Lake Forester’s (Pioneer Press publication) new look is a winner

May 25, 2011

As a subscriber for many years to the Lake Forester, I would be amiss not to applaud the recent changes in format and typeset that were inaugurated by Sun-Times Media, owner of Pioneer Press.

Upon receiving my copy of the Lake Forester on May 5, its cover page layout suggested that all was not the same inside. “Lake Forester” was now stated in bold, black letters, instead of its former washed-out blue appearance. Also noted directly above the new and bold Lake Forester heading was this nice touch: SERVING LAKE FOREST AND LAKE BLUFF SINCE 1896.

When opening my Lake Forester for further reading, I was both amazed and delighted. A new typeset and bold headings now introduced articles and the various sections of the Lake Forester, which created a more professional-looking publication. Additionally, the print inside looked crisper and clearer; the Lake Forester was easier and more fun to read. Navigation is also easier in the new Lake Forester with an improved index of where to find featured articles.

The Web site of the Lake Forester at has likewise been updated. Now it is possible to see day-by-day local news happenings as a prelude to the actual Thursday publication of the Lake Forester.

Letters to the Editor writers also have something to crow about. No longer are their letters lumped together under one link. Now each Letter to the Editor has its own separate link. This is a real plus when sharing letters published in the Lake Forester with others.

In receiving my copy on Thursday, May 12, a feature was included that had been introduced by editor David Sweet that I look forward to in future publications: “Lake Forester Street Talk.”

If you haven’t yet checked out the new-and-improved Lake Forester, please do so. It is definitely worth your while.

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