Cain remains steadfast under intense political-motivated allegations

November 3, 2011

 My feathers were ruffled in a big way when the “Chicago Tribune” targeted Herman Cain with its editorial on Tuesday, November 1st, “Face the questions, Mr. Cain”.

I am not suggesting that Herman Cain should not face questions over long-ago sexual harassment claims.  My felt anger had to do with the double standard that exists at the Chicago Tribune which many on the staff would be loath to admit. As with matters that are based on opinion, how something is perceived is in the eye of the beholder.    

Had the Tribune been as diligent in investigating the background of candidate Barack Obama — a home-grown Chicago candidate who was all too familiar with the Chicago-way of doing things, honed from his time as a community organizer with roots dating back to his youthful, professed Communist mentor, to his twenty-year association with the church of Rev. Wright whose rants should have alerted all to what candidate Obama was all about (and it was not about positive hope or positive change) — most likely this nation in 2011 would now be experiencing an economic recovery with substantial job growth as the bi-product of free-market principles in the private sector, in contrast to Obama’s erroneous belief that spending billions of dollars to stimulate the economy, with taxpayer monies, will result in anything but absolute failure.

The “Chicago Tribune’s” endorsement of Barack Obama for president in 2008, precipitated, in part, the self-inflicted current dilemma facing the newspaper as it attempts to reach a plan to resolve a Chapter 11 bankruptcy issue that has been unresolved after nearly three years in court. 

Having canceled my subscription to the “Tribune” at the time, I was one of a minority who re-subscribed as a concerned citizen who admits to being a political junkie. 

Meanwhile thousands of “Tribune” subscribers (viewing the “Trib’s” endorsement of Obama as “the last straw”) decided to remain “Tribune” less in their knowledge of what Obama represented, if elected, and the lasting impact his election would portend for this nation.

Might it have been that candidate Barack Obama in 2008 was a card-carrying, ultra left-leaning liberal, while candidate Howard Cain in 2011 is an unabashed conservative Republican and a pastor as well? 

It pains me to see how some Republican pundits are giving Cain a difficult time, but I’m not surprised. Herman Cain was not expected to rise to the top of the crop of presidential candidates.  After all, Cain is not a Republican Establishment candidate choice   He was to be a flash in the pan, a seven-day wonder. 

For Republican Establishments types this is perplexing predicament.  How did this happen when the Establishment’s winning horse in the race had already been determined in the candidacy of Mitt Romney?

In the days ahead Herman Cain will face intense over-the top scrutiny from both Republicans and Democrats.  Cain is feared by both parties for different reason.  Even so, it is refreshing to see Americans rally behind Cain as a non-politician, an outsider. 

May the current blip in Herman Cain’s campaign be nothing more than what it seems to represent at the present time, a desperate attempt to take Cain down a few notches from his campaign high and also to discredit him in the eyes of the American people who find Herman Cain refreshing, smart, and articulate.


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