the buck.   New Nuclear Plants must be constructed, existing plants must be brought up to date, and older plants like The Zion Station must not be wasted, but must be refurbished and reopened as massive and valuable sources of energy.

For in doing those who follow us will be able to enjoy a future where the quality of life equals that of today.  Without a sufficient supply of energy to power the economy, this nation will reap what it has sown today.

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