Part 1 of a two-part commentary: A Tea Party conservative expressing her misgivings over the Republican presidential candidacy process

February 6, 2012

Part one: Republican Establishment intent on steamrolling Tea Party conservatives

Much has happened since I last expressed my distaste over the unseemly playbook being employed in the ongoing Republican presidential race:  Newt won big in South Caroline and Romney romped to a big victory in Florida and the Nevada Caucus is taking place as I write this article.

Not encouraging was a posting I read by Erick Erickson on Thursday, February 2nd, Horserace for February 2, 2012, in which those who had examined the Florida exit polls found that the vote total was down; however, in counties where turn out was up, Newt Gingrich won.  Subsequently, where turnout from 2008 was down in Florida, Romney won.  This pattern followed suit in South Carolina.

Not unlike an article I previously posted,  I still perceive the 2012 Republican presidential race to be tug of war between Tea Party conservatives and the Republican Establishment, with the Establishment pulling out all stops to get rid of out-of-step conservatives who dare to challenge the Establishment status quo

This is not to say that the Republican Establishment doesn’t attempt to win over Tea Party conservatives at election time, as conservative base voters are essential to winning elections, but in the aftermath Tea Party conservatives are more often than not marginalized by status quo Republicans until needed once again when election time rolls around.

Presently Establishment Republicans are targeting their pent-up fury against Newt Gingrich. 

None other than Thomas Sowell perceived the same in an article published at Townhall Daily on January 31st entitled, The Florida Smear Campaign, in which Sowell writes (Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust): 

 The Republican establishment is pulling out all of the stops to try to keep New Gingrich from becoming the party’s nominee for the President of the United States — and some are not letting the facts get in the way.”

One very important false claim noted by Thomas Sowell, and which I still become outraged over whenever I hear newscasters even on Fox News ignore the truth, was that of Newt Gingrich resigning in disgrace as Speaker of the House of Representatives as a result of unethical conduct involving the diversion of tax-exempt money.  

Is the Romney camp and the Republican establishment unaware that The Wall Street Journal published on January 28, 2010, 2,180 pages of on-line records, publicly available, which proclaim the following:

 “Although Speaker Gingrich decided not to take on the task of fighting the charge from his political enemies in 1997, the Internal Revenue Service conducted its own investigation which, two years later, exonerated Gingrich from the charges.  Newt’s resignation was not due to those charges and occurred much later.”

As Sowell writes, “Gingrich is by no means above criticism.”  Having criticized Gingrich himself, Sowell denounces “the poisonous practice of irresponsible smears as an issue that is bigger than Gingrich, Romney or any other candidate of either party.”  Thomas Sowell further believes that “Character Assassination is just another form of voter fraud.”
Also consider another smear Romney ad that asserted Newt Gingrich supported the individual mandate to buy health care insurance as recently as 2009. 
Jim Meyers, in his article of Monday, January 30, Rush Slams Romney’s Brokaw Ad:  It’s False, cites Rush Limbaugh for uncovering the false premise of Romney’s targeted individual mandate ad against Gingrich.
“The fact is, Newt and Romney and the Heritage Foundation are all on record at some point in supporting the individual mandate, but of the three only Romney has actually enacted it into law.”

Limbaugh, as do many conservatives, believe that because of the similarity of  Romnneycare to Obamacare, Romneycare will become an albatross around Romney’s neck.  In so doing Republicans will be robbed of an issue they can’t afford to lose given Democrat vulnerability on the issue.

According to a Rasmussen report on January 23, 2012, fifty-two percent of likely U.S. voters at least somewhat favor the repeal of Obamacare .…/health_care_law

As for me, I am ashamed of my Party Republicans for their blatant slandering of Newt Gingrich, who I may or may not cast my vote for in Illinois’s Primary on March 20th, Rick Santorum is also a possibility, but Newt did serve this nation well as a Reagan conservative soldier.  Newt surely doesn’t deserve the smears from his own Party. 

If Mitt Romney continues to seek and ultimately wins the presidency by filling available radio and TV slots with massive numbers of mud-slinging ads, as was demonstrated in Florida when Romney outspent Gingrich by a 5-1 margin ($17 million to $3 million) to win 47% of the Florida vote, there is no way Gingrich or Santorum will be able to counter the barrage of negative and misleading Romney ads which challenge the core conservatism mindset of both Newt and Santorum.  Negative ads do work.  Ninety-two percent of Republican undecided voters in Florida made up their minds in the final week. 
George Soros might be correct when he said that Romney would not be that much different from Obama.  After all, winning for both political parties is all about power for the few DC elitists who feast at the trough of federal largess.
Why do I have doubts as a conservative over what appears to be an avalanche of growing acceptance and support by fellow conservatives of Romney as the Republican to face off against President Obama in November?  Even flamboyant, unflappable and a step-to-her-own drummer person, Ann Coulter, came out in support of Mitt Romney.  Never did I expect Coulter to accept the narrative that Romney is the only one who can win against Obama.
Might conservatives be jumping on the Romney band wagon, not unlike Ann Coulter, having been told often enough by the Republican Establishment that Romney is the only candidate who can defeat President Obama in November?
Before I expound further on my own doubts about Romney’s ability to win when pitted against Obama’s gigantic smear machine, both money-wise and media driven, I’ve shared four reasons presented by John Hawkins, a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News, Linkiest, and Viral Footage, as to why so many grassroots conservatives still find Romney to be a thoroughly unlikable candidate: 
1.  He’s not a conservative.
2.  He doesn’t believe in anything politically other than Mitt Romney.
3.  Mitt Romney has benefited from a tremendous media double standard.
4.  Mitt Romney is cozying up to the establishment, not the Tea Party.

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