Climate Change alarmism shamefully promoted at the Chicago Tribune

January 25, 2012

A Tribune front page article by reporter Michael Hawthorne on Sunday, January 22, titled, CLIMATE CHANGERS, named two coal-fired plants owned and operated by Midwest Generation, Crawford and Fisk, as a key source of greenhouse gas contributing to Climate Change. Listed also were 18 other big industrial emitters of greenhouse gasses in the Chicago area.

My reaction to the Tribune story is based on documented and scientific evidence that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever played on mankind. The EPA decision in declaring CO2 a pollutant lacked scientific grounding, but instead was ploy to malign and phase out fossil fuels to advance so-called unreliable and doomed-to-fail renewable energy sources like sun and wind — Consider Solyndra as one of many misguided investments by the Obama administration at taxpayer expense — and to peddle upon a gullible public electric cars as a way to save the world from catastrophic happenings due to Global Warming.

Chicago-based Heartland Institute, Joe Bast, CEO, was the prime source of my reasoned decision based on studies by thousands of scientists worldwide whose findings remain hidden through selective reporting by the news media in favor of global warming alarmism.

Jay Lehr, Ph.D, Science Director at The Heartland Institute, has conveniently place these “10 Facts Abut Climate Change” on the back side of his business Card:

“1)  Global temperatures have not risen since 1998.

2)  900,000 years of ice core records show continuous 1,500-year warming cycles.

3)  It was 7 degrees F warmer in the 13th century when Greenland was actually green.

4)  Carbon dioxide is to plants what oxygen is to man, not a pollutant.

5)  Computer models used to forecast future warming cannot calculate the known past.

6)  Antarctic ice is increasing far more than Arctic ice is melting

7)  Historically, CO2 concentrations have risen after, not before, warming periods.

8)  Many in the news media promote global warming alarmism through selective reporting.

9)  The climate is always changing.  The present warming is neither unusual nor harmful.

10) Findings to prove man caused global warming has reached $5 billion annually.”

May Illinoisans soon wake up to what is happening to their state.  Man-made climate change is being promoted for nefarious purposes.

Promoting wind and solar while condemning greenhouse gas sources will only hurt the pocketbooks of Illinoisans and hinder the state’s economic recovery.



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