Part one: Obama clueless about jobs, yet ‘On the Road Again’

October 26, 2011

Part one:  Obama clueless about jobs, yet ‘On the Road Again’

Its beginning to sound much like the song country music singer Willie Nelson made famous, ‘On the Road Again.”
Over the past week President Obama has been out and about the nation attempting to pass his jobs bills by appealing to the American people in what the White House calls “official” trips, but for all intensive purposes they are pre-election campaign jaunts.  It matters not that Obama’s field trips are not being paid by his re-election campaign.  
On Monday, October 17, President Obama started a three-day bus tour across North Carolina and Virginia, once again championing his job-creation program in states critical to his re-election.  At every stop Obama pressed Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs bills in “bite-sized” pieces.
In case you need a refresher, the $447 billion bill included tax cuts for workers and businesses and $175 billion in infrastructure and school spending among other things.  It is to be funded by a surcharge on those with an income exceeding $1 million.
Given that the last $787 billion stimulus bill passed on Feb. 12, 2009, amounted to little more than a slush fund for Democrat supporters, is this one likely to do any better?
And what about Obama’s most coveted tax hike to pay for his jobs bill?   As Charles Krauthammer wrote in his published “Tribune” commentary,  
“Dibs on the rich,” on Monday, Oct. 17:  “As a matter of math and logic, Obama’s most coveted tax hike — an extra 3 to 4.6 percent for millionaires and billionaires — would have reduced last year’s deficit from $1.29 trillion to $1.21 trillion.”  
Regarding the big oil breaks for oil companies which the public has been told over and over again to hate for their greed, Krauthammer had this to say:  “The  oil-drilling breaks cover less than half a day-s federal spending.”  As to Obama’s favorite tax loophole — the depreciation for corporate jets — Krauthammer wrote:  “You could collect for 100 years and it wouldn’t cover one month of Medicare.”,0,3387083.story
Drilling for oil is the most obvious way to produce good paying American jobs, achieve oil independence, and to make good use of America’s resources.  For 230+ years Americans have been hearing that it would take years to get oil out of the ground if started today.  Imagine how many good paying permanent American jobs would be in existence today had it not been for regressive, negative attitudes.  When the original “Wildcatters” started drilling for oil, it didn’t take years to extract the oil!
With calls for increased drilling production in the U.S., a statement much like the following is often made.  Even if drilling were opened up to all the areas now restricted in the U.S., there would not be enough found to last for very many years.  How wrong they are!
An article in the “Wall Street Journal” by Daniel Yergin on Sept. 2011 — “There Will Be Oil” — tells a different story. The late M. King Hubbert predicted 60 year ago that this country had reached its peak oil production.  Over the ensuing years the same was predicted four more time, only to have the year moved forward a decade at a time.  Forgotten was that most of the world’s supply is not the result of new discoveries, but of additions and extensions to existing sites due to new technologies developed to find increased resources and to produce them more efficiently. 
In the same “Wall Street Journal” article Yergin predicted that according to current and prospective plans, “It appears that the world’s production capacity for ‘oil and related liquids’ should grow from about 92 million barrels per day in 2012 to over 110 million by 2030, an increase of about 20%.”
Of importance in the U.S. is the Bakken formation in North Dakota.  In 2003 it was producing a mere 10,000 barrels a day 2003.  Today its production is over 400,000 barrels making North Dakota the fourth-largest oil-producing state in this nation and perhaps the richest in the world. Presently oil companies are being brought to trial because twenty eight small birds, not even endangered, were found dead in a sludge pit which many believe was placed there by anti-oil environmentalists. 
If Obama really wanted to create jobs he would scrap his current $447 jobs bill and start from scratch with an energy policy that would actually help to jump start the economy.  Instead, Obama and his administration are continuing to invest billions of dollars in pie-in-the sky alternative forms of energy which have no chance of succeeding, as with Solyndra, all in the name of man-made global warming which thousands of scientists across the world have rejected.

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