Tale of two neighboring states: Illinois and Wisconsin

May 18, 2011

This is the Tale of Two States going in two different directions.  Who might the winner be?

State of Illinois: 

1.  The state willingly accepted federal money like it was a pot of gold.  No concern over ridership or that the state is broke.

 2.  The state dropped twenty places in five years to the bottom of the hap in business climate.

 3.  The state’s deficit at $15 billion is half as big as the state’s budget for 2012.

 4.  The state financial plan calls for taxing and spending and more spending!

 5.  The state wines and dines big corporations to remain in IL with their many jobs, but small businesses (engines of the economy)

are stuck with high taxes and regulatory burdens.

State of Illinois:

1.  The state turned down federal high speed railroad.  Why:  Limited ridership, $810,000 for 55 permanent jobs, and money to anti-up down the road.

 2.  The state went from 41st in business climate to 24 in 2011.

3.  The state wiped out a deficit of $3.6 billion through reforming the budget process and without raising taxes.

4.  The state created jobs in the private sector and has lowered taxes and decreased regulatory burden across the board. 

5.  The state is making it easy for out-of-state businesses to relocate. 

The winner, of course, is Wisconsin!  As long as the Democratic Party retains its power by keeping voters satisfied with generous payouts of taxpayer money, Illinois will continue on a sure path of irrevocable fiscal insolvency.

Illinois has the wrong policies, which will continue to lead to a dismal future for Illinoisans.

Nancy J. Thorner  331 E. Blodgett Ave., Lake Bluff, IL  60044  (847) 295-1035


—– Original Message

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