Might George Sorus be behind the unpopular decisions President Obama is making just 15 before the 2012 Elections?

August 24, 2011

Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, has cancelled the deportation of illegal aliens in response to Obama’s executive order (fiat) issued on Thursday, August 18, which is akin to the Dream Act Congress was unable to pass and have signed into law, while the EPA is ordering more stringent regulations on coal-producing companies that will have the effect of shutting down plants and a respective price increase.

Meanwhile, the Obamas are vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard staying at an expensive estate and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous while hobnobbing with the same, while regular Americans are suffering in a down economy which some financial analysts are predicting will result in an even deeper recession.

When taking into consideration the many failed policies President Obama has so far been able to impose upon the American people through the blessings of Congress, like ObamaCare, and Obama’s failure or unwillingness to understand policies implemented in past administrations which would actually stimulate the economy and create jobs, it would not be untold to ask this question: Is Obama trying a fast-track on destroying this nation’s economy in case he doesn’t get re-elected next year?

As a confirmed Leftist — even a Marxist, if political correctness would not have it otherwise for one who seems determined to spread the wealth around! — President Obama has displayed, through rhetoric, his detest for capitalism and, as an arrogant narcissist, he cannot stand the criticism now coming from Republicans and many of his fellow liberals in Congress and the news media.

Might it be that George Soros periodically issues Obama his marching orders, after which Obama instructs his minions in the Cabinet — Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security; Kathleen Sibelius, Department of Health and Human Services; Timothy Geithner, Department of the Treasury; Attorney General Eric Holder, Department of Justice; and Lisa Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency — to enact policies and methods which Congress need not approve, and which, because of their unworkable and radical rules and regulations, are destined to destroy the fabric of this nation in short order both economically and ethically.

In so much as Obama’s Leftist philosophy is being established through proxy by his dedicated and cooperative Cabinet minions, Obama and Michele and family are free to relax and have fun enjoying the high life, seemingly without guilt or regret, at taxpayers’ expense.

Could it be that Obama and Michele are inwardly laughing at “We The People?”, keeping in mind that the Obamas are not normal Americans. Both remain frustrated, angry and envious individuals who from time to time allow inklings of behavior to surface that seem to be at odds with love of country.

As such the frivolous and care-free lifestyle often displayed by President Obama and his wife might represent revenge against “Whites” who have in the past kept them from enjoying “a piece of the pie”? Now they can have it all because Affirmative Action has decided that they deserve it.

Just how might George Soros be tied to President Barack Obama? In a post at Human Events on November 5, 2008, Rowan Scarborough wrote the following: “No man has a larger stake in President Barack Obama’s administration than ultra-liberal billionaire George Soros.”

Soros channeled tens of millions of dollar — funded by a fortune of $7 billion he amassed through rampant speculation on world currencies — into such groups as Moveon.org and the Center for American Progress, in an attempt to destroy the Republican Party and the conservative movement while promoting the wish list of the political Left, the Democratic Party and its candidates.

According to Scarborough: “He (Obama) may rightly claim any Democrat victory as his own on Election Day 2008 and expect President Obama to adopt the Soros American vision.”

George Soros has repeatedly and explicitly condemned the United States and its capitalist ideology as a threat to world peace. Such an attitude must surely set off alarm bells as to how Obama seems to view the place of this nation on the world stage?

Soros likewise wants to destroy America’s economy; keep us from producing energy; have open borders; government-run health care; a secular society; abortion on demand; legalize drugs, take away guns, etc. Sound familiar?

Just a cursory read of the above Soros goals for the U.S. will indicate that President Obama is making excellent progress in installing the type of Soros-on-demand government envisioned by Soros even during the first George W. Bush administration, when Soros likened Bush to Hitler with claims that Bush’s war against radical Islamic terrorists was standing in the way of funding the scores of leftist positions he favored.

Perhaps Richard Lawrence Poe, co-author with David Horowitz of “The Shadow Party,” said it best when he told Human Events: “He (Soros) created Obama. An Obama presidency will be a Soros presidency.”

It would not be out-of-line to suggest that the “Fast and Furious” operation was meant to discredit gun shop owners and close them down, but instead it backfired on the Obama administration. Hopefully Senators Grassley and Issa will persist with their investigation.

Some people have called for the impeachment of Obama, but how long would that take? In addition, if impeached by the House, the Senate would never vote for conviction.

Republicans are hoping to change this nation’s path toward Armageddon with the 2012 Elections, but will it already be too late to save this country? Can the next President, even a Republican, do anything to reverse the course of this nation?

If America does go belly up because of its unsustainable debt and the unwillingness of legislators to drastically slash a $4 trillion annual budget down to $2 trillion — as suggested by Mark Steyn in order to portray a serious effort to the world to balance this nation’s budget — who will bail out America?

Certainly not Europe who was brought to its knees financially after WWII. It was this nation and its financial wherewith all that helped Europe recover from what had been some of its darkest days ever.

What would a world without American leadership look like? I recommend reading Mark Steyn’s recently published book, After America: Get Ready For Armageddon. I did.

Steyn’s book presents an alarming and frightening prophecy of where this nation is headed. He recommends drastic measures that must be taken if this nation is to avoid facing economic and cultural Armageddon.

One thing is certain; this nation cannot continue to embrace the same doomed policies that have resulted in Europe’s present economic and cultural decline.

Hopefully American has not already caught up with Europe on its rush to self-destruction.

How sad and unnecessary it would be if this once great nation, with so much promise when founded, became impotent just like Europe, all because present day leaders placed their faith in Europe instead of in the greatness of America and the ingenuity of its people to invent and to create jobs through the free enterprise system without unnecessary and unreasonable dictates and restriction imposed by government.

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