Check the Illinois Policy Institute on-going Vote Card to discover how your IL legislators vote on important issues

November 3, 2011

Primary elections scheduled for March 20 will be here before we know it.

To help Illinoisans decide whether the votes of their elected Springfield senators and representative match their rhetoric, the Chicago-based Illinois Policy Institute recently published its “2011 Illinois General Assembly Legislative Vote Card: Mid-Year Report” from which voters can ascertain whether their own representatives voted for legislation to make life better across Illinois or for legislation that would increase taxes, drive up debt and limit economic opportunity.

The vote to increase income taxes this past January was one of the most important in Illinois history. It is estimated to cost the typical Illinois family almost $1,500 by the end of this year.   I do know how my own State Sen. Susan Garrett and State Rep. Karen May voted?

Employing the easy-to-read Illinois Policy Institutes Mid-Year Report, I was able to examine the complete voting records of Garrett and May during the Spring 2011 legislative session. In the Lame Duck Session Income Tax vote which increased income taxes 67 percent, Senator Garrett voted “no”; Representative May voted “yes.

In addition to how legislators voted during their Spring legislative session on the record tax increase, 15 other key votes related to business regulation, open government and education reform can also be noted on the Illinois Policy Institute scorecard. Were our legislators really working for us? Did their votes reflect what was best for the economic and well-being of our state?

Recently the Illinois General Assembly reconvened. To be considered will be crucial reforms to state spending.  I will be inquiring of Susan Garrett and Karen May how they plan to vote on the issues that will shape the future of Illinois – pension reform, balanced budgets and a repeal of the 2011 tax hikes – when they come up for consideration in the coming weeks.

Even though Senator Garrett and Karen May have decided not to run for another term, their votes in the shortened fall session will be of great importance to the future of Illinois and my own economically challenged upper-class communities of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

Get busy and contact your legislators on how they plan to vote on issues that are important to you and for all Illinoisans.  This is your state.  Take action to make positive things happen.



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