Sun-Times reports inaccurate information on 5/31 about top-paid school superintendents in Illinois

June 9, 2011

“Inaccuracy in Sun-Times ‘Top-Paying Districts’ report of 5/31”

Noteworthy was the report that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times on Tuesday May 31 by staff reporters Rosalind Rossi and Art Golab, “Top-Paying Districts.”

As a tax-paying resident of Lake Bluff and a Liberty Leader at the Illinois Policy Institute, I have been involved in a transparency project since November of last year of my local Lake Forest School High School District #115. 

According to what I have found through FOIA requests, Superintendent Harry Griffith ranks number two in top-earning superintendents in the State of Illinois.

Under a shared service arrangement, Superintendent Griffith gets to hide his real compensation behind the veil of two separate Lake Forest School Districts, #67 and #115.  Each district reports only half of Dr. Griffith’s compensation on the State reports.

FOIA responses to Lake Forest Districts #67 and #115 revealed that Superintendent Harry Griffith’s salary, when combining Districts #67 and #115, amounted to $346,396.  This ranks Superintendent Griffith #2 between superintendents Thomas Engler of Yorkville #115 and Larry Fleming of Lincolnshire #103.

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