Misguided budget address a missed opportunity to fix Illinois: Part 2 – Candidates for change in IL Districts 29 and 58

March 8, 2012

Part one:  “Misguided budget address a missed opportunity to fix Illinois,” presented an overview of Governor Quinn’s budget proposal in which Quinn ended his Feb. 22 address with these words:  “And together we will make the will of the people the law of the land.”   
The governor’s budget address, although full of promises, kicked the can down the road.  Instead of tackling urgently needed Medicaid and pension reforms, Quinn set up committees to study these issues with a report due back in April. http://www2.illinois.gov/budget/Pages/default.aspx
Part one concluded with my own observation:  “In order to prevent Illinois from falling off the cliff to its total destruction as a bankrupt state, principled Republican candidates must be sent to Springfield who know what must be done to turn IL around and who will work tirelessly to do so.” 
Your opportunity to start the process toward positive change is just around the corner with the upcoming Illinois March 20th Primary Elections.
As a Republican Shield Township precinct committeeman for the past six years, I have become knowledgeable about many of the Republican candidates running on the Republican ticket here in Lake County, having had a chance to observe and to evaluate their rhetoric as well as the honestly of their mailed campaign literature.  Most voters do not have the opportunity to be tuned in as is afforded to me.
Republican voters in District 58 and 29 have a good chance to pave the way for picking up two seats in the Illinois General Assembly, both of which are under Democrat control, due to the retirements of Karen May (D-58) and Susan Garrett (D-29).
Dr. Arie Friedman represents a golden opportunity to replace Senator Susan Garrett in IL District 29.  Although Dr. Friedman is not facing a Republican challenger on March 20, my endorsement of Friedman is firm and unwavering going back to 2010 when he ran for U.S. Congress in the 10 District, a race won by Robert Dold.
Following are links to sources of information about Arie Friedman, M.D.:  
Dr. Arie Friedman’s website:   http:www.friedmanforsenate.com 
Dr. Arie Friedman campaign web video which feature Friedman’s presumed Democrat opponent in November, Julie Morrison, chosen by Susan Garrett to replace her in the IL Senate.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqSW-9rA-LE&feature=youtube_gdate_player
Before I present my case as to why I’m opting for Mark Neerhof, M.D. over Lauren Turelli to represent constituents in the IL 58th District, I have an obligation to tell readers that I supported Turelli last time around in 2010, campaigned for her, and wrote letters in support of Lauren in her unsuccessful bid to unseat incumbent Karen May.   
Unfortunately Turelli in her 2012 campaign remains fixated on a favorable remark made by the Chicago Tribune in 2010 when Turelli was called “a breath of fresh air.”  But this is now.  We’re on the cusp of the Illinois 2012 Primary Election.  In 2012 Dr. Mark Neerhof represents that breath of fresh air for me.
My support of Dr. Mark Neerhof is based not only on direct contact with each of them through candidate forums and listening to them speak at Republican political gatherings and events, but also through observing the nature of their sent campaign literature, coupled with a rather disturbing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) response received back last week from Lake Forest City Hall that speaks to Turelli’s truthfulness.
Upon checking the campaign websites of Dr. Neerhof and Lauren Turelli you will find little difference in what they stand for and propose to do if elected to Springfield.    www.NeerhofForIllinois.com and http://laurenturelli.com
The Daily Herald cited the same when endorsing Lauren Turelli over Mark Neerhof on Wednesday, February 22: “Both candidates show a strong understanding of issues, but with different levels of detail.  High property taxes and the state’s pension crisis top their priority lists.” 
The Herald’s endorsement went on to say that as a doctor Neerhof emphasizes reforming Medicaid while Lauren focuses more on education reform.  Further, that Turelli is the beneficiary of having run in 2010. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120222/discuss/702229945/print/
But does a prior run for office really elevate one candidate above another or even suggest that a candidate deserves to win the second time around? 
The Daily Herald seems to have accepted this credo and likewise mimics a long-held practice by the Lake County Republican Establishment to throw their clout and money behind candidates they think can win (or hope will win) to maintain the party’s status quo.  Sound familiar?  The same maneuverings are happening at the state and national level!  
Fairly well known is how the so-called Republican Establishment in Lake County tried to persuade Dr. Neerhof to exit the race so Turelli would have a clear path ahead.  The catch:  Dr. Neerhof refused to exit the race and showed dedication and courage when he threw his hat into the ring even before Karen May had announced her retirement; Turelli decided to enter the fray in her second attempt at Karen May’s 59th District seat after May announcement.
Part three:  Turelli, through her own actions, discredits her candidacy

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