Part three: Turelli, candidate in IL District 58, discredits her candidacy through a fake educational credential

March 8, 2012

Over the past several weeks I have observed two happenings that appear to represent panic issuing from Turelli’s campaign. 
1.  Lauren Turelli was a no-show in Highland Park on Sunday, February 26, at a scheduled League of Women Voters Candidates’ Debates, at whichTurelli was scheduled to debate Neerhof.  As a no-show and since candidates aren’t allowed to debate with themselves, Dr. Neerhof was allowed to introduce himself and spoke briefly about his candidacy, addressing three top issues tailor-made for Springfield which are resulting in financial havoc in Illinois:  Medicaid Reform; Pension reform, and Repeal of the personal and corporate income tax increases in 2011 to keep companies and Illinoisans from leaving the state because of the high tax burdens placed upon them.
Only after Dr. Neerhof had finished his solo presentation did Lauren Turelli phone in to tell moderator LWV of Evanston, Valerie Krejcie, that she was dealing with a family emergency.
2.  A despicable Turelli mailer arrived in the mail last week with an unflattering photo of Dr. Mark Neerhof, paid for by Turelli for Tomorrow, accusing Neerhof of wanting more spending, more debt, and more regulation, without any words or quotes on either side of the mailer to back up what were blatantly false accusations.   
But by far the most egregious act is one that Lauren brought upon herself.  Turelli describes her educational background as a recipient of a M. Phil, International Relations from the University of Cambridge in England.  Turelli’s current LinkedIn profile, her own website  and her Facebook page likewise include the same reference to the Cambridge University degree.
The following link displays a letter received back from the University of Cambridge Academic Division upon an inquiry made about Turelli’s Cambridge University credentials.  The returned letter response indicates that although Turelli matriculated in the October term of 1993 at Clare Hall and studied towards the degree of Master of Philosophy in international Relations, she was unsuccessful in her studies and withdrew in February of 1995 without gaining any qualifications from Cambridge University.
Curious as to whether candidate Turelli claimed the Cambridge University degree on an application form she must have submitted for an appointment to the Lake Forest Parks and Rec Board — a mayoral appointed position — I submitted a FOIA request to Lake Forest City Hall on Thursday, February 23.  Upon receipt of Turelli’s application form within five days in response to my FOIA request, the apply date was 9/10/2007 9:32:15 PM for the Lake Forest position Turelli sought and Cambridge University – England; M.Phil., International Relations was listed under the heading of Education on her application form. 
As a District 58 constituent and voter you will have to decide whether Lauren Turelli is worthy of the office she seeks. Why did Lauren feel the need to fabricate her education back ground by citing a degree obtained from Cambridge University in England?
Mark Neerhof, a resident of Lake Forest, is an obstetrician with the NorthShore University Health System and an associate professor at the University of Chicago Medical School.  In addition he is an executive board member and founder of the Illinois chapter of Docs4PatientCare, a national organization of doctors committed to patient freedom and repealing Obama’s health care program (ObamaCare). Appointed by Neerhof, Arie Friedman now serves as president of the state chapter. 
Arie Friedman, a resident of Highland Park, is an outstanding pediatrician who also served his country.  This link depicts Arie Friedman as a young Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy. The photo was taken just prior to his deployment aboard the USS Cosen as a helicopter pilot in 1991.   
Dr. Friedman, appointed by Dr. Neerhof, now serves as president of the state chapter of Docs4PatientCare.  
Both Neerhof and Friedman have no need to run.  It isn’t power or money that they seek as both are very successful doctors in their own fields.
What drives doctors Mark Neerhof and Arie Friedman to seek office is their love of county and state.  They deplore what is happening financially and policy-wise to both entities 
Being successful in their chosen medical fields, both doctors feel that now is the time to give something back and to make a difference by serving as legislators in the Illinois General Assembly to set in motion a change in the direction of state government.  .
As physicians and legislators, Medicaid Reform would be on the front burner of Arie Friedman and Mark Neerhof.  Their experience and knowledge regarding our state’s fastest growing expenditure, health care, is urgently needed.  Currently there is not a single physician in the General Assembly; despite this, the legislature routinely makes far-reaching health care decisions.   
As stated in Part 1, last year’s appropriations for Medicaid by the General Assembly fell $1.9 billion sort of what Medicaid actually cost.  Illinois is the only state that intentionally kicks its current medicaid bills into future fiscal years.  
I have made up my mind.  Without question Drs. Arie Friedman and Mark Neerhof are the type of principled candidates running for office whose presence as candidates are rare occurrences. 
What about you?


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