Illinois the lone holdout for concealed carry gun legislation

July 18, 2011

The Editorial published in the “Lake Forester” (standard for all Pioneer Press publications) on Thursday, July 7, thanked the state legislature for not doing anything, thereby concluding that Illinoisans are far better off because nothing much happened in the  97th Illinois General Assembly.
Point two of the expressed relief by the editorial staff was over legislative inaction on concealed carry of firearms.  As stated in the editorial, “The Wisconsin Legislature voted to approve ‘concealed carry’ this week leaving Illinois as the lone state that still forbids it.”  Unclear is whether the editorial staff is for or against the concealed carry of firearms here in Illinois
Should Illinoisans be overjoyed by the state’s holdout to allow its qualified law-abiding citizens the right to defend themselves?  Law-abiding citizens need to be able to protect themselves from people who don’t follow the law, especially when police in rural areas are too far away. 
Last month, the Illinois House fell six votes short of passing HB 148 that would have allowed county sheriff’s to issue concealed carry permits. 
After the defeat of HB 148 in May, new legislation (HB 3794) was introduced in June by Reps. Bill Mitchell, R-Forsyth; Adam Brown, R-Decatur and Chapin Rose, R-Charleston, that allows sheriffs to issue permits, once an individual county board authorizes it, to citizens who meet age requirements, complete training courses and pass criminal background tests.  Once licensed, a person could carry a concealed handgun in any county that adopts the local option.
It is unfortunate that HB 3794 will likely not be considered until next spring’s legislative session.
Although gun crimes are not rampant in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, shouldn’t citizens have the right to carry a concealed handgun, a right granted in every other state?
Evidently Rep. Karen May doesn’t think citizens should have a right to protect themselves.  She voted against HB 148 this past May.  Let Rep. Karen May hear from you.   Telephone: 847-433-9100  E-mail:  

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