Obama’s new immigration policy smells of an open door policy

September 1, 2011


On Friday, August 19, Chicago area newspapers published accounts of the change in President Obama’s immigration policy in which 300,000 deportation cases will be reviewed case by case and where illegal immigrants considered low priority may be able to stay.

The announcement was made by President Obama on Thursday, August 18. After bowing to pressure from immigrant rights groups, and keeping the 2012 elections in mind, Obama instructed the Department of Homeland Security not to deport any illegals who ‘are in school, in the military, or responsible for the care of someone else’.

This change of immigration policy pretty much gives amnesty to everyone who would have been covered by the Dream Act, which Congress was unable to pass in its chambers to become law of the land.

Nevertheless, the Dream Act was passed by Illinois state legislators and was signed by Governor Quinn on August 2nd, further pegging Illinois as a safe and lucrative haven for illegals immigrants.

President Obama’s move marked a major step for him. For months Obama had insisted that the laws as written by Congress must be followed.

Through the use of executive authority or fiat (an arbitrary order or decree), Obama has opened the backroom door, giving a pathway to citizenship to any illegal immigrants he so desires.

It is highly doubtful that Obama will stop with his current decree. Now that there is a crack in the door, it is likely that soon the door will be swung wide open.

Even if you support the Dream Act for students, how is it possible to sanction a presidential fiat that leaves our borders open for more to sneak in to take advantage of the benefits of citizenship, ignoring the fact that being illegal means individuals have broken the law just by being here?

Disrespect of the law can only lead to anarchy when enough of its citizenry rise up to protest the injustices toward them relative to the treatment and benefits received by those who are in a nation illegally, which siphons resources that could be used to benefit its legal residents.


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