The Conservative Magazine of Illinois enters the digital age

June 9, 2011

It is way past time for “Illinois Review” readers to be formally introduced to ” The Conservative Magazine of Illinois,”  Matt Pitcher, Publisher.

Just what is The Conservative Magazine of Illinois? According to its mission: “It is intended to promote Conservative values relating to politics, news, entertainment, faith, and lifestyle in Illinois and the U.S. We are NOT party affiliated or controlled. Our intent is to advocate on behalf of fiscal, social and philosophical conservatism. Further, we hope to educate readers regarding the issues surrounding these topics, so they can make informed decisions in their own life.”

Starting with the June issue “The Conservative Magazine of Illinois” entered the digital age and moved to a full digital version for all its subscribers. Now there is guaranteed delivery to your email inbox without delay at a cheaper subscription and renewal price of only $9.99 for 12 monthly issues.

It is now possible to enjoy a free sample of the June digital issue of  “The Conservative Magazine of Illinois” by visiting this link:

Featured articles in the June issue  include Plentiful Fuel by John Stossel; FAA & Aviation by Dr. Jim Economos; Waive Me by Michelle Malkin; and Seductive Belief by Thomas Sowell.

My article is  featured on page 15:  States Unfunded Pension Obligations Pave Way to Financial Armageddon.

It won’t take long to check out “The Conservative Magazine of Illinois” and to decide that it is a perfect fit for you. At a subscription bargain price of $9.99 for 12 issues, you can’t go wrong.

The magazine encourages Illinois citizens to submit article, articles, pictures, information, and videos that the media does not cover. It didn’t take me long to become hooked on “The Conservative Magazine on Illinois” and to start writing away.



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