Politicians live large when people conserve

March 11, 2012

Politicians live large when people conserve – Daily Herald, 3/10

Woe to consumers if gas prices do escalate to $4.60 by May in Chicago as experts have predicted!

Can Daily Herald readers think of another country whose politicians insist on having very expensive custom, low miles per gallon, bulletproof limousines and suburbans, the finest jets, the finest food and champagne and wine and drink, live in opulent homes and townhouses, etc., while preaching to their citizens they need to cut back, live smaller, walk more, and will love driving teeny, weenie tin can-like cars?

As demonstrated by physics, what happens to the energy when a full-size vehicle hits a teeny, weenie vehicle and what happens to the occupants in a crash of a teeny, weenie vehicle with a full-size vehicle?

Do you think that by the EPA road-blocking off-shore petroleum drilling, coal mining, nuclear reactors, shale oil production, etc., the price of all fuels might rise, and lowly citizens will be cutting back, living smaller, walking more, love driving teeny, weenie vehicles, as they wave to the politician limousines as they speed by?

What about the option of saying good-bye to Obama as president in November?


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