IL General Assembly need two doctor candidates in Springfield, Arie Friedman (Senate District 29) and Mark Neerhof (House District 58) to cure state ills

January 26, 2012

March 20 is fast approaching and with it the Illinois Primary Elections. It is important that voters choose wisely by sending legislators to Springfield whose policy choices do not lead to further bankruptcy.

Highlighted in a recent Illinois Policy Institute report were the following staggering statistics that bode ill for Illinois and its future:

• For the past 15 years, Illinois has lost more than 806,000 people to other states, the equivalent of losing Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield , five of Illinois’ six largest cities, and half of Elgin.

• Along with the loss of 806,000 individuals from 1995 to 2010, went $26 billion in adjusted gross income which would have been part of the Illinois tax base.

• In 2009 alone, Illinois lost $1.5 billion in taxable income when 40,000 people moved to 42 other states.

• States netting the most people from Illinois include the following: Texas, Indiana, Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri and Iowa. Four are neighboring states which negates the idea that Illinoisans are fleeing to warmer weather states.

• Illinois residents migrated to states where, on the average, taxes are lower, including estate taxes; housing is more affordable, and union membership nets 10 percent rather than Illinois’ 18 percent.

These three changes must take place if there is any hope of turning Illinois around:

1. Pension system reform: Unfunded pension are estimated at $85 billion to perhaps as high as $200 billion.

2. Repeal 2011 individual and corporation tax increases. Lower taxes are needed in Illinois to create a level playing field.

3. Tackle run-away health care costs.

As of now there are no doctors in either the Illinois House or Senate to tackle run-away health care costs. Arie Friedman, M.D. is running to replace an open senate seat held by Susan Garrett in the 29th Legislative District and Mark Neerhof, M.D. is running for another open seat held by Karen May in House District 58. Both are outstanding candidates who are willing to take time off from their lucrative medical practices because of concern over the direction of this nation and state, coupled with love of country and their desire to try to make a difference.

Sending principled individuals to Springfield will start the ball rolling to turn Illinois around, ending the Democrat culture of spending and borrowing.

Doctors Arie Friedman and Mark Neerhof represent principled Republican candidates running for seats in Illinois Senate District 29 and House District 58, respectively, who will not go soft when elected, but who will fight to undo Democrat policies that have placed Illinois at the bottom of the heap in state rankings and brought shame to Illinois and its people.





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