Looking beyond Obama’s 9/9 kick-off jobs speech to the 2012 elections

September 13, 2011

While listening to President Obama on Thursday evening, September 8, unveil his American Jobs Plan aimed at producing jobs now, I kept asking myself how Obama could continue to spend money that we don’t have, in a “bill” that does not exist nor scored by the CBO, for so-called shovel-ready projects that have no shovels, and then expect all to be paid for by an appointed, partisan Super Committee who will some how manage to find the money in cuts that have not yet been negotiated.

On top of all the hyperbole, Obama kept insisting that Congress pass a nonexistent bill NOW, which would mean the doubling down on its irresponsibility, as Congress did when an earlier, yet similar but costlier stimulus bill did not produce the promised jobs.

Obama’s address amounted to a kick-off speech for his own 2012 reelection campaign. Its proposals were designed to fail, as a way for Obama to advance his own political plan of running against a no-action Congress, specifically Republican legislators, who will then be accused of blocking Obama’s proposals to produce jobs and revive the economy.

Presidents have used similar settings to declare war, but President Obama had the audacity to abuse the grandeur of the setting under the guise of offering the American people workable job-producing solutions.

Why else would President Obama have used the phrase — “Pass the jobs bill” — or similar phrases sixteen times in his September 8th address, as this selected phrase suggests?: “Regardless of the arguments we’ve had in the past, regardless of the arguments we’ll have in the future, this plan is the right thing to do right now. You should pass it.”

From the time President Obama was elected in the fall of 2008, he has been ducking, weaving and posturing in front of a mainstream media that has been mostly forgiving when Obama stumbles and is only too happy to sing praises on behalf of President Obama.

Given the poisonous atmosphere that has been created against Republican legislators, candidates, and the Tea Party by Obama surrogates and a mainstream media, which isn’t likely to turn on Obama in 2012, I remain somewhat apprehensive that Obama might get away with fooling enough voters into believing that he needs four more years to fix the mess Bush handed over to him upon taking office. In what seems incredulous to me, there are still many Americans who blame George W. Bush more than Obama for today’s economic morass!

Democrats have much to answer for since Obama’s election, among them the present economic concerns that are causing angst among the American people:

1. 3/4 of the American people think we are on the wrong track.

2. Unemployment is at 9%.

3. Predicted economic growth is .8% for the year.

4. Bush created $4 trillion in debt in 8 years; it took Obama only 2-1/2 years to do the same.

5. Obama has proposed another stimulus jobs spending program on top of the last failed one.

Such bad economic news is likely to create a stormy rather than a rosy scenario on which Democrats can place their 2012 re-election victory bets.

It goes without saying that a fundamental, ideological difference exists between Republicans and Democrats on how jobs are created, making conflict inevitable.

This nation, however, seems to be hurtling headlong into a situation, because of its massive debt, where it will no longer be possible to change course to avoid failure, as is being witnessed in Europe.  It is impossible for a country to spend its way out of bankruptcy!

Will America likewise turn into a nanny state that is doomed to failure?  More and more Americans have become so used to government as a provider that they are unwilling to receive less in benefits, failing to realize that without taking less future generations of Americans will be the losers.

Is there presently a Republican contender for president who can make mincemeat of Obama’s failed Keynesian economic policies?

Is there presently a Republican contender for president who can define the difference between the Republican free-market approach to creating jobs vs. Obama’s Keynesian suffocating government intervention policies?

Will the Republican Establishment publicly express views about the field of Republican presidential  candidates, geared to influence how the public perceives the candidates, so the Establishment is able impose its choice upon voters in the 2012 elections?  Sadly the declarations have already begun.

It is common place here in Illinois where the Republican Establishment has created and rules over a dysfunctional and ineffective Republican Party.  The outcome: a failed and bankrupt Democratic-controlled state.

As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and others have recently remarked: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and again and to expect different results.”

Republican candidates running in county, state and national elections must be successful in convincing voters that massive cuts are needed to prevent the default of this nation — not more spending and resultant debt — or so help us God!


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