Edison light bulb receives a limited lease on life

December 22, 2011

As of Monday, December 18, the U.S. House was still at logger heads over the Senate’s speedy, get-out-of-town passage of President Obama’s two-month compromise extension of the payroll tax-cut, foolish in concept because payroll taxes are the only source of funding for Social Security which, as an entitlement program, faced a long-rang imbalance in 2010 of $16.1 trillion.

Little publicized was that on Friday, December 16, the House reached a deal to delay until October the enforcement of standards that were to bring about the end of the old-style 100-watt Edison bulb that had been set to expire on January 1, 2012.  Senate approval of the House measure was expected before the Senate adjourned for the holidays. 

Why is the reversal of the Edison light bulb ban important to the American people? 

Just because Europe is already well along the way of mandating the use of CFL to slash carbon emissions in favor of the energy-saving bulbs, despite complaints from European museum directors and other cultural leaders who see the light cast as harsh and flickery, is there any reason why this nation should follow suit? 

Unlike in Europe where government control is the norm, this nation operates under the free market capitalist system where success and failure of a product or service is decided by those who use the product.  If enough Americans in time switch to CFLs, the Edison bulb will be phased out without government interference.  Until such a time the American people should have the freedom to select which light bulb is best for them.

Consider these downsides to CFLs usage:

1.  All CFLs contain a tiny bit of mercury, which is highly toxic.

2.  By law, CFL blubs must either be recycled or taken to an approved hazardous waste disposal site.

3.  Most CFLs don’t work on dimmer switches and might actually damage this kind of switch.

4.  Sensitivity to emfs and flickering can make the use of CFLs unwise and a health hazard for a small percentage of the population.

The American people have spoken.  They don’t want government standards determining how they light  their homes as another feel good measure legislated to prove to others and the world that this nation is doing its part to please Mother Earth, all in the name of the hoax that is man-made global warming!

Keep the pressure on your elected U.S. Congressmen and Senators to dismiss any notion of reinstating the ban of the Edison light bulb when October rolls around.


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