Mantra of Greed explored by Nancy Thorner and Jane Keill

June 9, 2011

Mantra of Greed explored

Dictionaries generally define Greed as: An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.  

Greed is human and has always existed.  Just as greed flows out of man’s desire to acquire, so can the same greed destroy man by leading to corruption. Greed also occurs out of a sense of entitlement and can be likened to self-interest on steroids. 

Greed also derives from the love of money and power, the roots for all evil, which prompts this question: “Who is greedy and who defines who is greedy?” 

The answer to the question will vary among individuals given the nature of greed and the beneficiaries thereof. 

Following is an assessment of Greed in America.  The list is not all inclusive, but it should raise alarm bells in those who care about the survival of their nation through avarice or greed.

Greed of Industry

For several years, the American people have been told by the President, the Democrats and the liberal media how Greed has been the driving force for all the major industries in the country. We’re told to hate Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Coal, Big Banks and Big Auto. All of these entities are evil, filthy, rich, callous, destructive, GREEDY businesses whose only existing purpose is to rob the little guy of his worldly wealth and sustenance.

The media implies that they are all, of course, Republicans who are accused of wishing to throw Granny into the street and watch children dying in their cribs for want of food and water.  According to the media, Republicans are noted for supporting the capitalistic Greedy, Greedy, Greedy companies.  As such these companies must be destroyed, or at the very least, controlled.  Their ill-gotten money must be confiscated and given to those whose helplessness and need was caused by the Greedy louts.

Greed of Unions

If you turn the mirror to a different angle, however, you will see another side to Greed. There are the large unions across the nation, who, over the years, have negotiated contracts that would pay them more and more in pensions and benefits than either private employers or the public taxpayer can afford. Union workers can retire earlier, pay nothing or little for their benefits and collect more in retirement than their private, non-union colleagues can ever hope to attain.

The leaders of these unions earn as much and live as well as the Greedy industrial giants, but somehow they are never taken to task for their Greedy way of life. The businesses and governments with which they negotiate fall prey to the threats of strike, have weak knees, get paybacks or simply don’t care what costs result from their workers’ demands. The Greediness of the unions to have more and more and more is now coming back to haunt them because their employers are either going out of business or the taxpayer cannot pay any more. The unions have killed the golden goose with their Greed.  

Greed ensnares the Wealthy

There are also those filthy rich individuals whose wealth seems to have appeared from a mist since, according to propaganda, none of them have every worked or lifted a finger to earn their filthy lucre. These people have no right to be as rich as they are and therefore must ‘share the wealth’ with everyone else, whether everyone else has lifted a finger to earn it or not. These are the billionaires: Buffet, Winfrey, Soros, Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Spielberg and on and on. They must give up their money to those who the Democrats say who need it. 

All of the above billionaires supported Barack Obama and other Democrats in the 2008 election. Their Greed led them to support someone they thought might ‘pay them back’, so they donated generously during the campaigns. They’ve made more money in the meantime, so what they’ve earned since that election must still be shared with the ‘poor’ however the poor may be defined. This practice is perceived as penitence by the rich, for by willingly participating in ‘shared sacrifice’, any guilt which might have existed registers instead as generosity, thereby erasing Greed.   

Greed Invades Society

Turn the mirror again, and you find a different sort of Greed. In most societies, including ours, there will always be people who are unable to care for themselves – either mentally or physically. We all give support to these people through our religious organizations, charities and taxes. No one questions their need or our willingness to sustain them.

There is another category, however, that does not meet the criteria of ‘need’. These are the people who find comfort in unemployment, poor health and laziness – as long as there are benefits available to them from the taxpaying public. These are people who don’t go to work when they’re offered a job because they can make enough from unemployment and SNAP cards to get by. Or, people who may have started out with an illness or injury and have healed enough to go back to work, but find it convenient to stay home and collect their government checks as long as they keep coming. And, there are those who simply feel they’re entitled to something just because they exist and deserve it. 

Greed ensnares Legislators

A final category of Greedy souls exists in the form of those politicians who represent us in our cities, states and national governments.  

We are seeing more and more elected officials in office for decades and decades, becoming addicted to feeding at the public trough.  Along with their Greed for money and power, comes arrogance and a basic contempt for their constituents. They use their positions to grant themselves regular pay raises and declare themselves eligible for health and retirement benefits for which their constituents do not qualify. They cling to their positions with desperation, knowing that they have the best jobs in the world. Greed does not stop at the door of their public office. When they do lose an election, or are ejected from office, they often use their prior positions to make large fortunes based on their name, fame and prestige. 

Looking ahead

The next time you hear someone in the media or government declaring how Greedy those rich people and companies are, stop for a minute and think about those other Greedy faces that appear in the mirror if you give it another turn. 

We need it, want it, and have to have it.  We can’t afford it, but we can’t say no.  Unable to say “no” to the demanding populous, government borrows and prints money, charging and deferring payment like there is no tomorrow..

Will the American people accept less in order to save this nation for future generations, or will they insist on having it all now at the expense of not handing over a powerful and secure nation to future generations?







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